it will be a good minister a said later

November 01 [Thu], 2012, 13:58
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult domain name please know :no ads, full text ,but Xiao morning lifted the dojo early cultivation prohibition orifices ,Dojo secrets can go l ù bit,otherwise will provoke the body to kill the crisis ,so he just rely on the road lines power ,soothe the friar servants ,but this is not his heart like upper fire clan enslaved the human world ,is as captive slaves cattle he although not to have the slightest damage Dojo monk ,but to slavery in the final analysis or in the lines ,not much difference between ,Xiao morning there will be road lines broken computers ,today thing ,is only a chance .
The things ahead of time by three blood god ,fire people Suha ,purple yuan the main five to Ziyan ,moon dance ,arts and small ,green eyebrow ,blackmail, to go out alone ,into the ten die without the office if he lost ,perhaps with the aid of buried Hu ā ofrebirth ,but field millions remember creatures ,also because of channel lines reason ,accompanied by his death death by Dojo Xiu is as innocent ,Xiao Chen would implicate them together with the death of such result ,is also done something urgent void aura flash ,left eyebrow six and come ,face all has Shock disturbed meaning, while respectful salute , see adults Xiao Chen slightly waving ,said: lifting the road lines this seat had thought proper, just suddenly some ,do not be too alarmed Ganoderma lucidum Wenyan face concern .
Not any cuts ,Lianren salute , ,do not know exactly what had happened ,let you so fast hand lifting road lines ,inform subordinates ,see if you exclude the difficulty and anxiety and not for other openings ,but at the same time to look together ,apparently it is also their mind Xiao Chenlve micro silence North Face Men's Denali Hoodie Jackets Sale,said: now the seat facing crisis, into which ,life difficult master ,will mark disbanded, but do not want to have an accident, you with me also lost it you don the seat has been decided ,would never change if I once suffered damages ,Dojo buried in Hu .
I rebirth only possible ,if can ,the hope you can to protect buried Hu .No damage and death , crisis of Ganoderma lucidum heart quivers ,can let Xiao Chen brother rush made to lift the road lines ,foot Zhi Xiao situation critical ,so that he was ready to die for it .
Morning big openings ,apparently it is a foregone conclusion ,can not be changed ,Ganoderma lucidum and opened her mouth ,but ultimately did not speak the language to discourage ,adults and assured to be, Ganoderma lucidum will take good care of buried Hu ā ,unless I die, or buried Hu ā willsound , under the death Guardian buried Hu cold .
Twelve five leading kneel ,export low roar they can have today ,as are adults given ,even if no lines ,but the adults are adults ,that there will be no change in their hearts they cannot comment help adults ,adults only hope all is well guarded buried to Xiao Chen nodded ,not further delay ,a step step, figure directly disappear slowly rise in Ganoderma lucidum ,opening , your friend ,adult faces dilemma ,you and I can do only solid Dojo situation ,stay buried Hu ā ,hope that we can be the best shot ,to help adults through now .
well six command can be turned on ,hurry go hall prohibition had dissipated ,m é Nopen house ,Xiao Chen stepped out ,expression is calm Swami Tong Sheng falls ,face s èpale,several y ù dehisce,without making a sound head ,Telford Butler and rock respectful salute Xiao morning walks ,several people to pull up, a silent ,the dojo body out, and put them on storage ring is removed, Tong Sheng ,these things ,you will keep the teacher ,don ask ,that you know it, you a teacher before meeting exhort people progenitor ,if I can come back later ,people will take care of you from the progenitor of no injury disciple dare not ask ,just hope Swami adults can take care ,safe return Tong Sheng again falls to his knees ,hands will Dojo and storage ring and folded ,carefully placed Xiao Chen slightly nodded, now gaze shimmer at the front ,Taishou to void ,human ancestors step step, figure appears directly , you have made a decision, will leave now ?Do not wait for some time ,maybe things will turn around Xiao Chen and shook his head, low opening , things can happen I don know ,but delayed longer, Yan ,moon dance ,arts and small ,green eyebrow and so are more likely to appear unexpectedly human progenitor adults today morning ,Xiao entered the community ,I do not know whether and return period, the remaining things, please take care of the more human progenitor silence ,a rear just nodded Xiao morning no longer say, slightly back ,waving tear space ,step into the disappear Tong Sheng was Swami leave ,heart grief intolerable, jerked down on his knees Northface Denali Sale, human progenitor adults ,know today what encounter when swami ,should do so under the arrangements are juniors irreverent ,is at this time, you can ch ā hand-assistedSwami a helping hand North Face 3 In 1 Sale? Human progenitor