end of Zhao Feng soul in pet

November 16 [Fri], 2012, 12:45
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSee his armor beast has been hit with anger ,Zhao Feng black ,can scale has been shattered armor beast ,Zhao Feng will have to own soul pet back ,to continue the fight ,his scaly beast will only come to the end of Zhao Feng soul in pet ,other people .
Although the fighting capacity ,but the other did not damage any one member ,the seven remaining soul spoil pressure is very large .Tingyu thorn rose sometimes not wind evil opponents ,moving slowly stalk apparent bending signs ,Tingyu also had to be the thorn rose sometimes to recover .
Chu mu ,look up to you . Tingyu beside Chu mu said .Chu Mu nodded ,immediately commanded moye is rapidly approaching the two first-order wind demon ,but in the entire battlefield readily superabundant moye also seems to think only the wind demon can also play ,look quickly locked the two stage wind wind demon ,element group - air - medium slave level ,control the pure wind capacity ,if let it release wind magic ,it is very difficult to deal with .
The wind demon a muddy stream ,with a messy strange hair ,look much like an unkempt old witch . The wind demon . found moye close Canada Goose Mens Constable, immediately open the mouth ,let out a shrill sound was called scream sounded at the time ,wind demon around immediately raised quite a rotating air stream ,the air spiraling ,rapid reached nearly five meters in height ,will Fan Yuan within five meters of gravel are all involved ,in a turbid incomparable cyclone whir cyclone formation ,rapid forward raid moye swept away, Chen Zhuo especially strange not dodge ,this cyclone affected, immediately thrown into the air, under all the confusion of gravel attack .
Complete stage cyclone ,the wind demon qualification is also good Chu Mu at the cyclone ,just gently floating floating mouth . Moye ,through command, moye speed suddenly accelerated, actually directly against the powerful cyclone away but the moonlight fox the move immediately to the presence of people staring eyes especially strange shape than moonlight fox mostly, even the blue-eyes are being rolled up ,can this petite fox can resist ?Moye speed increasing, go by like the wind ,actually directly into the whirlwind attack range of silvery hair suddenly move a peculiar luster ,originally soft hair appeared a few change ,become flexible ,both strong winds tear force or the gravel melee attack ,can really hurt moye half moye very quickly ,this speed ,even cyclone rotating force can not be moye to roll up call the descent to play ,moye Silver Shadow moment through a five m diameter cyclone ,high speed rotating cyclone by moye speed throughout ,immediately had a brief period of stagnation .
.. ... The next moment ,the entire rotating cyclone cease abruptly ,should thoroughly dissipated moonlight fox this terrifying speed once again stunned the audience either opponent or his teammates ,they all stared at him with eyes that swift and fierce moonlight fox ,feel very strange, so strong a wind spells ,should be the most pure speed to beat groups fighting for a total of twenty soul pet ,who also did not think of the most attract sb.
is not the higher soul pet ,not reaching the two stage biological ,it would be a look only six order light wind demon fox this not good at close combat soul spoil ,once close, he has no fighting room soon ,wind demon by moye to hit ,the last wind demon gnash the teeth in anger the wind demon back soul pet space two strongest soul pet have been Chu mu of moye solution ,the upcoming battle simply has no suspense ,soon this slightly obviously mess beyond all expected battle with Liu Zhen on one side of one death and nine injuries ended in Cao easy service workers, only Tingyu and Chen Zhuo soul was badly wounded could not participate in the battle of pet ,other people Soul spoil had enough fighting force .
Upset the fighting soon attracted all the hustle and comment ,Chu Mu moonlight fox is the normal battle highlights this kid is indeed some strength UGG Women's Evera Shoes,Guo ,the team while not strong ,but take your weak team is not too problematic ,but because he is a person change .
Liu Zhen glanced at Chu mu ,whispered to the nearby Cao Yi said .Cao Yi brow wrinkled up ,just from the performance point of view ,the moonlight fox strength than before and Ge Qing snake fighting it .
Many by surprise ,can solve out two soul pet ,the moonlight fox might also reached two . However ,Cao brother you can rest assured ,as long as you can to ensure he does not collect the soul will return to favor, I have absolute certainty that the fox to die .
Liu Zhenjian Cao Yi, sad ,is patted his shoulder smile .Cao Yi nodded ,also very believe king nicolou strength .... ... After the fight, So Sawa also took the battle were to rest off the field ,they can not leave the battle ,because then continue to the second battle .
To rest after field, Chu Mu has become the focus of the battle ,after all, not Chu Mu words ,never get this victory before I was not quite sure that you killed weeks to five of them ,now that the Chu Mu was complaining about Chen Zhuo this time also quickly changed attitude .
Chu mu UGG Sparkles I Do Boots,is it right? You moonlight fox has reached two ,but why Chu state of flow or six order ? The wind ancient opening asked .Before seeing Chu Mu summons six order moonlight fox when wind ,ancient reveals to disappointed Uggs boots outlet factory,thought Chu Twilight moon fox or nine order .
Chu REI skills also improved . Chu Mu light answer .Now moye Chu flow has reached full period, unless there is a recognition of the skills of disguise ,otherwise it is difficult to see how moye reach after all what stage .
The wind ancient immediately face oneself ,said : it seems ,your soul spoil strength should beyond our lot ... ... Chu mu ,you moonlight fox to achieve what several steps ? Xin snow also asked at once .
Xin snow has a pretty face ,before the battle were competing to survive ,who also do not care a girlish appearance .But with the physical and mental maturity and the tense environment of the lift, Xin snow in appearance and stature is reflected, other service workers have more or less on a fawn .
Xin snow .Xin snow now does on the Chu Muhuai many curious about Chu mu ,in time ,will also specifically voice tone ... Louis Vuitton Handbags Sale... Chu Mu look with style Hin snow ,just floating floating mouth ,and did not reply to her question .
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