Campanula crack under two jade dew

October 07 [Sun], 2012, 12:59
739th chapter firepower ,sophisticated equipment ,will house Mu which turned into a pure iron and steel barriers ,North Face Backpacks Sale,impact to the Mu house wall have been shot and back .WwW .QuAnBeN .Look down from a height cOm of blood ,it is to look out for another three or more directions ,just less than half a minute of time ,at least two people allegedly thrown outside the wall, the severity of the wounded nearly 1000 ,gradually contracted brow .
But a court here ,although wounded equally severe attrition ,but rarely the case ... ... Because people here are from some equipment more sophisticated master shield mounted onto the wall ,cheat a wheel or wheel attack immediately after the turn ,not stagnation .
Is subjected to fire is same ,but the greatest degree of security personnel ,back to back with Yao a coated ,meditation time to recover ! This woman ,no troops ability ,so die down ,will abolish the Lingxiao palace .
.. ... Frowning ,blood turned ,on the next person whispered instructions : to individuals who remind Lingxiao palace ... ... Although the peak house is a hall of the competitors ,but at present the biggest enemy is mu house of blood ,have to consider both the strength of the joint can completely destroy Mu house which .
But now LingXiao palace casualties is too big ,but the woman did not notice .Soon ,people with blood from the LingXiao palace to camp !Then, the peak house there as one falls continuously a few instructions ,offensive with a meal ,then appeared the small changes .
... ... Qinqing change instruction, immediately aware of their morale slightly back ,sacrificial sag ,immediately in the hall for a camp there. Look ,look very complicated . Not good !Lord ! Mu house which outside, suddenly heard the wafting out a strident voice to kill Ge ,ups and downs ,in an unbroken line ,Mu house within the arrow rain suddenly was stimulated ,and violent many .
In the rush to the wall of a group of people together ,like ,slow ... ... Puff !Pupu !!* * were pierced voice can be heard ,all the way .Watching the arrow Yuzha into the tower palace ,appear for a student body ,momentary retardation ,body is inserted full arrows ,North Face Gore Tex Jackets!Splash !The high walls, a man was shot ,hit back the crowd offensive suddenly a hysteresis .
Just a moment of time, a large number of well-equipped directly be laid in the walls ,this round of attacks ,the two gang damage directly more than the sum of the previous !Seeing this, the other side of the pants to be overcome by one gasped :nice deep calculation .
When they are sent the most elite master to catch fire when it suddenly started - Harp ,be an easy job to eat away at a group of elite .Mu house which commanders ,not simple ! silver fox .
.. ... Blood of the heart suddenly felt an intense pain ,deep voice to drink : this matter should not be delayed !Immediately to the Mu house exterior demolition ! Nearby for disciple neat show true color .
The peripheral wall which was not an ordinary housing ,is made of special materials ,carefully constructed ,even without the master environment ,also need to go to all lengths to cause damage .
But ,once the breach ,wall .Generally first time into the enemy ,this is mortal task -- and attack the house Mu is not a long time ,the shogunate strength is well preserved, and it launched the most dangerous tactics ,the risk is high .
But the owner ... ... One thing I know the owner . Not polite to interrupt others write the words : which are capable of directing Mu house ,now don transform our tactics ,the loss will be more and more, at that time thinking about that ,I have no chance and strength .
Write on house Mu strength had some fear .The LingXiao palace although to turn out in full strength ,but a court to master only one of him ,in the northern Zongtan Mengyun welcome back famine killed, vigilance for government response .
And Yangzhou city is brought together many leading Mu house master !LingXiao palace ,a court should eliminate the possibility of itself which is only 50% ,even with the LingXiao palace of Longmen master ,only 70% success rate .
Let Mu house kill elite forces, delay time ,once for government to make more reaction ,a hall and tower house will become more and more low success rate .They can all hope is in a group of uncertain foreign master ! Immediately contact the Qinqing !Tell her !Do not want to fail on the verge of success of this action ,with full force ,done in one vigorous effort into which ,disperse Mu house group .
.. ... The pants,Northface Boots Sale, resolute and decisive to say: the company will dispatch assassins ,forcibly impact Mu house exterior ! Is ! Promise of people from the crowd jumping ,toward the tower palace there off .
... ... Mu house divided the altar, the silver fox people stand in which the highest building ,look down from a height ,dare not have any slack staring at the wall top two gang master punching power, as well as two groups of people changes situation .
Fortunately, silver fox eldest brother timely recall brothers ,Paibingbuzhen ,otherwise ,to fend off a hall and tower palace offensive ,perhaps very difficult ,hey ,it bloody clothes and Qinqing these headaches .
The silver fox ,actually is who received the dove chuanshu . Happy. Silver fox standing height, see two gangs threw down a group of elite style was significantly depressed after many ,cold face bloom silk soft, look to the press organ does not send Campanula Campanula, I : the two party who won give up easily ,be also to trouble you .
The silver fox eldest brother despite the command is . Campanula crack under two jade dew ,Air Max 2011 Shoes,wore a smile .Although one-time effects of so many people at the operation of some difficulties ,but as long as the duration is too long ,she can still do a do .
Ha ha ,a silver fox eldest brother and the combination of Campanula ,LingXiao palace ,a court can come in way ,estimates do not need our hand . Small North sound .The silver fox is shook his head : happy now is too early .
To be happy long ranked as the number one enemy ,and therefore also raced here, he can not think that a court will be so simple combination .The voice just fell ,a court there suddenly have some vision !More than 100 people have great physical strength and courage ,rushed to the wall ,but were stopped at the wall, did not choose to jump the wall .
.. ... A group of people quietly hidden in the wall behind . ... ... Silver fox immediately alert over, frown of one step forward ,active from the universal bag out a foot with a high bow ,staring at the wall behind the shadows ,look down from a height ,slowly pulled a glowing metal light special arrows .
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