then the void is filled with a wild ancient atmosphere

November 20 [Tue], 2012, 14:03
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 685th chapter and Samba genuine subscription of the author greatest support Samba comes ,when the space gradually torn from the void ,there was a young a familiar person ,it is Sen Bassenge and whole body flashing a powerful breath ,he was so high in the void cold station look at the Yang finally found you, Yang ,you did not expect, you even fled to the remotest corners of the globe without any action ,you will eventually be I : Samba sound in the void as Lei Ting general ,especially the horror and huge breath ,is extruded around the space ,even the ice the monk was clearly in the domain look, what is that ?The good terrorist atmosphere ah ,it seems the whole ice domain are shrouded in the the human breath so huge, far more cents .
Oh ,this ... ... This person is not the years pass raise a Babel of criticism of the south face ,the respect of the mysterious and powerful witch clan master ?He is comparable to the supreme king of existence, how he got to me the ice domain ? As if he were looking for a man ,the original ice field several Immortal King master being easily killed the man ,but the first Malay Supreme Master looking for is his the ice domain master instantly understand what, immediately scattered escape, they know that ,once the samba start ,it seems the whole ice domain to ashes ,if they do not go ,is out to kill Yang Yi at the void of samba ,his eyes were very complex moment, Yang also ripples with a violent game ,suddenly stabs ,rolling into the Quartet ,he knew ,he and Samba .
There is a war ,not avoid now Yang got to feel the nine drops of blood, he almost immediately became the third generation of the family in the blood ,fine purity on far more of the samba ,this is Yang with the war on samba ,you chase Yang eons ,from lower bound chased to the fairyland ,to today ,Yang went to have a look ,Yang ,who is the world only real Malay Yang body fighting Gundang ,sound is to distribute and from all sides ,and his breath is also gradually Send out ,savage ,ancient atmosphere turbulence in the void of Samba is slightly older, but suddenly ,his face grew serious ,and he never felt Yang Yi breath ,low voice said: noble and pure blood ah ,Yang ,the original you get this adventure ,I am afraid you now blood can already be comparable to those of third generation of Malay can ,unfortunately ,your blood is powerful enough ,you obviously not all refineries to blood ,this is my Malay battle, let me have a look ,you stole my Malay and people ,what is the extraordinary ? Samba at station intended to fly in March ,sound Quartet two statue of Malay ,in the void between the eyes of terror ,the impact seems to be void cutting into nothingness in general such atmosphere ,if have immortal slightly feel breath, soul can bear ,to collapse of the moment, and this is two people in a real confrontation ,did not immediately hit suddenly ,Yang moved ,his fist as if soundless and stirless general ,toward the samba to hit Sparkles UGGs,the group fights between the Malay ,only the way of solving the strong respect , as well as Samba big growl, his fist also fierce blow past ,space seemed to cry ,seemed to know this two statue of the master of the collision will create what kind of terror injuries bang two fists collision ,a dental voice ,Yang Yi saw arm was an instant detonation to pieces Coach Crossbody Handbags Outlet,pieces of flesh fly ,in the whole the void was shocking but his arm in a flash is back ,this is a powerful means of undead ,this little hurt is really nothing, the first time the two collision Coach Shoulder Bags,has been Slightly understand each other means ,Yang is slightly inferior but this did not end ,Yang is almost big growl : come again as Yang Yi ,in his body suddenly popped out terror flame ,the flame gathered in a fist ,as if a little can the burning of all feeling Vulcan fire ? Samba slightly surprised, he immediately recognized Yang Yi on fire ,that has a complete fire king breath ,only control million fire before it can be cast out all the veins of this moment UGG Kenly,Samba is already clear ,Yang is a Vulcan progenitors the lineal bloodline, but the blood vein of very high very pure lineal bloodline, surging terrorist Vulcan fire ,even he must fear three is good ,but unfortunately ,you did not make the body ,otherwise ,I really not your opponent to my broken Samba vision serpent ,punched to Yang ,only to see his strength seemed in vain to form a vortex ,will Yang Yi Vulcan fire all sucked inside, and then the Yang figure slightly unstable ,then and vortex collision together click click Yang found the bone breaking voice ,however he suddenly came out ,this time, he did not feel accident ,Samba is undead success is strong, equivalent to the supreme king ,can be accounted for in the upper hand ,not beyond the Yang surprise the source ,the war world Yang a roar Sound ,then the void is filled with a wild ancient atmosphere ,the source instant flew out ,flashing a stunning atmosphere ,and to a large ,hard toward the samba beat to at the same time ,Yang also to struggle out of the vortex ,whole person also to Samba rolled away, this is Malay and Malay strong collision between the will ,certainly will shaking heaven and earth Peng Samba surrounding space have burst ,the space became a void, his face with a white ,I stepped back a few paces ,he was Yang Yi and Wu source strength played a few steps back ,this is some unbelievable things after all the supreme king and the Prince of the difference between, that there is an almost impassable chasm ,but Yang with nine drops of Vulcan progenitors witch blood, this is his relying on samba ,is today .
I ,,take you to be my grindstone ,will I sharpen become true strong Malay Yang grow howl UGG Women's Crochet Tall Boots,then no longer use the source ,his whole person moment to shine ,rushed toward the samba
,press forward with indomitable will have a momentum of Yang Yijing with a Malay state ,and Samba to wage a life-and-death struggle ,does not seem to have any fear in general chapter 685th
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