the guy in China is very bright gas character

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAbstract Chapter 728th I think you can have any explanation ?-- Chapter 728th I think you can have any explanation ?Twilight color dim ,sunset like Xia ,on the wall, with a gold color .
On the streets, crowded ,many cars passed by .Work ,school ... ... A busy day ,people think of immediately returned home ,even doing nothing ,which is a warm .But Chen Fan is a kind of warm idea also not ,who followed such a big drag, now he is in distress ,after going back how to pay for Liu ruyan .
After all, because Zhao Ningsu relationship had let Liu Ruyan with his angry until now ,it has not been with another woman . go back ,but also a country, this is not to let Chen Fan headache .
The taxi is very fast in Chen Fan house villa door and stopped ,Chen who paid the fare ,from the car go down ,while Avril also followed Chen Fan out of the car and went down . You still a rich Lord, to live such a good place .
Avril do in front of the decoration is very luxurious villas . Remember I said, let me also, but are not allowed to ask about my affairs, and I will soon leave Kyoto ,you look good .
Chen Fan really have no way ,just let Avril follow their own, but also with her draw up three chapters of law . You I am not interested to know . Avril angry white Chen Fanyi glance forward past .
Chen Fan saw it ,not by wry shakes his head, then the arms out from the key, and Chen Fancai just open the door . Villa ,Avril was first rushed in . Come back ? Liu Ruyan heard door open sound ,then unconscious from the kitchen came out immediately ,but stood there, because she was not seeing Chen Fan figure, but one has a thick gold color * wave long hair ,very sense fans foreign female son of man .
Who is it. Liu Ruyan face color sudden look up .Yes, I am. Avril unexpectedly villa has also lived such a beautiful Chinese girl son ,a time but also do not know just how to answer the eyes to just entered the body of Chen Fan .
Such as sister ,you come back so early . Chen Fan saw Liu Ruyan ugly face color ,not touch by the nose .t tell me, who is she ? Liu Ruyan then really have not come out of anger ,a few days ago secretly brought a female son of chaos get back today ,even with a ,but a foreign girl ,this let Liu Ruyan is really doubt Chen Fan is it right? What bad hobby .
Oh ,she is the International Committee of the Red Cross medical team doctor named Avril ,we are known as Kyoto University ,is a friend . Chen Fan scratched hair .Friend? I see more than just friends so simple .
Liu Ruyan sneer, then shouted : is it right? You to come back and want to . What the hell? Then ,Liu Ruyan face is not thrown in by two red .Aside Avril heard Liu Ruyan ,are also on the faces of a reddish ,now angry at Chen Fan a look ,it will be really bad taste .
Such as sister ,you don ,I bring her back for a reason, you listen to me to explain the angry can not ? Chen Fan hears Liu Ruyan picked last time he brought Zhao Ningsu back to things ,but also felt awkward very quickly .
Well ,I think you can have any explanation ? Liu Ruyan pulled aside the chair ,then the unrestrained and frank; straightforward to do down ,eyes are staring at Chen Fan and Avril ,especially to see Avril eyes filled with unknown hostile .
Avril Chen Fanhui so afraid of immediate girl ,which made by her began to speculate that Chen Fan with the eyes of the female child relationship .In her view, Liu Ruyan age should be in his middle twenties ,but most Chen Fan is only twenty years old UGG Roxy Tall,two people between the age difference but has a good distance ,in from Chen Fan to Liu Ruyan call ,two relationship might is sister younger brother relationship .
But Liu Ruyan that own is full of with hostile eyes, but let Avril feel the relationship between two people can not ,so simple ... ... Chen Fan now is no time to ignore Avril how chaos to mess guess ,he will be why he took Avril back some of the reasons are things to say it out ,and keep to the side of the Avril hand eye ,let her also .
Interpretation .And Chen Fan and Avril this drink a rational explanation ugg store,see Liu Ruyan face color up a little . someone is going to kidnap her ,you can take her back ? Liu Ruyan looked aside Avril said .
