Abramovich This move really powerful

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 11:53

> Spurs powerful inside the rocket caused a lot of trouble. WWw. qUanBen. COm Olajuwon and David Robinson, called an old rival. 95 years, in the face of the year 'MVP' David Robinson. David Robinson that the title of the day, the big dream with 35 points to lead the Rockets beat the Spurs. David Robinson gave a huge red envelopes. Since then, the two sides meet exceptionally jealous. This year, Barkley David Robinson has been such a good helper. There is strong support for the new Division champion Tim Duncan. It has been a few years pinnacle David Robinson, this season is the best opportunity to meddle in the championship. Recharge your batteries after a year, after the start of the season. David Robinson is averaging 22.7 points, 11.6 rebounds and results, we see a regression of the the Super center of the single-game scoring 71 points. As a nearly 10-year-old opponent in the league, Robinson about this guy in front of their own very terrible. That rely on their own dreamy pace, dominating Union inside the king, regardless of how grade. Him in the field, he is the most threatening figure. David Robinson facing Olajuwon said: your lesson a few years ago is not enough for you. No way, watching the rocket hit a series of great game. That is called He can not help but be jealous, this is the greatest hope of a basketball player and honor. Watching ** has been a bit carried away by David Robinson. Big dream I reluctantly shook his head. Body suddenly a force slightly backward rely fixed pivot foot, brought about by the force of their body rotation, a beautiful turn, took David Robinson separated on their own behind. Then, in the face of the the Tim Duncan complement anti incredible, the rotation back again, Duncan and David Robinson,UGG Ultra Short Boots, one is not careful, they bump into each other. Big dream easily shipped the ball, hit a playing board. Looked a little embarrassed Spurs within the twin towers, big dreams smiled and returned to their own half. This scene looked at the field under Buckley not only shook his head. Buckley thought secretly in their hearts: Hakim Hakim in the end ah. Looked at the field the unfavorable situation. ** Popovich could not help, he said: Looked about to play, Barkley, Olajuwon smiled toward already in the smile of Horry said,UGG Ultimate Short; Horry did not say anything, but his face with deep frustration. Barkley was traded to play. Buckley took over the command of the team after playing. Over a half, the 'Little General' put the ball to the Buckley to handle. To run their own space, ready to shoot. Looked dribble Buckley, Robert Horry look heavy. Juezhe own ace ass, the the personal defense Horry arch to open a body position. The sudden turned breakthrough, directly put the defensive Horry to throw off the. Rockets defense instantly tear. At this time Barkley has directly in the face of rocket basket. He has never been so easy. To face numerous inside the melee, but now it. He just has to face is the small forward speed technology. Speed ​​is not slow, the technology is not bad, has an absolute advantage in the body. Moreover, the Spurs inside two long people can be in the cast, they do is to wreak havoc opponent's basket. Looked breakthrough came Olajuwon only was greeted as a pillar of the team. He can not let the rocket basket Buckley male violence raging. Barkley looked at anti-complement up Hakeem Olajuwon, indifferent smile. Thought in his own mind: I came to the championship, in the past, I must own on, but I can now pass. Buckley pass, everyone does not feel like a guy like Barkley pass. However, he now really pass. A nice bounce pass David Robinson stroll from the bottom line came in the ball after a big step and body into the sky, give to a Shitailichen the dunks. But David Robinson did not expect to happen. A big hand from the lateral stretched out tightly press and hold the ball. Rockets fans burst exclaimed, loudly shouted: Kevin Garnett, you are the best. Yes, Garnett. Breakthroughs in Buckley, Kevin Garnett had foreseen the occurrence of such a situation. Looked forward defensive Buckley Olajuwon, he did not Qucourenao. Directly toward the David Robinson, the old guy. Sure, Barkley pass, Garnett rely on their own amazing bouncing the ball directly on the lid down, take off from the lateral. Watching 'Admiral' fall from the sky, a big dream approached took him to live and gently in the ears of David Robinson said: But rocket the this Cuntubizheng momentum, let the hearts of the Spurs players heavy. We all feel, the rocket really bad hit. But we did not pay attention when Garnett was like Duncan journeyman a provocation eyes,Short Sheepskin Cuff UGG Boot. Duncan is also back a cold. The eyes of two people clash separated. Two people know, the most powerful opponent in his basketball career appeared. David Robinson firmly throws two balls. In this tense atmosphere, the two sides the Rush a full one. Looked at the bench has been ravaged by Buckley's sweating the Horry. Laotang eyebrows wrinkled up. ** Abramovich This move really powerful ah, Buckley tanks on the inside, but on the perimeter. Looking around the league perimeter defender, Who anti-'s live. Post player to defend the pace and keep up with the other end of the 'Flying Pig' direct will be a breakthrough into a sieve. Laotang really are scratching their heads. A last resort, he looked around the Rockets bench, some helpless shook his head. Then a little hesitation, said: Because we all know that, if they play, we have to face is what kind of monster. Old Tom got a little angry, and he is not actually believe their own players so afraid of a man. It in him to get angry when. Came a voice. Laotang wrinkled his brow, and then he said: Saout Cornelius Buckley is very great,ED Hardy Handbags Outlet, and as a player you want anti live him, only a handful Looking Union, But fear not solve the problem, big deal six perpetrated field, is so that I can consume his strength, and his teammates seek opportunities. Looking at the the eyeful firm's Saout Cornelius, Laotang deeply looked at him. Then he Saout Cornelius said: The more intense the second period broke. <

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