this hall is a field of forbidden magic

November 15 [Thu], 2012, 10:37

Welcomed the messengers arrival Hualong Dili, in fact, the reason why until today summoned the people, and the reason is because I Hualong Dili country just reform me all day too busy, what entertain hope you will forgive me ill. (Starting) Liu Quan sitting on the throne the many messengers stresses the large Royal Highness sitting warm surface Q, in fact, is the official ceremonial discourse. absolve one for the the Hualong Dili country's emperor Liu rights. LIU Quan saw this inner sweat: I have to prepare a lot to say this delay summoned it, this group of people actually did not expect one to help me find a reason to find excuses, what is this thing, LIU Quan looked sound gradually drop down, waved his hands to indicate everyone calm down and said: in the Liu the right side of the Na Lanjie stood up. When when Na Lanjie stand up, some people see Nalan Jie age and then began to talk of it. out. Liu rights, you people who dare to still my bright Holy See that you are not afraid of the Holy See to you Hualong Dili country off Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Parka Sale. Nalan Jie grab Liu right to speak and said: Empire will really kill him. The Na Lanjie hear screams outside the hall, said: this statement: you can not listen to my explanation, but, I promise never to threaten China Timberland Mens Leather, the threat of those who is an example. own cruel man is our enemy, then, this sentence should be understood as a threat, I do not know that you understand into what does that mean? This sentence is Na Lanjie a commentary, immediately we are no longer talking about who killed the priest, Na Lanjie then understand, is a friend Uggs boots outlet, I how this all to say, the enemy, how do we not say. Even if the the Hualong Dili enemies can not say ah, this hall is a field of forbidden magic, any magic and vindictiveness are limited, if we really own the Hualong Dili enemies, it is difficult not Guarantee The look thirteen-year-old juvenile will be ordered to kill himself, so we still honestly like crazy to the outside to say, here crazy is a dead end, what that priest is the example you. to the major lords get tax upgrade to half, and each noble disciples excellent, our officials recruit will be giving priority to the major noble disciples if excellent, Empire will pay for training. on these. Nalan Jie smiled, treasure map event and I Hualong Dili country simply shut me more with this independent, because our empire and everyone at the same time know this thing, not to mention our royal family has a treasure map out is a fool. everyone is also sensible, this is simply to take advantage of this all coming scourge Hualong Dili, I say live over, goodbye. Hall, where people now know to come to the Hualong Dili explanation more this is wishful thinking, the others confidential Empire how could used to share, originally thought with the mainland many forces make the the Hualong Dili country yield, to give an explanation, but thousands operators million does not count to the the Hualong Dili country is now so strong, just do not understand the Hualong Dili country why so strong, in the end this emboldened come from? Today the pastor killed the thing, the Holy See can not really Hualong Dili country to react, because now something of a treasure map Classic Argyle Knit UGGs, the Holy See is busy Taobao forces on the mainland, the Holy See is also a headache, if these forces really force Taobao, the symbol of the holy mountain may be really chops Lodge Jacket Canada Goose, which have to bother to pipe this small priest's death. A vigorous seeking an interpretation of events, so nondescript scattered. (Updated ultrafast)

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