but now but in the mercenary assembly

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 12:59
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult? martial Eagle mercenary group although abstained from voting ,but everybody is very admired Zhou Tianchen integrity .
Www before there was little unconvinced ,but see Jesus so radical, even has nine layer is true ,so now days in the mercenary group gives the impression is not .Because Zhou Tianchen had abstained from it when the words in the mercenary group ,day everyone is mad ,but now but in the mercenary assembly ,and there are many strong watch ,day in the mercenary group did not dare to Chennai martial Eagle mercenary group how to .
Of course ,Jesus also won mess roles ,rushed Zhou Tianchen sarcastic remarks today ,Jesus has been on the martial eagle to kill the mercenary group . Well, after a little misunderstanding ,days in the mercenary group successfully entered the final four appearance ,and then by the second group of the first battle began Sparkles I Do,as the first group of competition rules change ,please prepare ! Angen channel .
Then Canada Goose Solaris Parka,second groups of test would be rash and too much in haste to .The second group ,are also strong mercenary group ,and a considerable strength ,the two fighting continued a long time, they also look at youself .
Finally, after nearly two head than a bucket of time ,won the final victory of the mercenary group ,is a mercenary group called wasps of the mercenary group .Next, it is the third largest group of competition .
In particular, is red element mercenary group .Red element mercenary group ,the strength of strong, also known as the most hopeful promotion for s mercenary group strength, complete the three grade s task ,if can enter the top three words ,and also near to upgrade to class s mercenary group strength .
This red element with corps of strength ,is the regiment three sacred strong charge, although only for sacred strong, but with three, but also as a tiger .So ,the third group of final winner ,is the red element mercenary group .
Today, four ,there have been three mercenary group promotion .Yan day mercenary group respectively ,wasp mercenary group ,red element mercenary group ,the three mercenary group comparable to s mercenary group strength .
Finally, it is the fourth largest group of crown contend for ,also is extremely the competition ,after all, Wu Yan mercenary group which is the fourth group .Fourth groups of the first game of competition, it is Wu Yan ,in the face of the opponent into the flame ,the mercenary group .
The mercenary group ,strength is good ,the head is named Todav smart man ,strength reached the sacred metaphase .When the angel announced the two admission of the mercenary group ,Wu Yan mercenary group and the mercenary group all contestants entered the Grand Duel field .
Similarly, this time Wu Yan mercenary group including Long Yunfeng, a total of six Ultimate UGG.At the sight of the arthritis mercenary group admission ,the audience will boom and intense cheering sound ,the rostrum is the strong eyes have gathered in the Dragon Yunfeng body .
From the mercenary group has been in promotion ,dragon Yunfeng also exhibits no real strength ,so everybody for the mysterious head or extremely looking forward to .The mercenary group strength is not vulgar, headed by Todav ,the regiment mobilized seven Jianhuang strong, two holy mentor ,divided into the earth and fire department .
The sorcerer ,on the mainland of noble rank ,did not think of the flame in the mercenary group actually has two holy teacher ,it would be surprising .Before the game the mercenary group known as the face is Wu in the mercenary group ,so that the smart Todav had first planned the battle .
The battle plan ,also was directed at Long Yunfeng .Though the Kageri five their strength is not weak ,between the very difficult to deal with these people ,but these are not important ,winning the final key is the mysterious head ,as long as the defeated him to win the battle victory .
En . Tobav nodded toward all men ,the regiment ideographic scattered apart ,forming a surround the offensive .But ,strange is the two holy director ,general magic is used as an auxiliary in the duel field ,after all, a shorter distance ,so that the two magicians should stand in the back .
However ,the mercenary group formation is very strange ,as if to guard the two holy director general ,should be on the inside ,are also near the battle circle .For this type of mercy, ordinary people do not understand ,but the chairman on the platform is already strong speculation to torch the mercenary group battle plan ,very look like laughing .
Dragon Yunfeng would not understand the mercenary group that strange formations ,but Long Yunfeng did not put in the eye ,either no matter how perfect formation, for whom is useless .Todav they were attacked from Kageri in Yunfeng locked in the dragon then hands slowly show general sword .
When the sword is when, the fight will diffuse out of a fiery breath .The breath can be different from the fire knives ,because in this release hot atmosphere also contains a terrible smell ,a beyond mortal breath .
Kageri was taken aback ,feel this sword is uncommon ,but feel the heart of fear, it they could counterbalance force .Semi artifact !Yes ,it is half artifact ,only half the artifact in order to achieve such power .
,the red sun sword ,was five hundred years ago that a call Chiyan strong use red day sword ! Croon a long sound ,seem to be associated with the red day sword master with what bear a deep grudge against sb.
