shall not be up to the dormitory

November 01 [Thu], 2012, 16:08

> Horses directly pay the fine vandalism, several teachers before the waltz. patted the shoulders of the horses wWW, QUanbEN, cOM Zhou Weiqing, smiling, said: he turned took away Shangguan Binger a College. Looked Zhou Weiqing back out of sight, horses runoff before clutching his stomach squatting down, retching few times, murmured: Unfortunately, pretty girl, good cabbage Zhugong. However, this smiling tiger really powerful without Dzi skills hit me so pain is simply a pervert. Military Academy on the pace immediately. fast 19-year-old young lady, how can we not understand this guy, suddenly Qiaolian the blushing, whispered: aggrieved Road. Shangguan the Binger Xiunao said: Shangguan the Binger Qiaolian suddenly flush , how to do? dumbfounded. Shangguan the Binger lips micro-toot Zhou Weiqing fear is to see her cry like got a little alarmed, quickly said: mom how to how to it I never pass you. Zhou Weiqing they realized, because she is just like simply filled with Ah! Do not over. suspend the practice completely relax. Patek Philippe City is so big, fun place some,canada goose sale, Zhou Weiqing took the Shangguan the Binger swim three days. course, he did not forget the daily two more trips rubbing Palace, held their own needs rubbing all the skills of rubbing to complete the final addition the evil attributes can not be rubbing, time attributes not suitable day animals rubbing addition to three other attributes variable Stone Cat's Eye intended beads complete rubbings, Zhou Weiqing can be considered truly have a relic change Stone Cat's Eye Sanzhu powerful strength since they recognize, which is recorded relaxation weeks chubby classmates, however, after all, is also not able to climb Binger beauty of bed, coming down prematurely, in order to prevent small chubby Shangguan Binger always adhere to the final position, would not let him overstepped happy days always came quickly, the blink of an eye three days have passed, the school district crowded scene gradually ease, admitted new students prepare course full of excitement. the the only depressed curtain did not plan to be continue next year or fend for themselves. Zhou Weiqing early in the morning holding hands and Shangguan Binger came feili Royal Military Academy officially report with Shangguan Binger in her will not let Zhou Weiqing be so depressed, although it is still a commoner, but clean, although he is not what a handsome, tall figure with not ugly looks pretty sort of full of British Gas, not to mention , the woman is the man best decorations took Shangguan Binger such a stunning beauty, walking on the road so passers impressive. the feili Royal Military College entrance today clean a lot, only twenty grade students in responsible for guidelines newborn to be registered to report them pointing Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan the Binger through the College Square, walked into the the tall tall classroom building, and easily found freshmen reported everywhere. them is somewhat early, at around here is very quiet and not people. inside the teacher responsible for the reception of new students at this time only three only. For example, the civilian trainees tuition for one year only charge twenty coins, aristocratic students a year tuition thousand gold coins. Teaching nature are the same, just the dormitory environment as well as some auxiliary facilities slightly difference. Another point is that the requirements of the civilian participants must be at least Imperial beads division, aristocratic students without this restriction. Heard the charges, Zhou Weiqing hearts barely balance somewhat,Canada Goose Citadel Cheap, after all, colleges have to make money, people cross into multi-by-point preferential treatment is normal, but he divided into classes of such people is very cold, are people is a head and a mouth, so what's the same? Shangguan Binger touch Zhou Weiqing, indicating he will not talk nonsense, two admission letter handed in the past. Ban called flat intervals. Aristocratic students four classes. You twenty gold coins per person tuition, the year lodging, meals each fifty gold. Dormitory dormitory in the main classroom building behind civilians dormitory on the first floor, the left side of the male dormitory, the right side of the women's dormitory. Eight individual room. After the arrival, the College approved not just leave the College, shall not be up to the dormitory senior, lived above the aristocratic students. This is your school uniform, one two. Tomorrow morning at the opening ceremony held in the floor of the main classroom building auditorium, must participate. Well, you can go. Zhou Weiqing took the keys, and trainees of uniforms and two quarters badge Shangguan the Binger pay the holy, the two this out of the newspapers everywhere. A home, Zhou Weiqing Pieliaopiezui obviously not so gorgeous. feili Royal Military Academy really is everywhere reveals the different classes! knowledge. depend on others, what? I know your heart displeased, but they can not make trouble Oh Come on,Canada Goose Camp Down Sale, we went to the dormitory to settle down, I can help you to sort out. on the figures, Zhou Weiqing soon find themselves located on the first floor of the dormitory room,Canada Goose Youth Freestyle. moment opened the door of a stinky foot smell blowing Zhou Weiqing, almost smoked a somersault, and hastened stopped Shangguan the Binger let her go, his own Hui tone stormed to open the windows all ventilation, this be considered a little better. actually not a small dormitory area, forty feet square, squirt Zhang bunk beds placed on the inside, there is divided into eight two large metal cargo area, two desks, four chairs, in addition, have to offer. room full of junk, dirty and chaotic bed or light board, what bedding like any Zhou Weiqing mouth twitching This is not as good as the tent he lived in the barracks. touches Shangguan the Binger very calm and quiet This is not even swing a cat. The men outside, women inside, not allowed to grab and I, or I'm getting angry. Let me first and thought how to take care of you. I go to buy a the pots good draw water twist swab. cheap other guys. out. Shangguan Binger kick back, the rest will wipe work. Also considered to recognize a door.
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