When the back exit East snappers

October 05 [Fri], 2012, 17:14
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 196th chapter heir Zhiyuan said enough ,to direct his loyalists ,Emperor Kangxi for his wise manner, no matter how headaches ,will tolerate tolerate Shumulo zhiyuan .
Which also hold a roll ,and wife .Kangxi said the emperor Zhiyuan way hard, he will look at the memorial ,and ordered Li Dequan to speak in a kind manner to Zhiyuan Zhiyuan reward ,genuflect is installed .
When the back exit East snappers ,Emperor Kangxi breathed a sigh of relief, ears clean .Read write in Zhiyuan thick which is not easy to keep calm ,Emperor Kangxi reading ,looking more and more .
The same language skills quite the Kangxi heart .Shu Mulu Zhiyuan insights ,some median emperor Kangxi wants, he proposed the malady ,the emperor Kangxi had noticed ,not far from his words were Zhiyuan write so forthright ,thinking of Kangxi in which mood ,between the lines of a few a roundabout .
Long live the Lord, your day you turn an empress brand? Li Dequan in accordance with the established time letter of mallard Kangxi brand ,a wave of the hand , I will not turn brand .
Kangxi then to the sentence , if Shu Mulu Zhiyuan was ,I shall talk about with his candle ,he said . Li Dequan hold the green brand ,so long live ,ask for room ,hold a candle going to happen ?Is it right? Another 榻 andsleep ?Hit shiver ,Li Dequan marched out of the East snappers ,cool breeze blows cool ,said: declare to you Lord ,tonight he handled the state affairs ,not be a lie .
The emperor Kangxi did not turn brand not hiring a bedroom ,to inform the house a queen ,so let them white in a field .General contribution of mallard brand Chamberlain ,would receive the palace Niangniang reward ,brand placement is very skills .
Yonghe palace de Niangniang was stopped mallard brand ,recently Li Dequan know, is trying to attract Kangxi ,not Dichong ,even princess ,not much of the day .In the middle of the night when Li Dequan served Kangxi ,Kangxi asked suddenly : Zhiyuan said on his forehead the wound? Li Dequan tried to remember ,Zhiyuan says a lot , long live ,back North Face Denali Hoodie Jackets,was of the Ducal Palace the old lady to throw cushions .
Kangxi smiled and said : I remember ,he is advised their old lady less pear . The emperor Kangxi was a person, be without scruple the grace ,his subjects only he can play can scold ,today received and rolling on the ground ,which ,she half backward towards Kangxi ,one is to the northwest of the war, two is for the grandson Shu Xuan imperial try .
Li Dequan whispered a few words of command ,Li Dequan brought in and go, Kangxi dragon lying bed ,some scholar ,draft ,the roll aunt involvement ,Kangxi didn where to go will be partial to .
Kangxi did not want to in the book Shu Yao Xuan against rolling aunt meaning ,but as the champion of the Han Xuan ,be convinced ?Shu Yao ,she was doomed to bolt married Prince imperial clan clan ,who were in better than his son ?Kangxi in addition to the emperor ,or a father, he thinks his son the best ,and Yin ,he also had ,for four elder brother Yin ,Kangxi expect him to help him stop Zhiyuan ,Yin Shu Yao ,with eight consistency, Fukuzawa Oshi ,Kangxi had to take seriously, the most important point ,Yin may close to Shu yao .
Yin said is recovered from his illness ,but the emperor Kangxi did not rest assured ,if he will refer to married when Yin ,and fainted ,strange things does not live ,Kangxi only saw the Yin ,close to Shu Yao Shu Yao ,expect will refer to married to him, four son won attack ,such as women close, Kangxi thinking about even Yin ,not hurt the important essentials of some small problems, will soon heal ,Kangxi turns up ,with the hearts of decision ,and ground roll ,to wait ,let Yin to serve her ,first to leave a good impression ,when Kangxi or opening .
Not Kangxi the emperor when a wimp ,accommodation and ground roll Dai ,Kangxi forgot in his smallpox ,only to roll her aunt to accompany him, comfort him ,tell him to go on ,life is on the line ,always remember to have one person .
Ground roll ,not only protects when Kangxi was young ,had also the mother of Kangxi Shu Fei Tong Jia havoc in hospital too ,accused the doctor of Tong Jia half-hearted ,young Kangxi is not a way to protect the mother .
Imperial concubine then because of Dong E physical ailments ,the Shunzhi emperor called the first subset of Dong E the little brother was very ill ,the imperial doctor are concentrated in the imperial concubine palace ,who also consider on Tong Jia clan ,a point Kangxi always remember .
The bearing the Shunzhi emperor Dong E all the favor of Royal son died, imperial concubine ,want to had smallpox on Kangxi mother ,Tong Jia no way to save his son ,holding the young Kangxi crying in your sleep emperor Kangxi frowned, dream of returning to the past, hand her aunt is rolled on , don ,who also can not be separated from your mother ,mother is not the most painful things, I can take you to your majesty.
Kangxi wife entered the emperor with rolling royal palaces, seeing just holding the imperial concubine of emperor Armagh was a little awkward Northface Men's Gore Tex Jackets, loosen the imperial concubine Dai Dong E , roll ,why would you ?With Hyun-yeop ? Fulin ,do you remember Hyun-yeop is your son ?When Regent just leave you with the aunt ,the pain you are not the most should know .
