this small building just a dark Association

November 04 [Sun], 2012, 15:55

Cattle bb fiction reading Network recommend some and equally nice novel The warlords Heaven heritage of the road entropy Princess inferior concubine gold medal Princess left death mined, Li Bin side manipulating cemeteries magic to repair than bloodthirsty direction of the city rush, side transparent Dina Deirdre stepped up the souls of arms conversion, in the shortest possible time in order to gather a number of troops available to protect themselves. While Li Bin speed up the study of the souls of the mechanical body, after all, fighting seems this several times, Li Bin men troop strength or unsatisfactory. Days progress in the Bin research souls Ballista, a will-o'-the-wisp slaves suddenly drifted came. find the small building, Li Bin, found himself or miscalculated, this small building just a dark Association, Li Bin strength here can only buy some intelligence, or pick up a little below Grade D in the dark task. Spent one hundred the metal bought some intelligence, Li Bin is planning to leave the dark sub-president of the Association, then suddenly stopped to Li Bin. said quickly. such a good thing UGG Mayfaire Boots, Li Bin instead feel filled conspiracy. Member of the elite, you see how this condition Canada Goose Ontario? If you can establish a darkness Association in your territory is our greatest help. Li Bin, a great help. Promised to see Li Bin down sub-president pleased clapped her hands, then three squad begins quickly around the small building out. Go the fastest group dressed in a black cloak, with a black mask, holding two daggers, waist pending order hand crossbow thieves. capabilities. When a second small team has also been an assembly, which is a group of one-eyed bouncers, they hand uniform machete. third small team soon, they are the same group of brawny, but except in one hand and holding a sword, the other hand, all steel hooks. three teams, first nodded his head, then he asked: special branches of the military, no matter what race, like this training is completed, and their combat is not very high, so I hope you will not take them on the battlefield, there is a copy of them to upgrade advanced career, I thought You will be very satisfied. Li Bin, took over manual glanced he laughed: do not you worry about, to as long as you want to build two hotels in the city UGG Classic Short On Sale, we know what you mean, when we naturally will arrange manpower. Two hotels is not it? You so say I understand, thank you for your hospitality, I look at my time to leave. The three teams back to the cemetery manpower magic. Only magic a return to the cemetery timberlands Boots cheap, and said: Bin took the intelligence to see that this really detailed map than own scout exploration, not only has a near ten-mile range of land, resources, intelligence, and even The Wuli outside a Quilboar agglomerations forces have number of detailed records UGG Wedding Collection On Sale. After reading a map, the location of Bin quietly nodded, then he let the will-o'-the-wisp slaves went to arrange a group of troops new residence himself sent out by a group of souls Gargoyle scout troops. Followed by Li Bin seriously considered for a long time, according to a map provided by the thieves, reset Cemetery Magic forward line, then they returned to the souls of his institute, the new souls of arms. Ready to rest? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses Princess of the best in the world eloquent minister

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