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October 30 [Tue], 2012, 17:43

> Fourth fifty-seven cat command the dog sky a a gray sè, plus the time this night is already quietly coming. wWW! Quanben! CoM city streets is a mess, and those pieces of paper waste newspaper swirling everywhere in the streets on both sides of the damaged vehicles, and some even still burning flame has changed jiāo traffic lights not flashing regularly, and occasionally storefront decoration lights still flashing, but how to find the city seems to have no breath of life, even a cat. Wu, a foot in the waste newspaper, standing in his previous life, at the moment it is completely strange city, here, is not the breath of life, but those breath of life has not released., The city full of fear, killing, death. Is no longer merely the city, every corner of the world, every minute, every second in the event with the same thing, if you do not find the source, do not know how these monsters are coming out, I do not know how they are with each other jiāo flow, transmission of information of this trouble, will never be a way to stop. This time, Wu has been temporarily abandoned Thinking outside the scope of the the Xiao chip digital world, in the end it is a tragedy, he has been impossible to separate the mind to manage, he want to settle things here, just to feel very tired. See those mutual competition for food and water, how to become like this. Dark corner of a black cat crossed yīn Wu just indistinct Ce Toukan a glance, does not seem anything special, just parked in the corner of the black cat, observation Wu, Susan, and other people long. Wu This long spit breath, had to admit that the world is a little bit forward toward the future direction, he had to change some historical links, history will change, but now seems, Wu some doubts had some things have not changed, or is simply business as usual happened. are abandoned cars, two broken utility poles, burning houses, is simply a mess. If it had been previously, Wu pedestrian certainly anxious to encounter strange, though strange group of some danger, several cooperation may be the first time to seize a sample to take home, but the purpose of changing the had to find the source. Moreover, half of the decision the forcing xìng, according to previous plans, Wu et al's ability, together seduce a solitary skull monster, apparently more than met, but Zhang Heng Wu et al halfway slightly team since met bird is infected Bobcats strange encountered along the way, there is no place orders. Wu et al in what way, and do not let those monster separately, the ability to attack the monsters together is terrible, which people clearly felt something, and gave the order to these monsters, from Sanda prior to now become the crowds. And every time I met the group huge, Wu, if they want to protect themselves, not retaken by the possibility of sample that time is luàn to kill. Wu nodded his head, looked day sè, has been ahead of the dark, and some of the cold wind, refuge inside waiting for his food and water, he does not have to be the savior, if in the capacity range within can help, it would have to help. Wu about looking for a store here basically destroyed, but a coincidence, here is the Several xiǎo eat shop, supermarket, do not know what these storefront lit inside objects may lodge , but the food, but it is absolutely not. Wu tune, walked one, another store a little bit, and then speeding up, this too is a coincidence, that is not lit storefront, the food inside is completely ruined, either blended together and water either completely smashing into the garbage ... Wu turned around and glanced at Susan, Susan is also a frown, an indifference less nv, finally spoke: feel the same way, but he failed to speak out, to be Susan said, he himself looked strange to refute his own words: an ol installed, the high hanging horsetail, very mature look throughout her seriously watching, at this time, he went the one shop mén mouth, bent over with hand on the next mén followed by saying: is not impossible, imprint on these mén our fingers grasping not out. degree of depth, as if inscribing wood and nail marks nails is impossible in this metal mén catch the traces so deep, that is to say, Susan said, and the king Bowen on those monsters really off people forage to know the weaknesses? This allows several people face to face, some I do not know the language, previously from image analysis point of view, these monster only knows killing, infection, propulsion, no wisdom symbolizes Because of this,Timberland Chukka, some of the main army cannon fodder delay they advance, so as to gain time to people to withdraw. But now they came to the front line here, only to find ... that some things and see not the same, and if those monsters, which have the ability to think ... the difficulty is more than just doubled doubled ah. Wu Tien-hand stick a the sticky door mén scratches place, stood up, these stores is impossible to find food, and then going? Wu frown the trapped huò when, suddenly distant sound of whirring the lifesaving sound, sound very terrified, anxious, and quickly determine the position, it should be a mile away? All of us here are not ordinary people, they come out in search of food and water to those who, in itself is an adventure to live, this time to strengthen the five senses to the ultimate sign of trouble can be distinguished clearly, Avery and WANG Bo-wen The nanometer body is different, but the nano-robot already can their vision, hearing, five senses enhanced to the extent needed, and in the sense of smell is concerned, Avery with Wang B W. even than Susan and Wu Tianjiang many. When heard the sound, the four people suddenly have the action, Wu, the first foot of a move is washed out, with talking in the back WANG Bo-wen the first time: rescued sister xiǎo we can ask his hands food end where nòng the come. WANG Bo-wen's nano body for resolving certain flavor of xìng and find nearby did not, this time, he said clearly that the call for help of the hands of food. Wu, speed up again, in the night, he became completely of a shadow, between the dark pupil in the