In general ,because the long saw Todav with the sword when the face became very embarrassed . sword ! Horns and others hear long words is startled ,reportedly the red day sword has been close to the artifact ,as when a Chiyan strong use half artifact ,it is said that this sword is very powerful .
Oh ,interesting . Ya Boliang have fun ,laugh .Todav strength is not weak Canada Goose Outlet,sacred medium strong, be bare day sword in hand ,if is and sacred peak powerhouse may have one spell power .
Half an artifact ? Long Yunfeng brows rugulose ,did not think of in the third game of the competition will see such a difficult opponent ,but in order to win into God exit qualification ,dragon Yunfeng have exposed more strength .
!~ Kageri grave ,this is not what they can cope with the category . All right ,do everything in one . Long Yunfeng Bryant replied . Oh ,do everything in one . Todav smiled grimly ,sink a track : Wu Yan mercenary group ,I admit that your strength is not vulgar, so this time for you ,specially produced the red day sword .
Truth be told ,the red sun sword is five years ago in a s task ,had the honour of being our Torch mercenary group income ,but the couple had no great sword benefits ,this task submit .
But for this session of the general assembly in order to win the mercenaries ,the battle ,no matter how ,the last winner will definitely is our Torch mercenary group ! I hope . Long Yunfeng Bryant replied ,with some sarcastic words .
Todav was a heavy, heavy drinking a sound ,the original arrangement system already secretly ready preparation ,ready to launch the strongest attack .Outside people ,originally also thinks Wu Yan mercenary group will be the winner ,but now Todav have half artifact red day sword ,the outcome would be hard to say .
Engelhard see both ready attacking stance ,he stepped out of the arena ,meal and drink on a sound : battle begins !~ !~ Tuodafu cold drink .Suddenly ,Todav longitudinal air spring ,and the two holy mentor was with the seven Jianhuang strong toward the past ,this battle is very fierce .
Kageri is unaware of their fear , a sound ,five rush to attack .Then ,the punch shot series holy mentor staff move, powerful spiritual force to affect on the ground in the earth elemental .
Super slow operation ! The series holy mentor heavy cold ,meal in Kajieli their region up the naturals shade .Suddenly ,is to shoot Kageri later they face ,suddenly feel whole body become stiff ,seems to be sunk .
Ultra slow operation ,but the enhanced version of slow operation ,enhanced times slow effect ,to display words ,enough to limit Jianhuang strong body movements ,but also has a group to attack effect .
! Kageri denounced a sound ,is now even Ada and Senluo had been greatly influence . Wall art ! The series holy mentor and cold drink a sound ,is Kajieli them before ,but suddenly rises a thick wall .
Ada eyes red ,with a pair of steely fist ,roared out: give me a break !~ burst ,Ada was blind to the gravity, fists playing hard in the wall .Detonation !~ ~ blare, completely bear Ada fists force wall explodes apart ,to a piece of dust .
Roar !Roar !~ ~ suddenly came the sound of waves of dragons ,unexpectedly in the twilight of the dust ,was rushed out several hot huge dragon .Fire dragon operation !The two holy teacher with a good, wall was destroyed ,another fire holy director took the opportunity to release the fire dragon operation .
Dragon merciless ,direct detonation at Ada on them .Ada temporarily reaction however, did not think of the opponent and so a hand .A loud bang !Ada was the two dragon to hit ,on the strength of the blast ,again and again forced back a few steps .
Although Ada strength is very strong, but not to say without fear of fire ,the fire rush ,Ada body before the burning degree of light .And the dragon ,Kajieli them in various unfavorable factors ,was also attacked ,forced to retreat again and again .
There ,in the twilight of the vision ,a plurality of ghostly figure to come in ,it is the mercenary group that a few Jianhuang strong near the Kageri of their body in front of .Griddle !Griddle UGG Earmuffs!~ ~ a loud sound of metal to make Ming ring ,Kajieli they were opponents of the descent ,a sharp sword pole row comes, Kajieli them suddenly several wound .
Senluo swordsmanship too, the body is also good ,under ultra retardation of with each other to confuse the enemy attacks ,suddenly and three Jianhuang strong assault and come, let Senluo be taken by surprise .
Ah !Ah !~ ~ one by one, Kajieli they actually would be knocked out .Vision gradually became clear ,the mercenary group those who have had the will Long Yunfeng on the inside .Todav Ling remain empty ,cold eyes looked under the space dragon Yunfeng ,proud smile, for the regiment men performed extremely satisfied .
They amazed so ,did not think of the mercenary group was so uncanny ferocity ,fell to Kageri their uniforms ,it must be before the torch mercenary group pays close attention to very much and Wu Yan mercenary group battle ,so it will be developed so insidious plans .
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