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November 15 [Thu], 2012, 12:08

> Nine Guardians are now dispatch people go to Exchange General posts have been late, not to mention the other side come prepared, if they go to exchange words, but will disarray, but they do not know Qinhao million troops outside the city launched the raid City for a miracle at all, they thought Qinhao just one person. Again into armaments at Qinhao sufficient emboldened, and at this time he has 4.8 trillion feats, such feats, is considered a chaotic battlefield absolutely wealthy, at least in the individual, his meritorious enough for respect after all, a chaotic battlefield,UGG Boots Classic Metallic, most of the wealth, can be controlled in the ethnic hands, the hands of individuals trillion is already a lot, it is the collective wealth, rather than individuals. And Qinhao wealth not only belong to the individual, and his regiment have been enough to self-sufficiency, Qinhao never deprive them of their booty, this is their quartermaster Qinhao only to provide them with equipment and weapons to other treasures? He did not, but they can go to the enemies grab, grab is the ability to grab less than that is not hack it. His words faded, burst streamer flashing in his body, his subsequent military card color suddenly from black into purple, which symbolizes the Great General, distinguished pure purple, rather than the kind of ordinary royal purple Unisplendour circulation in the military card, not only so that dead word more dazzling, but is not humble death camp flag. feel so helpless. Although he was very clear that the purpose of existence of a large camp of death, that is the rules of origin of chaos, destruction is the origin of chaos want to see, if the origin of chaos is not in the principle of fairness under, I'm afraid Qinhao can not change any, although he indifference , but to sacrifice to bring someone else's life, his heart is still very hesitant. At least he was in charge of death since the Great Camp, doing almost all in order to allow them to live, as people can not live, and that he can not so much Xianxin to manage, after all, even if he does not do not change anything. dominated in their own hands, at least in the future is absolutely useless! become a great general, it seems that everything is some deviation from his plan, but overall not deviated from. as your headquarters, the same as you battle the fortress will be blessing magic the Luo domain forces, no person shall attack go to your fortress, otherwise it will be magic Luo punish the contrary, even if the huge city establish a fortress, not protection by any chaos rules! and you arm belongs to the city, he will face any attack, attack period of chaotic century. The The large camp can not get the armaments at any armaments, this is the same as before! want to expand their own corps, it must spend feats to purchase weapons and armor, and even the so-called informal Camp, in fact before is not much difference, just his great general, and the situation is even grimmer. The only good news is that he can take advantage of the strength of the the Mara domain overall reinforcement Miracle City city defense battle, the future here will be able to sit back and relax. treasures, reject your rank will be automatically reduced to the generals! They sent a few guardian to enter here, and to challenge him, he can not guarantee their own without the use of a pagoda with disk Axe case,Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Clearance, the level of the strong and can deal with a few guardian. strength, at least was able to easily kill guardian of the job! did not know. But most of them, can be ignored, but, like, let Qinhao surprised, that is, about one hundred of the royal family as well as the origin of the royal family planted some elixir, the cure can enhance the blood, and can be mass produced, these are royal biggest secret, Qinhao now scarce elixir is to enhance the blood,Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody. This is not just for himself, the same is also in order to the future of the human family, the human family now under his care, but they qualify for source realm, the blood but is a problem, Terran inherently weak, seems not than those cannon fodder are high the number of he urgently needed, perhaps is the production elixir. But this production elixir all the biggest secret of the major ethnic groups, is also the source of their heritage, to ensure that the blood of the noble and pure. large office, the same human family is his future in chaos occupy the cornerstone of the party. A battle never populations help solve the problem to a real disk is an example, he was not thought to be established Terran, he did in fact Qinhao are also prepared to establish the cornerstone of the human family, the cornerstone is Tianxuan the Tianxuan This should be a gentleman all the world, can become between one thousand fine Daqian under such world is not perfect, so Qinhao heritage. Know that after all this, Qin Haosheng grab the idea in the past, but he knows very well, his mythical detention is no matter,Canada Goose Mystique Parka Sale, otherwise, would have done the original disk, cultivate elixir so they can production formula, control of the hands of a pharmacist. This is also part of the special strong, their strength is very weak, but their important will never be less than any special occupational the trap array control division, the origin of character division, then is the mythical pharmacist. The mythical pharmacist is not to say that they are mythical, but from the recipe in their hands, all heart, even crazy enough to any ethnic group in the chaos, and in their hands, that do not have any special vegetation, will eventually become the spiritual drugs. From the ordinary vegetation to can of people Advanced abysmal blood elixir elixir from Advanced abysmal blood from people, to eight elixir of the flow of blood, and even first-class blood the elixir, even a legend extremely scarce drug king. Conspire to God, laying on of hands for the magic one hand to create a hand also destroy their existence is contrary to the origin of the mixed team rules, they touched the penalty area. The most important is that their hands rare blood elixir, nurturing a terrible mass production ...... <

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