fast-moving, with the changes, red, blue, silver three sè curvature of the line around the TV drama pupil rotation when cornering Wu has can be seen in front of terrified running nv child, but at the same time ,Michael Kors Hamilton Outlet Sale... Wu also noted a xiǎoxiǎo details. He was with them all the reaction toward the sound source at the time, just around the corner dark at the black cat action, it has been followed in their next look ... very strange! At this point, Wu quickly cut their own ideas, he has great speed closer distance nv child seems to only fifteen or sixteen of the look, the body of the jacket has some leaking, even The sling also lù out, her hair neatly pierced, her hands holding a bag full of raw ròu volume. These are just a Wu moment to see the monster will nv child behind Wu attention then shifted. It can be said, from the floor up to now, Wu did not really with these monsters positive conflict met Zhang Heng slightly, he is also the one the Bobcats lead to go, and then attack, crumbled. Now, their first contact, but not the face of those hordes of skeletons monster, but hordes of German shepherds! Nv child followed behind at least 24 more than German shepherds, these big dogs are like xiǎo foal robust surprised by Wu et al, but these dogs usual Meiliang Yang simply not been infected, that is, these dogs in chasing this xiǎonv child for food? , to go with her to come! the three sè pupil Wu, blue pupil bursting out the faint Lanmang, it seems that he saw ahead of a few tenths of events ... wolfdog toward the air at the same time, physical the blood ròu fast collapse, followed by nano monster into a blooming white, the whole body is a lens cover, instant acceleration snapped xiǎonv child's throat ,UGG Plumdale Outlet... it all seems to have few tenths ahead, when the faint blue line light disappeared down when Wu eyes all seem to have turned into slow motion, fast recovery to previously, that outsmarted the Shepherd returned to the position of chasing, the body of that xiǎonv children also quickly returned a few steps away. like just the thing is an illusion, Wu imaginary? Not ...... hallucinations or, really or this time is not the time of hesitation, muffled bang, Wu targeted location, not wolfdog starting position, but he is just an illusion see Shepherd The outsmarted position is to predict shè hit! Wu can not those who like a the Zhou Wenzhong liter, according to Long Cheng, learning firearms knowledge, but he at least played some games virtual class, if you are running for their lives the past two years, it would be too boring, basically know the gun Some recoil, the trajectory of knowledge. This pistol in his hand the power of no rifle, but the same, this pistol recoil, ballistics and more stable, Wu is to strengthen the five senses to limit targeting, it seemed close at hand, if the pistol at a person Cunxu not allowed to play? That Wu naive to hit tofu. The bullet in the eyes of the crowd into a slow motion, out by the dark barrel shè At the same time, WANG Bo-wen bend a bomb, has been followed by the speed, rushed them Ben come less nv. Bullet missed the? WANG Bo-wen go out to his absolute vision, to see that the trajectory of the bullets to simply shè whom it empty at the beginning of the hound head, simply can not hit the? Wu, how would such a stupid mistake? Did not eaten pig ròu not seen pig run it? Gun aiming to fight this thing ...... WANG Bo-wen Tucao strange things suddenly appeared. Accordance with the the wolfdog speed, the bullet hit simply not in him, but it happens in this moment, Shepherd body's blood ròu of collapse, sudden acceleration of the body, as if the installed turbine engine vertical aerial sprang, and xiǎonv The child has a distance of 7-8 meters closer to the moment less than three meters. And at this time, when the clatter! Soon as the sound of metal crash, fire huā splattered, bullet that accurate Shepherd playing in a changing body, the bullet did not cause any harm on Shepherd, or simply hit impervious to the kind of crystal, but in the backward, which is a species destruction xìng weapons. Bullets customary xìng, Shepherd speed in a split second delay, even causing a shock, this is toward the sky Shepherd, a flip in the air, in straight sets in the ground, rolling several times before shoved a stand up, stand up again, this time, WANG Bo-wen has with one hand clinging the xiǎonv children, support the ground with one hand, with the customary xìng a draw, and then bent over and jumping. That Shepherd to stand up again when, WANG Bo-wen fly down to five meters at Wu body: time to explain, is not a blind cat, but a harbinger,Canada Goose Outlet, his blue pupil this indicates the ability to see through a person's fate, many years, but the blue pupil does not reach the level, see wear holders, and even the creators permission to Wu, the fate of the five holders up to be able to see through. However, this holder does not include these non-life body, Wu sure, he just does not want to go to nv child's fate, because this is unwise, this time consumption of energy to do useful work, and no one will do , and he also affirmed that he had just seen, not nv fate of the child, and that clearly is two abilities, and he did not consume any energy. See through fate, and foresee happening within the next few seconds, completely different? In the previous, but he did not so the latter's capacity, is it three sè pupil together, a the blue pupil of evolution also? Wu suddenly thought: , more than 20 German shepherds all into a skeleton monster, they have lunged moment Wang B W. mouth chōu move: ! after to foresee those not infected suddenly changing wolfhound, Wu genius to understand that the cat - watching them, and may be cat control Shepherd! While Wu did not say, but the eyes and facial expressions, so Susan and Avery are winked, really dangerous, but for now, they can cope with Wu mean clearly said the cat command of twenty Shepherd? Is this possible? Even if the monster has wisdom, that does not mean animals also become able to command it? And command the dog or cat? <

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