the weapons will soon burn up in a fire damage on the enemy

November 05 [Mon], 2012, 9:40

Like the the Cattle bb fiction reading website you recommended and the the only records a secret - the Lianshi manufacturing method! no small ah. Straight face raised his head, the patriarch Grandpa serious: surprising to forging weapons ore and Lianshi of together into a mold, and then drops in refining the stone with your blood, you can make any metal melted in an instant! such a good way, I have are for meteorite iron ore melting point is too high to worry about it now, this is the most difficult problem to be solved. Patriarch grandfather solemnly iron book handed over, serious and said: damage to the strong vitality of our dwarves, life is only seven or eight times forging it, I reached the level of senior warriors can be eight forged for the other person, perhaps premature death. excitement took patriarch Grandpa iron hand book for the patriarch grandfather's advice, I did not mind too much, Anyway, I only used to build tens of swords and other weapons to create without it UGG Knightsbridge Boots. Took the iron book a look, inscribed the name of dozens of ore, a superhuman memory, I remember, but I soon found embarrassing, not to mention these stones met even listen heard for the first time ! See my face stunned patriarch Grandpa a slight chuckle: , I give you a book to see, just to let you know the structure of Lianshi, after all ... you are my disciples, I do not pass you Who I passed it? so generous, because I'm not dwarves without this secret pass I did not, I'm really good addition to Mom and Dad, never do this to me. The patriarch grandfather took the book in hand, smiling closed the book, faint said: The book does not know by what metal to create Canada Goose Manitoba Clearance, even I can not put him dissolve and damage, maybe ... it really is Chuangshi Shen given hobbits not necessarily a red stone out of the box, and handed it to me gently: slowly into the air, while those ore directly into the liquid, so ...... you to do the mold, and then began to work. express gratitude patriarch Grandpa, he really did conceal are not, I simply like to treat their pro grandson. Bid farewell to the the patriarch grandfather, I went back to the shack, opened the box, took out the pieces of precious ore, and placed them in bed. One looked to the ore, the ore will be material that I battle sword! Silver crystal mine, that and I together through space from silver spar, although do not know what, but the patriarch Grandpa said, this stone contains a mysterious force nike air max online, insight patriarch Grandpa also still do not know his origins and functions, but ...... not explain it rare? So ...... patriarch Grandpa I strongly recommend that the piece of silver crystal material forging one hundred swords. Mysterious iron ore, which is a precious ore, with the patriarch Grandpa said, no matter what kind of weapons, once you join this ore, this weapon will be very sharp, the sharpest few weapons, mostly to build by Darksteel And ...... It is also very heavy and a Darksteel enough to be compared to the weight of the iron and ten pieces of ordinary. Refined copper mine, is a rare ore, heavy, and ... it's very high levels, and there is a certain toughness, patriarch Grandpa said, With refined copper weapons, basically can not be broken and ... weapons will have little toughness in a brute force attack fanzhen buffer of a certain degree. Silver marrow mine UGG Felicity Wedge On Sale, This is a legend in the ore, the weight is not heavy, but has a magic function weapons with silver marrow mine, with automatic repair function, but ...... silver marrow mine is with Jin Yi The mine will achieve maximum results. Golden Snake Stone, which is a very heavy ore, Jin Yi stone features can make weapons with memory, where the memory is the memory itself is not to say it can remember the things we see. In fact, any metal have a memory, such as a steel plate, you force it after snapping bend, it will automatically bounce back and slowly return to its original shape, which is the memory, but ...... Snake ore memory capacity than the average ore powerful thousand times., which is precious. The meteorite iron ore, which is a super-heavy, ultra-hardness of the ore, say there is the weight of the ore than Darksteel weight only meteorite iron ore, an iron meteorite the size of a walnut, already larger than the fist Darksteel also heavier. But ...... the weight is not aerosiderite characteristics, the most important feature of siderite strength, iron meteorite is almost not damaged, the once joined aerosiderite weapons, the weapon damage and can not draw an equal sign, really no force can destroy it. Treasure of the Sierra stone, which is a legendary stone said ... where the weapons mixed Treasure of the Sierra Stone once soiled with the blood of the enemy's weapons, the weapons will soon burn up in a fire damage on the enemy, combustion after energy into the user's physical, it can be said ... With Treasure of the Sierra stone mixed weapons owners are basically the battle is not tired warrior. The final step is just the patriarch grandfather holding back refining stone, the stone is not innate, but acquired synthetic the patriarch-grandfather said, constitute a material piece Lianshi, each one is super precious, super rare ore, obtaining one is immune, patriarch Grandpa able to get such a collected hobbits ore, plus a collection of hundreds of years to do it timberland for cheap, and then want to do one that does not know how long. Chain stone forging weapons also has a feature that is specific chain stone by the patriarch grandfather forged out of the weapons, the only patriarch Grandpa can continue to fine forging, as others are not. In other words, and so I made after one hundred swords only I could have forged, others not on the weapons and the slightest change. Originally ...... join the the the meteorite iron ore, silver pulp stone, stone of swords Jin Yi, has not be able to re-forging weapons, one the meteorite iron ore is not forged, its density has almost reached the limit of two to ... even if you can impress the silver marrow self-healing functionality and Jin Yi stone memory function, what forging to be in vain. But because my blood is cited forged out of the weapons, so ...... I have can change the structure it right and possible, As for the others, it is absolutely impossible. Contented ore 11 income box next ...... the manufacturing mold, still tin iron ore material, but this time, I have to do more detailed, more accurate can. Before manufacturing model, I first cut off from everyone, and began a period of one week of thinking, thinking about one hundred swords, what needs to be improved, what can be a place of innovation, there is need to remove .... After more than one week of thinking, finally appeared in my mind I dream weapon model, absolutely perfect, absolutely in line with the physical and mechanical, mechanical dynamics of the formula for the perfect design. Next ...... I started my hundred swords model manufactured with hard tin iron, said earlier the tin iron ore in addition to the relatively low melting temperatures UGG Women's Amelie, the intensity is no better than the iron-poor, so ... as long as the model is manufactured accurate , then ... the new one hundred swords made absolute difference can not. The next week, I dedicate myself to model production excellence, a week later, a perfect tin one hundred swords appear in front of me, and this is my heart the most perfect hundred swords, all constructed all parts, after careful consideration and thought, absolutely known on perfect made! (Many brothers hope I can update quickly, to update his words a day, but ...... you really want to do it, then, that my data miserable, contains more you brothers, so my new book list multivesicular point collection, favorites have not up to now on 7000 ah, how the book list, I beg you, I spend an extra week.) ready for a break? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses Princess of the best in the world eloquent minister

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