Su Yu also has acquired a strong tragic color

November 17 [Sat], 2012, 17:29
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However the company of these four words ,let Su Yu eyes there was a moment of darkness . The company ?Long time no see. Su Yu said to himself ,in the eyes of a cold smile he rose ,went out into the .
When Su Yu went to Zhao Yongsan apartment, the soldier has to sit down to a wheelchair .See Su Yu came in ,Zhao Yongsan complexion dignified ,said: these people are the company and we don deal with .
The last to base station supplies ,a man called Wang Yong talk a lot of nonsense ,I was taught a lesson .At that time, the other only one of Tang Shaohua lieutenants ,base but Joe adults and Lee adults two in .
So the people far from base of the opponent ,they had to bow to apologize .And offered to increase the price of materials purchased .To leave . ? Su Yu lightly asked , offered to increase price ,this is not disguised to base to send money .
It seems at first they certainly contained a somersault .But now ,they come here ,if some wilderness survival experience ,will find here with werewolves fight and burn marks left in the body .
worried about this, the wilderness with fists do the talking ,now we decline ,those who had had to hit a son ,you and I might be killed .So ,I think we should get tough ,immediately start base laser gun and energy cannons, intimidate them ,let them leave ! No.
Su Yu shook his head , you will only let these people doubt .Moreover ,the base station in the defense system has been removed ! Sorry. Zhao Yongsan startled ,almost from the wheelchair to jump up ,but he was just on the point sink ,if not timely hold Su Yu Zhao Yongsan ,he will go from a wheelchair fell .
When opened ?I didn know that .Zhao Yongsan asked queerly . I removed the Zaguomaitie ! Su Yu said neither fast nor slow .Zhao Yongsan sighed ,and said: well ,can you give me a cigarette ! Su Yuyao shook his head ,said: I push you out of it, to meet these people ! Zhao Yongsan did not speak again ,nod .
Su Yu pushing Zhao Yongsan ,slowly to the base of a large door .... ... Tang Shaohua and others at the outside of the base waiting, they have issued a communication signal ,but the ghost drive door base station has no reaction .
His communication board can induction to the base station signal tower . ,the base station has been ghost drive door is abandoned ?How could even the nothing happens ? Tang Shaohua stood there ,with his hand puzzle .
The manager ,if the base station still surviving, but hide behind does not dare to see us, then how to do ? Li Chuang asked . We wait ,if after a period of time also nobody out ,we entered .
If there is no surviving, we treat this valuable things out ,make up the last loss .The way I can take a little .If a survivor ,I will not say more ,meteorite fragments cannot be leaked the secret .
The manager said, but no one is not important .No one Canada Goose Ontario Parka Cheap,be they are cheap .If a man ,hey hey ,we make a return to murder ,arson crematorium section goods .Anyway, here is the wilderness ,as long as the cause of death to those animals demons ,ghosts by natural cannot fathom ! Zhao Hai complex beard fibrillation ,wretched smile .
Tang Shaohua gave Zhao Hai a look, but said nothing .Suddenly ,four people appreciate sb. .Most of the time ,without sound is the default representation .Tang Shaohua is certainly not thought ,the base station ,in addition to the necessary camera and telephone communications ,almost all of the articles are Su Yu remove ,moved his body space .
These years, from the wilderness to bitter over, Su Yu also became a wild goose plucking .In peace time ,Su Yu originally belongs to sunny types .After the end of advent ,Su Yu became heavy, and when Liang Xue looked down, Su Yu also has acquired a strong tragic color .
He will proceed without hesitation to devour the moths ,Junshan ,regardless of the consequences .Super evolution made Su Yu brain cells retardation ,activity greatly weakened .Su Yu gradually forgotten a lot of things ,because many competent emotional brain cell passivated ,Su Yu had also undergone a change .
With more than 20 years wilderness survival training, Su Yu if interested if unintentionally reverted to an original color .Sometimes sad ,sometimes optimistic ,sometimes some madness ,sometimes elusive .
A person ,Su Yu will be in a daze ,then smile, finally close my eyes .But most of the time ,Su Yu with the ordinary mortals do two things, he will be greedy, oily ,will be selfish .
So Su Yu see unsupervised base station ,one of the first things themselves can be used, or likely to be used are moved into the inner space .This thing ,not only Tang Shaohua knows, even Zhao Yongsan also has been at the ignorant .
Tang Shaohua ears and a slight rotation of the wheel sound ,appears to be the ghost in his door. Finally came .Strangely ,only the rotation of the wheel ,but no footsteps .Tang Shaohua was surprised, start stared at base station door .
Zhao Hai ,Li Chuang and others started to be fixed on the base of the door ,waiting to open the heavy door .Only Cheng Yihu eyes flashed a solemn and doubts, but this was just a flash, no one noticed always silent silent Cheng Yihu performance .
On the sound card ,base of the door was opened .However the scene let Tang Shaohua and others in a terrified and relax .Sitting in a wheelchair in the head they are seen ,is to base station instructor Qiao Wentao squire .
As for the man in black in the back of the cart ,Tang Shaohua just a glance looked away ,not placed on the heart .Give a class cart ,Tang Shaohua does not think there will be how to strength .