Is this appearance . Chen Fan smile and nodded ,if possible ,chen fan would rather just don interfere . I also because of this ,will follow Chen who come here ,want to temporarily avoid the limelight limelight ,and after ,I will leave immediately ,not to bother you .
Avril hurriedly and said .Liu Ruyan hearing this ,heart gas then eliminate most, said: since this appearance ,you temporarily lived here Air Max 91 Shoes Sale. I really appreciate you for that .Avril see Liu Ruyan agreed immediately happy thanks said .
No, you may have to rescue our Chinese people arrived in our country ,that we can still help get on the busy . Liu Ruyan shook his head and said . Introduce myself ,my name is avril .
Avril initiative held out his hand . Liu ruyan .It meeting you. Liu Ruyan and Avril shook hands and said .Chen Fan saw it ,was immediately relieved ,she had really afraid of Liu Ruyan would not agree to Avril give out ,you don Avril would bother ,but now it seems his worry is unnecessary .
In Liu Ruyan accepted that Avril stay here for the time being ,Chen Fan let Avril up pick a room ,but with the whole villa now he and Liu Ruyan two, vacant room, also with Avril pick .
At nightfall .A lamp of bright lights ,like a shining pearl inlaid in Kyoto scattered in every corner of the ... ... Hilton Hotel rooms ,saw two burly blonde foreigner sitting on the sofa ,side of the drink ,while English gibbering to talk .
Jack ,you really are too impulsive ,Avril miss still each other hands ,how can you put the gun out ,if if hurt Avril miss, I see you back to how make generation . Bruce put the blame with said glass .
That damn chinese boy ,otherwise we will definitely be able Avril lady back home . Jack downed wine ,angry that scold .You said it. Bruce nodded ,and then drank the wine ,said: the Chinese boy ,too much Canada Goose Snowsuit Sale,especially in the back of his hand from you will be robbed in the past, the strength ,I can guarantee is not normal to have .
Oh I thought I saw a superman . Well, Bruce is not the boy sighed and much of the time ,or think quickly how to Avril girl to find . Jack got angry and said . Before we left ,Avril said ,she does not want to go ,I think she must now be followed the Chinese boy .
Bruce said . Whatever Avril girl want to go back ,we must bring her back . Jack squeaked . You ,but what we should do first is to identify the damn chinese boy to live in any place, is it right? See Avril miss him on ,want the opportunity to sneak away miss avril .
Speaking of which ,Bruce Lu by the face to color : we just where to look . Don This ,the guy in China is very bright gas character ,it is easy to find . Said, Jack from behind a newspaper ,see newspaper headline pictures characters is Chen Fan .
.. ... Fragrance Hill villa .Chen Fanxi bath and then from the room and went to the living room ,and living room lamp was still burning ,and Liu Ruyan dressed in a robe sitting on the sofa ,is ferry ferry could be watching tv .
How come so late in the night still watch TV in the living room ? Chen Fan walked up and asked . There is nothing to do UGG Tularosa Route Cable,want to watch TV in bed . Willow as cigarette does not return should be the sound .
Chen Fanjian Liu Ruyan didn her ,so he is a good student awkward sitting there did not know should leave . That girl foreign people go to bed ? When Liu Ruyan suddenly asked .I think so .
Chen Fan said a fuzzy ,then looked up at the fan Liu Ruyan face : as your sister ,is it right? Is still mad at me ? I got angry with you ?You are not my people, angry with you what to do ? Liu Ruyan got angry and said .
Chen who listen to Liu Ruyan this tone, I know she is still angry ,the present is awkward touch the nose ,said: such as sister ,hemagglutinin things were happened when I was with the white sister, they said, they also agreed ,so .
.. ... So what ? Liu Ruyan turned one look at Chen Fan ,asked . So you don angry with me ? Chen Fan touch nose . I didn you I just ... ... Well, don tell you ,I went upstairs to rest .
Then ,Liu Ruyan to stand up ,the head also does not answer to go upstairs .Chen Fan saw it ,not by some doubt and scratched his head ,he felt Liu Ruyan heart is definitely have
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