but he still tight Zhaochun the

November 16 [Fri], 2012, 10:54

> Seeing the two women, especially those that domineering. WWw! QUAnBen! Com aggressive woman, suddenly to one hundred and eighty degree turn,Timberland Earthkeepers Boots, lowered stance over an apology, Liang Chen can not help but under slightly startled. But then he will understand, must be known to the two women of the heirs of the red car, only this apology behavior. Think about it is true, as the Republic of evergreen trees, not old pine Elymus prestige reached its peak, the presence of another par does not exist. Two woman dare unbridled drag racing on the highway, certainly ** no doubt, but the met Yeh statue true God, only obediently plead guilty envy,UGG Classic Short Boots. Although her heart is very angry, but personality and humble, she does not want many things, in particular, do not want to get into any trouble because certain things to their own men. The Faye Wong Han's mind, and Ye Qingying almost. The emperor at the foot of the capital, the deities is too much. The spread of a 'less than the capital. I do not know how much official ', and not without reason. Since these two women have put soft attitude apology, they also do not need Buyiburao more than damage limitation! Her with eyes motioned to Liang Chen, the matter ends! Liang Chen is very psychological understand of Ye Qingying Faye Wong Han, he nodded his head, but it did not look to the the two apologize woman good face, from Gu the leaning Ye Qingying the arm, and turned back to the car. Ye Zijing, Faye Wong Han also followed the car, and two column took a step forward, toward the two look awkward, seems to want to get angry but the woman did not dare to Chen Sheng said: scratch injury, I have to be to the long report truthfully! again the soft words Xiangqiu said: BMW after two woman, eyes swept away, has license plate number in mind, and then strode reversal Hummer. Start with the car crashing, is preparing to leave the time. Not far away, a jeep maneuvering general driving over. The brakes sounded shrill, jeep body to a beautiful drift, right in front of the Hummer, the two vehicles interval, only an arm's distance. Door open, jumped three burly young man from the top Nongmeidayan, straight nose and mouth for handsome looks nothing like Tao Ji and Wang Chen, but also to be butch. From call to now, they have only a few minutes, criminal woo even arrived at it! Her to not feel how accidents whenever she came out to play, punishment Yu always far followed, calling them to protect her personal safety, in fact, she knew, criminal yu like her. But her punishment Yu do not feel anything, Grandpa son of the old men. Guard Bureau work, his family was in her eyes is, in general, in addition to to verify her powerful charm, and can be used at the crucial moment when the thugs, she really did not feel the presence of criminal buildings have any other meaning! Miss Jiang Tai his natural understanding, cousin Tao Ji Tao Qiqi and royal second son, he is also familiar. Using a simple process of elimination, that provoke Tao Qiqi culprit is certainly no doubt that the Hummer and the people inside of the old red! Punishment Yu, eager to prove their value for a loved one head thus ranging Tao Qiqi opening came up two steps, slightly owed the very blunt authentic of the head toward the open car window: Yu, you go away eggs! Humvee obvious Elymus guards, to put it nicely, is the prime minister in front of Mishina official swearing, that is Takao depends on the master! Elymus alive day around guards, others may not mess! Looked behind two buddies child a face Samsam some Xiabulaitai. Temporary punching bag of this find, so do not hesitate to anger criminal Yu, who passed on to the just-arrived, spare no pains to criticize other Gouxue head! Pattern silk two pillars sitting in the front passenger seat did not move, just deadpanned facing the punishment Yu said two words: the expected behind two buddies child heart ridiculed and ridiculed. He usually always bragging about consonance with Miss Tao Jiada heart, fall in love, and now we are on the spot fan of a slap in the face. He helplessly to come to help people succeed, but to go this way, he felt really cheap home! You Tao Qiqi What is remarkable, not that relied on family background okay? Tao Shu is not your grandfather, I would be so curry favor with you? Looking down, fiercely staring Humvee in the middle-aged man, not only failed to comply with each other, then get out, but provocative like a hand on the door. He is also a man child, face, and he could not facing Tao Qiqi, but does not prevent him to and this tone Caesar on others. The two columns eyebrows pick up,UGG Bailey Button, he re-opening and said: At this time, his ears came the sound of Tao Qiqi angrily rebuked, but he automatically filtered. Arrested and the lightning one hand to the criminal building chest. Just listen to a flop, but it is criminal Yu, irreversible hand blocked. Criminal woo his face disdain smile, he would like to say, 'Uncle, you get older the would like to be hands-on with the people, be careful flashing your old waist. 'The two palm phase, then each contest with impulsive force. Soon criminal buildings face changed, first surprised, after solemn, and then to finally become an incredible! He martial arts since childhood. 18-year-old joined the army and later admitted to the Military Academy, less than two years as a seedling selection into the Beijing Military Region Special Operations Battalion. And in the last year transferred to the Central Guard Bureau. Temporarily, although there is no assignment, but the time is ripe to become a personal security of leaders the probability is quite large! The Central Guard Bureau be Canglongwohu land, a master numerous each other little opportunity to contest, but he was confident that their skill is not inferior to anyone. However, just in front of a so that he can not accept the fact that birth! Copper tendons steel frame cast generally as if holding his hand, let him force can shake a single cent. With the tightening of the hand, the palm of his hand spreading waves of pain, proud Tiezhang iron fist, seems to have become a jerry-built time twisted into powder. A minute later, emerged in large drops of perspiration on the forehead of the buildings of punishment, eyes hidden pain of the color, but he still tight Zhaochun the dead propped. Teach him kung fu master had warned him not to underestimate the enemy at all times, and now he is for their own mistakes to pay the price. He did not dream, this homely middle-aged uncle, even with such a terrible Zhangli! Feel that they have reached to the limits of patience, criminal Yu took a bite, and the other hand into the palm knife wrist split to go Henhendixiang bird stretched out the window. Originally there a simple contest impulsive mind, in under extreme disadvantage,UGG Greenfield Boots, however, have to be clever fool, and otherwise breaking the enemy's Law. Perhaps torture Yu which recorded palm knife threat, the two columns arm abruptly to recover. But quickly closed the door suddenly jerked bounce touch soon hit the criminal buildings. An energetically came punishment Yu's body staggered backward. Footing, really have not had time to see a silhouette fleeting generally catapult to fist buttressed whistling of the wind to his pledge to hit. Quick to criminal woo usual reaction, even this pledge punch to avoid the plague, and watch bird fist sight is magnified. Finally, in the distance his nose at twelve centimeters suddenly stopped. Bold Quanfeng his forehead, the head suddenly blow up, we can imagine, Zhe Yiquan if the strike will be what kind of results in the real office. Stunned with the two men with criminal Yu, retreated to the middle-aged man rushed nearly punches from criminal Yu was hit by the door, the whole action seems only born in the blink of an eye, usually trained coming so they turned too late make any response. The two the column slowly recover boxing, coldly sweep transfixed criminal Yu one, turned around and re-boarded. Hummer red car one after the other, leaving the scene. Tao Qiqi Jiang Jiarong two women did not even criminal woo one, each got into the BMW, the name of the car to leave together. The toad no matter how Bengda is also not eat Tian Erou! Tao Ji Wang Chen's eyes are streaming 1u a disdain, even if criminal Yu skill no matter how good play, after all this circle with them too far away. Sometimes, the perfect match, or to pay attention, take a step back, even Tao Qiqi agree that Tao does not agree with the two exchanges! The two men got into the car, departure followed Taoqi Qi and Jiang Jiarong car. From start to finish, the shuttle vehicles on the road are doing, but did not dare to stop and watch a car! All hide of less than plus leave. U! ~! . . <

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