By contrast ,Tang Shaohua is more about the Zhao Yongsan .Zhao Yongsan was sitting in a wheelchair? But also to come open the door ?What does this mean? If the base is there anyone else in existence ,in turn hurt to walk Zhao Yongsan personally to open the door ?Therefore ,Tang Shaohua immediately made clear a point ,the base has no other bearers of the man ,a cripple and a servant .
Tang Shaohua can think of that, next to the people basically all look out . Oh ,this is not the head elder brother ?This is how, how to disappear for several days will become disabled ? Wang Yong said ,came forward ,Yin Xiao with forced pat Zhao Yongsan .
Zhao Yongsan low hum, expression changed ,but soon returned to normal ,scold: I laugh residues are not disabled ,and dry your bird thing ! Tang Shaohua at the back to see this scene ,Zhao Yongsan finally determine force values have fallen back to zero ,there is no longer any threat of force ,the heart suddenly greatly relieved .
Wang Yong had heard Zhao Yongsan words Coach Baby Handbags,don angry ,and close to Zhao Yongsan in front of the nose up and down ,to see a non-stop .Su Yu heart is cold ,the chair back pull pull, avoiding Wang Yongzu is one metre ,it asked Zhao Yongsan : so nasty person ,you can endure ? Could not bear ,and so the last beat the crap out of this guy .
If not Joe adults stop ,this man is dead ! Zhao Yongsan was Su Yu withdrawal ,also relieved, hate hate .Wang Yong Wenyan a mutation ,sullen stare at a glance evil Su Yu ,say: very good, very good, is also not a long eye .
Today I will break your leg ,and then the two of you chicken chop together to feed the bastard cut ! Su Yu looked at Wang Yong, right hand suddenly become dark ,suddenly jumped a ruler ,grabbed Wang Yong one arm Tory Burch Bags.
Without demur ,Su Yu directly screwed down Wang Yong !Wang Yong let out a long string of pig noises ,to continuously roll shaking !Tang Shaohua was a variable ,panic channel : what are you doing ? Although surprised ,Tang Shaohua not slow ,Lieutenant forces quickly launch ,Su Yu came to the .
Tang Shaohua did ,the remaining three members also came up .Su Yu with a sneer ,grabbed Zhao Yongsan and throw him to the base behind the fence .This view was blocked ,walls ,and can smoothly move Zhao Yongsan will not be able to see the next case .
Neither Tang Shaohua ,Li Chuang or Zhao Hai ,the weapons are a machete .It ,in early human and animals and zombie battle ,most of the weapon is a knife .Fruit knife ,kitchen knife ,knife ,cut bone knife is easy to use and easy to obtain weapons .
Therefore ,most of the later Galaxy alliance ,are used with a knife .While the galaxy alliance new alloy blades ,with a heavy blade ,sharp blade ,can effectively kill ,so are a lot of soldier favor .
Single blade flickering BLACK CYAN sheen ,can determine ,this is the three knife .Tang Shaohua three men armed with swords ,the blink of an eye and rushed to the front of suyu !But in the blink of an eye UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit On Sale,Su Yu has disappeared !Tang Shaohua gawks seems to think what ,loudly: away ,he is a genius ! Tang Shaohua is not in the air turbulence is completed, a white jade hand suddenly appear in Tang Shaohua .
Then a layer of color corrugated suddenly from the palm spread .Tang Shaohua felt a cold chill ,the whole body is frozen into a ball !Su Yu figure flash ,while shaking hands into a fist, with a boxing in the ice !A sound Canada Goose Parka Cheap,ice scattered falling ,while scattered and Tang Shaohua body residual block !Played by a fraction of a second ,Su Yu is a enemy to death ,killed Lieutenant grade Tang Shaohua strong .
This makes the rest of the people are shocked greatly .Li Chuangfa shouted ,he suddenly turned around and ran to the jungle .Su Yu as Li Chuang dived into a camphor tree forest, squinting slightly ,and did not pursue !Li Chuang has just entered the woods, sent out a shrill sound of screaming .
From the vicinity of can see ,Li Chuang is something caught air ,who inserts the full one branch .These branches have inspired ,like a water trembling like a ,there seems to be something from Li Chuang to be sucked out ,inhalation of branches .
Not long after ,Li Chuang shouts became weak down, because his mouth ,nose ,eyes ,ears are also inserted full branch ,can even see a cluster of clusters of leaves from Li Chuang and out of rapid growth .
After only less than a quarter of an hour ,Li Chuang body is buried in green leaves ,completely disappear .After a moment ,the branches gradually spread out ,bounce back up ,stretching to the sky .
In the original Li Chuang location location ,leaving only one bone ,attached to a flesh and blood is nothing left .Su Yu have seen more evil ogre King tree ,so not to fear .It is the remaining three people seem to have never seen such a scene .
Wang Yongtang on the ground ,forget the howl; Cheng Yihu from a to Z ,then stood there ,without any reaction ;Zhao Hai gazed at the Li Chuang into a pile of bones, should run away .All of a sudden ,Zhao fell ,for Su Yu fell to his knees ,continuous knock first : you don kill me .
I know I was already old ,not a few years to live .But I don want to die ,sir, you have to let me go ,I shaking secret ,on the day of the outer meteorite fragments ... ... Su Yu frowned ,sink a track : meteorite fragments ,what is it ? Ps : last updated ten thousand much words ,have code to three or four in the morning .
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