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little is known about Chen Jin in bad boys issue ,and universal pictures have a gambling on the agreement ,is the wireless high too, but the Ju manager is happened to know ,because his brother-in-law is the global record man ,but Chen Guobao trust .
( full text download free ) from now, this week overseas box office statistics also difference two days ,however ,Chen Guobao is already known ,this week has close to thirty million ,although there is no better than last week ,however ,this number is sufficient to allow the bad boys of the total box office reached more than one hundred and twenty million U.
S. dollars ,which represents what it means ,that is to represent the universal pictures only get forty percent of the issue .This is just a little ten percent ,change into Hong Kong dollars that was over one hundred million, now universal pictures people regret to seek a piece of bean curd .
From Chen Jin debut until now ,he can say without fail, do things like planned like, a step ahead ,steady ,but achievement strikings ,people have to exclaim .Chen Guobao and Ju manager brother-in-law said ,the people ,the only thing to do is to keep him ,on his way ,and not that popular hot drink ,it is very good, but if you do it ,it would have to be careful to lose even underpants are not .
Ju manager is human ,he is very clear now Chen Jin energy ,TV revenues ,bluntly, see is popular and the plot ,the film plot of what is not said ,the Ju managers eyes, can be said that most of the top ;and popularity ,Chen Jin popularity ,he what have, take manager is clear .
Not to mention two hundred million ,Ju manager heart muttered to cruel fishing three hundred million try ,then as long as the Chen Jin signs lights out ,then the film show we see ,those advertisers may also be paid ,for advertising ,so good ,how can you not put more ads ,radio who is ,but that the Hong Kong television boss, love how to play on how to play .
Ju manager clearly ,NHK Japan ,South Korea and Taiwan in the MBC and do not understand how ,Chen Jinke is not the king Hongkong ,now is two eight by the Asian king ,this point ,no matter who have no objection ,the tune was born villain ,intentionally so in exchange for the public attention .
NHK is Japan boss, consider also a bit less ,MBC and CTV but want to rely on this super idol drama love to and the Republic of Korea and Taiwan television boss pull the wrist, attract more viewers ,however ,they know better ,if they can them high ,the priority is not ,then ,lost that more than just a little bit .
Moreover ,wireless the whistle blower has first defected ,their hands chips have no too much, as the capital minimum ,the final struggle begins with them , King less, set of one million five hundred thousand one really is too high ,we are old acquaintances ,nor do I deny you now in popularity and are worth rose, but it is also good ,you look so good, price ,one million .
MBC immediately said: the price is a bit high, but with the king value was almost match ,in order to better the future of cooperation, we are willing to accept this price . Chen Jin NHK ranging President Tsukamoto talking, waved , ladies and gentlemen, may I say a word ,I do not care too much about the money, however ,this drama has been seriously underestimated the value you ,it makes me very uncomfortable .
You have a look at that point ,it includes a memorable first love ,student life ,and the most beautiful friendship, affection ,they are so excellent fit together ;and then have a look those beautiful pictures ,those beautiful fashion apparel ,to tell the truth ,I think it than many of the film is excellent ,in time, it will form a fashion .
I know you than I am sure know how to publicity and marketing of the drama ,the hype to known ,and it also give you such a condition ,so ,why don able to get more of it ,even if it is a television station in your area has the chance so and here ,and I argue that petty profits ,might as well go back to the old slaughter sheep .
NHK Tsukamoto and like everyone in the music ,slaughtered sheep such things ,their veteran and did not know ,and it fully prepared, more than two months before Chen Jin took the wonderful to be to say to their promotional video ,however ,Tsukamoto was rushed Chen Jin suddenly said , one million two hundred thousand ,I think the price is king mulberry should be satisfied .
Chen Jin was a fierce jumped two ,thought this guy will read the heart of it ,before he and Chen Zichen talk about the bottom line price can not be one million two hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars a set ,but Chen Jin now is a fine ,laughed gently, is not what he thinks, Tsukamoto Jun ,NHK and I work very well ,normally ,I should concession ,however, I was again, this film was my most satisfied works ,to tell the truth ,is a set of two million one I feel not very expensive .
That if a guy ,that Chen Jin is still in the price oneself out of the market ,even the two million one set and mean to threaten ,however ,Tsukamoto and others is an old fox ,hearing the word ,that Chen Jin is loose ,and before the surrender and manager is not much .
