Bodyguard for several dance chopsticks

November 05 [Mon], 2012, 10:12

> He really could not think of yourself with Bo Jisi the other end of wild bears have anything to talk about, but thought the initiative in the right hand, but he had promised to each other's requests. Rubbed his forehead a little pain, Bateman picked up a few data on the table, the two brow twisted into a mass. style, Bateman how also can not think of Bo Jisi behind the hidden a master toying conspiracy. Boji Si is the burial place of nearly 1,000 bombs to the Bateman fax, as well as dozens of sniper ambush location, place of suicide bombers may appear. Although this may be is Boji Si comes out a false information, but they can not turn a blind eye. Bateman Hesitated for a moment, Bateman this fax information to the police station and dance chopsticks butterfly sent a copy of this to his feet toward the house walked outside. Bateman looked at the other one, the other looks like now sent over photos with chopsticks butterfly dance is no different, he nodded with satisfaction, he was particularly pleased that this young man, dressed in actually Chung Sze two ears port. Security is not the slightest things difficult for this young man. Bateman heard surprised a moment, stomach a lot to say if a time we are unable to say out. He walked next to their vehicles, and pick up the car keys necessary to open the door. Bettman to scare cry cold sweat. Hear this channel is no longer familiar sound. Bateman face became pale. just before the address change so soon to be Boji Si came to the door, How do I pick How about you? the hearts of unspeakable fun, at the same time on that. remote command and the thin young marveled, he is just the thin young pointing Bateman address. Bateman staring nervously Bo Jisi, he determined that the two full facade sentence of hard words, unfortunately, he did not have any force, and he did not think the intrigue in this case in Boji Si's useful. Actually has falling on the ground. to see Bateman goal is to actually dance admiral sent invulnerability, in his eyes a look of surprise, while the hearts relieved. Why,UGG Ascot, today I let you see what the elders of the powerful! to their side, Bateman nervous sweat and sweat he quietly moved back a few steps, and that this year's light bodyguards without fear standing still blocked off Boji Si the Boji Si hands open, like the chicken generally young ... pregnant together caught up, his hands knead a few young bodyguard who Young Paul asthma gun would not join the exclusive actually in Bo Jisi exclusive to the next are like chunks general, San Liangxia boggy Sri Lanka to kneading dough, to see the young bodyguards face aghast expression, Boji Si laugh, he carrying the young bodyguards after heel straining fling, put young bodyguards to throw it into the air. The old fox not long Bateman in the hands of the forces get their hands on what, and how might fight more than a year with Bateman. Had the experience of the Boji Si terrorist forces, the Bateman mind blank, he knew Bo Jisi mighty, but the real insight into the the Boji Si forces, he still could not help but palpitations. Glancing up at the sky, has long become black specks of young bodyguards now fall. Bateman seems predictable, just also roam saved the young bodyguard of life will soon become a pool of Rouni. strange sounds. Bo Jisi tracks the sound looked, He is behind their own actually without warning more than a stranger. I saw a flash of the stranger himself,UGG Sundance II Boots, stretched out an arm to fall in the air in the hands of the young bodyguards received young bodyguard who then hands knead a few flat, stuffed with a white particles to each other mouth, this look to their own. ,Womens Timberland Boots. Song Yu toward young bodyguard nodded. Bodyguard for several dance chopsticks butterfly Song Yu is still very familiar, which light bodyguards is one. Song collar? exaggeration to say that one, just that light bodyguards this year has been their whole body bone to crumple, even if sent to the state-of-the-art hospital now go, only to fall a heavy paralyzed end. But also very likely in a vegetative state, but the sudden appearance of the young people actually San Liangxia put young bodyguards to cure this for Boji Si hearts horrified. All plans should fall short of the butterfly. . Kid, since just the person to call you for the collar,UGG Dakota Slippers, you must dance chopsticks butterfly relationship bandit shallow. I just to get you to talk to dance diameter butterfly negotiations, maybe natural rafts butterflies will obediently put her in the hands of forces hand over me, this world already should be by men to rule, she was a little girl, come and disturb them it? hiding in the corner of the viewing Boji Si with Song Yu Wrestling far, he is not stupid stunned to think they can escape, she was frightened Boji Si, but some as Song Yu played to the great security sense of Song Yu body flashed, to cleverly avoid the Boji Si palm, sneered: actually do not have the slightest capacity for resistance under midair Boji Si only had time to screams, then he found himself farther and farther from the ground. dodging Bateman wipe it off his glasses on his nose, see to stand there smiling Song Yu, his mind filled with a sense of absurd, flying in mid-air, how not this young man suddenly appeared but Boji Si? <

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