L ù helplessmeaning, a sigh ,said: Tong Sheng ,you have to remember ,your master is in this world the most important Shigeyoshi man ,but because he is too much love ,so there will be attacked his best weakness today morning to Shaw out of bounds ,only to rescue you by the human world with his many close to the people ,this is not the seat does not help ,but Xiao morning that he would rather bear all alone ,rather than your wife to bear any risk only to wait outside ,his wife ,the human world Tong Sheng did not mind the repair dull person, human ancestors it has brought out enough information, think before progenitor City vibe will have a powerful spirit world news division close up ,he still guessed a story turned out to be this foul ground ,three blood god ,fire people Suha ,purple yuan of at least five burst of energy, there are numerous hostages in the hands ,Swami this to do ten dead without the bureau that Swami will relieve Dojo channel lines ,please take care of the people behind the ancestor to the outside ,he deathwish ,never thinking about get away Swami Tong Sheng mouth sad cry ,face s èbecamepale ,heart God J ī Dà ngdepression hurts ,mouth suddenly spits out some blood ,face s èevilwhite progenitor sees eyes flashed to meaning, slightly shook his head , bale ,the seat is promised Xiao Chen can not be directly ch ā handthe matter ,but as the get-away but not for me will be followed ,left field wall side now ,can only make the personnel ,listen to heaven ,only hope that Xiao Chen he and deep, do not break down here - a large cuff ,human ancestors ,and one small step ,figure into the world disappear the sky above, green robe monk walking along ,face s èquiet,dark eyes Hanmang such as CH á o,move along ,straight to the boundary wall is one step two step three step Wanshan waters since the city began crossing the progenitor ,Xiao Chen stepped out of a three step ,the seemingly slow dull ,but through endless space ,slowly Taishou, looking at the Cloud City ,have to circle wall where in vitro aura shimmer ,silver gowns space split step taken from body ,slightly nodded, waved silence between tear space ,figure not into them ,Xiao Chen looks at the boundary wall disappeared ,without any pause ,single hand move a tear ,boundary wall was broken ,a paint black Crack ,a step tread ,until the line of sight again ,already in a nothingness to Taishou orientation figure ,he is a ghost ,roared and green robe drum D à ng,black hair flying ,Xiao Chen breathe deeply to the hearts of all the restless all pressure under now situation, he only stays cool enough in this situation UGG Women's Bailey Button,might also die to find a slim chance of survival way ,his brow slightly wrinkled ,shadow stop light opening , the seat since arrived ,we will abide by the agreement, without any power ,friends need not spying on ,which appeared in front of him - fall ,suddenly there came a sound low void well, the blood god Detroit image ,face s èy īn cold,eye Senran, Xiao Chen ,did not think you really dare to Xiao one since it is natural to ,dare to Xiao Chen gaze shimmer ,fundus with twinkle , but Detroit blood god ,you should know about blood and God is the seat personally beheaded ,I can kill him ,nature also can kill you down is to say ,how dare you come alone with me does not monitor ,the seat boom shot ,will you leave ? Detroit blood God face s èavariable ,at the foot of subconscious took a step backwards ,then l ù outof humiliation , Xiao Chen you to arrogance ,the seat is standing here ,you can how to ?If I appear any accident ,your four charming companion of the way ,it will be a good minister a said later ,his face turned into L ùsèXiaoChen had dark eyes shine Taishou, cold ,cold the SEN with tear out ,the Detroit the blood god instant lock , this seat since comply to ,if they receive any injury ,whether you escape to where a sworn air max shoes store,Shaw ,will be you kill ,CH ō u soulmixing soul never into Samsara calm voice without any emotional B only ,but with a Y ī ncold ,like the winter chill ,irresistible ,infiltration of blood R ò ubone marrow ,make the Detroit blood god suddenly a stiff face ,heart was not fiction which was intended although this sense of the next moment is forced under pressure ,but still let him aggravated .
do not delay time in here ,you are yourself to bind ,still want the seat moves ? The face of Xiao Chen s è calm,subtle opening ,in which determine their safety before ,the seat
does not heteronomy Detroit blood divine anger moan ,eyes flashing blood mountain ,eventually at the opening , since you don see the Yellow River did not give up, this seat will let
you come with me ,you soon you can see the unseen Xiao Chen appears calm ,but the gown sleeve tightly clenched palm has common sense ,in which he will be y ò ucome out before,
Ziyan et al should not hurt ,but they did not see ,his heart at ease out of two people before and after a period of on foot ,a half an hour ,a floating house appeared in the line
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