Then ,Tsukamoto also laughed ,take one look at Chen Jin North Face Women's Denali Jackets Sale,want to see something ,but Chen Jintai in the heart of seasoned ,sighed ,active said: King mulberry you say you feel satisfied with the price .
Active open cards has lost a step ,Chen Jin can not say price ,let them slowly to surrender, but he did not want to get too greedy, consistently good cooperation is the best ,shrugged ,most do not want, OK ,HK $one million four hundred thousand ,this is my limit .
He said that out of line that is not the bottom ,with manager which then cut a knife , in one million three hundred thousand ,I think the price is reasonable . Reasonable nor myself out, everyone looked at Chen Jin ,Mr.
Chen Jinpie ,was quickly calculated, OK North Face Women's Boots,sixteen sets of a total of twenty-two million ,I think we don argue . Unfortunately ,Tsukamoto immediately added, Twenty-one million ,everyone to drink a cup of wine to celebrate .
It is not out ,Chen Zichen has called Zhang Weixiong the champagne open .The very next day at seven pm ,Hongkong this year last Music Awards - Hongkong top ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards the concert will be in one hour after the start ,Chen Jinhe Chen Zichen drove to the scene ,Chen Zichen still intends to from the back of the guest channel to go ,but ,this time ,Chen Jin was holding her hand ,demanding she followed with the red carpet .
Concert Awards Red Carpet ,and did not specify what, of course ,exclusion is not allowed, for example Zhang Weixiong admire ,but he was not to the above together, and Chen Zichen is not the same, but her record company boss ,the boss is Jin Chen group .
Chen Zichen knew Chen Jin ,it is not the boss ,but his wife ,joy ,but saw her clothes at a glance ,pie piezui, beat Chen gold , and don ,you want me to make a fool of oneself . She wears is occupation black ol ,outside a windbreaker is also black ,have a look on the red carpet of those who wear the scarlet woman ,she is really some not suitable .
Chen Jin removed her glasses ,conveniently unlock her hair ,casual in the back of the head with a bun ,looks very interesting wild and sexy fan ,only patted her face , well, that you do not lose face ,this is the latest ol style ,besides ,everybody knows that you are my it is humiliating Nike Air Max Classic BW Shoes Sale,also lost my face .
Chen Zichen Johnson grunted air max 90,was about to hit him ,but Chen Jin had already opened the door ,took the lead in stepped down, and then to her very gentleman hand ,Chen Zichen this time also had generous took his hand ,very elegant under the car .
Chen Jin is also a black leisure suit ,but did not wear the coat ,Chen Zichen so his arm forward, never out of tune ,at least ,not ugly ,moreover ,it was her uncommon did not wear glasses, no hair ,the experience of wind and rain ,mature woman gorgeous style dazzling bar person, it is the devil figure to coat hid .
They are the first such riding but gets up and down the red carpet ,where entertainment reporters are still consider on their clothes less formal ,just can come ,but repeatedly shouted: King less, morning girl ,look here .
Thinking of taking two groups .To the middle, Ke where they were there ,this bitch I le , and morning girl really went to see Chen Tai ,the style ,was the best . Chen Zichen likes to hear is not what Princess kind of flattery ,but Chen Tai this very simple call ,Ke who obviously know this, see Chen Zichen exposed happy smile ,quickly said: can not draw near ,on ,all the old couple ,no need to do so subtle ! Chen Jin is holding a bitch can ,however ,today he is not intended to undemonstrative ,simply wrapped around Chen Zichen ,in her face powder pan color when, grinning and leaned on her face ,then the Ke who said: you are satisfied ? Ke who nodded, however in the mouth, will not stop , and to get closer to you ,you are the man should North Face Backpacks Sale,King less generous, I think you should take the initiative to Chen about to be kissed ! Chen Jin could not help laughing ,Ke van is thick with a face ,asked: King less, today with Chen too high-key appear ,is it right? It has settled ,what time, I will be very cruel send a gift .
You help me to persuade Chen too marry me ,I will tell you what, Chen Jinxiao happily received a sentence ,let Chen Zichen give pinched , but ,I don where Chen Tai is, smiled and one look at Chen Zichen , if you mean she ,I do like to ,but she is my boss .
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