Did you say anything? Will not let any biological mother-child separation ,what are you going to the three brother to a widow remarriage person ,you forget the oath ? Imperial concubine they cry ,with he wronged the emperor concubine ,said before the emperor ,his concubine roll left hand Kangxi ,right hand raised the whip ,pumping in the imperial concubine body, imperial concubine cried even more fierce ,Dai Shunzhi roll at says hit her ,you to do? I just cannot see her tearful Mei aggrieved look .
In the inability of the said I will not roll Dai, Hyun-yeop down in her name. you have a little conscience . Roll release Kangxi hand ,into the Shunzhi ,Kangxi looked at the Armagh and roll aunt is close by ,I roll Dai aunt said what, in the eyes of her intense darkness without light ,rolling down back ,grabbed Kangxi ,leaving the imperial concubine palace ,before going back to see Kangxi ,misty forward emperor Armagh had wronged imperial concubine, was Emperor Armagh fan slap you kindly inform lose you ,making a parade ,with the empress dowager North Face Women's GTX Sale, she can give you want .
Roll the Dai to Kangxi will be sent to free side ,then moved out of the palace ,the imperial concubine after death ,Hwanga Ma also died ,roll under the Daisheng Zhiyuan ,asks to marry in Mongolia ,it was already emperor Kangxi only cruel let roll comrades far mother-child respectively ,will remain in the Ducal Palace for emperor Kangxi Nan Ning , roll .
Aunt ,I am sorry for you , long live roller aunt ,grandfather ,long live . The emperor Kangxi I hear ,slow for a while to distinguish realistic dream ,no dream for a long time past ,Kangxi thought that he forgot ,but in my heart buried deeper , when ? Long live ,back ,Yin Shi three moment .
Kangxi got up ,dressed, or a palace of Heavenly Purity ,today is in the mountain ,on call long live ,Kangxi sat on the throne ,Danbi placed on the crane ,Prince Yin ,a bright yellow embroidered robe ,standing beside Kangxi .
Kangxi touched down red coral beads, gaze in Zhiyuan body, loudly : Shu Mulu zhiyuan . Lackey in . Far out ,Emperor Kangxi then said: Shu Mulu Zhiyuan scrupulously and respectfully ,I promote you to libushangshu ,sealed in the .
Xie Lord lunn . Zhiyuan kowtow ,the officials to Zhiyuan become libushangshu is not accidental ,Li Zhiyuan speaks well, in addition to other officials look to Li Li Bu colleagues a bit more sympathy ,his servants in Zhiyuan Burongyia ,colleagues take care .
Li is a hill without sad ,to meet many miserable with their eyes ,should take care of you .Shu Mulu Zhi Yuan was strict ,but not be beneath the human character ,also won covet his credit, as long as the performance is good, not anxious does not have a chance of promotion ,Li is formerly, the Hanlin academy ,but has been Mulu Zhi Yuan in ,then water can make lively ,can not only be a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment in the hands of Zhi Yuan ,not less than six of the Department of the most popular book of the Ministry of .
Prince Beller who had seen the imperial clan ,the clasps your gathered in a department? Who have seen prince who can be clogged to say a word ?But can not ,only Shu Mulu zhiyuan .Zhi Yuan just stood up ,the emperor Kangxi said: I have received two days before the brave Duke JHA of folds ,because he has no legitimate son ,the eldest son of death ,urge me to choose one of the Ducal Palace of his heir .
I see the JHA three sons ,only two children for having good faith, virtue and patriotism ,a female patron very filial ,I point to the Ducal Palace Mulu Zhiyuan Shu Zhong heir . Long live libushangshu Zhiyuan worthy ,but loyal dukedom ,Zhiyuan never thought ,to kneel down : I have been for his legitimate son kept in Armagh kindly inform me, minions of Beijing for more than ten years, never in Armagh kindly inform and filial piety North Face Women's Denali Sale,his guilt ,dare to heir ? Shu Mulu Zhicheng can not play certain Duke, more do not have Shu Mulu family ,your old progenitors have in outside Shanghaiguan is Taizong Emperor Ming Chen ,Li has big power ,I am looking forward to the Ducal Palace and sage Shu Mulu ,was a door, you can ,wisdom in Zhicheng ,science we should inherit the title ,adhering to the teachings to ,as I do ,you don to humility, loyalty and the Palazzo Shu Mulu Zhiyuan heir .
Thank the Lord lunn . Zhiyuan only bese emperor Kangxi grace ,standing on the grand son intermediate Yin ,lowered her eyes ,blocking the fundus passed joy ,Zhiyuan was heir would inherit the Ducal Palace ,super grade Duke peerage ,she is not the woman does not match .
First ,Prince with whom? And soon began to roll wife ,libushangshu Zhiyuan ,four elder brother Yin . Lackey in . Erchen in . Kangxi saw before and after the kneeling Zhi Yuan and Yin ,the corners of the mouth hook laugh ,hands on knees ,from look on the face ,very serious ,very father-in-law and son-in-law of fate michael kors sale, roll the Dai aunt not only helped Kangxi ,she is one of Mongolia distinguished princess ,is right the biggest tribal chief ,Kangxi difficult to treat Zhi Yuan as ordinary men ,they are related by blood ,if he agreed to roll the Dai ,Zhi Yuan hostage in the capital, he is now the prince of Mongolia .
I sent you two people accompanied by rolling ,and wife ,she must not neglect to . Lackey ( Erchen Zunzhi ) . PS pink 120 and more recently ,the meeting of wind and clouds ,two war officially started ,who wins ?In Kangxi love is doomed .
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