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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title Northface Gore Tex Sale, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter 505th grandchildren ,to give grandpa a ring head !In the hall ,but Chen Fan doesn stop there about 10 minutes to the ,began to slowly rubbing rotation to withdraw money, and then the needle to pull out ,and immediately two pointing in the old man shoulder Vera den ,slowly rubbing for some time ,then slowly withdrew his hand .
Uncle ,your right shoulder wind impediments .I have given you healed ,you now try to see also shoulder pain . Chen said ,wiping out all needles then back left wrist .The old man gave Chen Fan a look ,with doubts and excited mood ,began to slowly shook his arm ,found in arm is never easy ,face by a surprised look and shook his arm ,happy cried: no pain ,really without pain, boy you really is God says one needle of a needle, it is amazing .
They heard the sound of a man ,can not open eyes looked at the still shake his arm of the old man ,and not by the eyes to Chen Fan .Feng Xue is also very not believe ,but the old man like this situation there was wind impediments to the disease, present a pair of eyes by focusing on Chen Fan .
Uncle ,is really not pain or no pain syndrome ? Liang Qingshan was not asked by careful . What man ,you are older than I am, you look at me like this now seems to lie ? The old man said ,and forcibly dumped down arm ,said he had just said is true .
The man that we can do for you a check ? Wang Lin is very polite and asked . How come you don believe me, I mean what one says old week ,say no pain is not pain, do not believe, you can check out the .
The old man some dissatisfaction with the cry, then sit back on the chair to Chen Fan smiled and said : young man ,you are really I seen such skill of Chinese medicine which best ,a needle can cure me this old man disease ,thank you .
Man ,you are welcome ,if you later this arm and a little bit of pain ,you straight to me . Chen who smiled and said . Rest assured ,yesterday is an honest man ,never say never lie .
The old man nodded and said .While in the two dialogue when, on the traditional Chinese medicine is to keep the old man put a vein ,and check the arm, but gave no trouble found ,one is called magic word .
Funny, how do you do it, this turtle probing the cave ancient acupuncture although powerful, but not the acupoint cooperate to fall, want to cure this wandering arthritis patients, all I feel ashamed of one .
Liang Qingshan was asked to . beams of the old you . Chen Fanqian virtual speaking of a sound ,then immediately will look now looks very ugly Liu Minghai shouted : Liu old ,you come here to have a look this uncle is it right? I will cure him ,don you lie .
When the people heard this ,Chen Fan immediately know how this is also not let go of Liu Minghai ,or will not be in such a tone followed Liu Minghai .Liu Minghai looked ugly came, just so many Chinese people have for the old man checked, and the old man that can easily activity arm has shown his wandering arthritis patients have really was Chen Fan for a cure ,he originally wanted to deny ,but Chen Fan just directly will be his way to shut off ,he is totally have no way to deny .
Liu ,this time you but lost again ,even we are some be sincerely convinced ,I want to make it the identity of their elders ,should not deny . Qian Zhongxiang smiled and touched his beard and said .
Humph Liu Minghai not be cold drink a sound one look at Qian Zhongxiang ,he knows that Qian Zhongxiang this time completely to Chen Fanna waiting to see him make a fool of yourself, this is normal .
They heard Qian Zhongxiang could say such things ,it even a little bit of posterior will not give Liu Minghai leave ?And they have never heard of Qian Zhongxiang to the people so vast ,it is with his original identity of some disagreement .
Old money ,you don let Laoliu knelt in front them shout Xiao-fan, Grandpa ? Liang Qingshan whispered in Qian Zhongxiang asked ,Frank said he didn think of things development at this stage, the test of medicine ,don like this .
This question you ask them . Qian Zhongxiang smiled and shook his head ,then talking eyes on Chen Fan and the Liu Minghai two people .Liang Qingshan saw it ,had to walk the trail : funny, I think this is even now ,we just have learned ,they don like this ,all right? Chen fan wait for no man to do answer ,cold drink immediately sound ,staring at the sea :Liu Ming has come to accept ,now I just lucky to win ,if now I lose the words, which Liu Minghai will leave me alone ? Funny how you talk so I ,not necessary for such a small thing hurt and .
Wang Lin is the last safety when said quickly . I said not to do so ,the world that has such a good thing ,I do not care to win, you just said, if I lose ? Chen Fan gave Wang Lin a cold eye ,straight to Wang Lin is watching heart hair virtual .
Death is my disciple ,but what he said was also very reasonable, accept it ,and no one was called Liu must accept ,but since accepted will bear the consequences Northface Women's Down Sale,or are now field numerous junior joke .
Money Zhongxiang is also stand out .Chen Feng suddenly stood out, with a smile on his face looked at Chen Fan and Liu Minghai ,said: although I am only a junior, but I support money old saying ,although we do these children to honour the teacher and respect his teaching ,also need to respect elders Northface Denali Hoodie,but the tables and son, had just said it lost the the reason? Although Chen Fan did not know why Chen Feng to help themselves, but to Chen Feng nodded to show their gratitude ,then looked up at Liu Minghai face with a smile said: I think Liu old should be a person who keeps his promises ,the lost word that he will do .
Liu Minghai hadn ,just listening to Chen Fan and others in saying what he didn ,and every time it is directly pushed him to the edge of the cliff ,so that he had no chance to look back ,only close my eyes and wait to jump, a be smashed to pieces .
It is a little room to leave ? Liu Minghai looked at Chen Fan spit road teeth UGG Langley Outlet. Oh ,I am never to be aggressive ,as you ,but I never thought . Chen Fan face with a smile and said .
,a reserve good meet, is that you never heard of ? Liu Minghai clenched his fists spit road . Listening is heard . Chen Fan nodded ,observing Liu Ming seaway : but I thought I told you no good see .
Liu Minghai saw his humble talking to Chen Fan, but he was the very word with thorns ,mocking tone made Liu Minghai feel angry . Liu old ,you are older ,you don as elders so no credit ? Chen Fan kept the stimulation with Liu Minghai ,he is to let Liu Minghai feel good ,he instructs people to go forest of revenge .
Liu old never really don call credit ? If that is the case, I see this old name is Liu hearsay and . Anyway ,as elders, for example, or credit ,or after this also can see ah .
If I knelt down ,this is not one of the old after liu . ... ... Two people conversation is caused by tumultuous debate, of course also has support for Liu Minghai back ,but if back words ,Liu Minghai after this there was no face ,but he is really down called grandpa Chen Fan ,he also has to face ,but at least credit this stuff is to keep the .
Listen to the station that have arguments ,Liu Minghai now even want to have a heart ,if not by Qian Zhongxiang under set, he also won look inside drill ,but still before drilling the cul-de-sac, whether he is not back ,he the man is lost .
With this in mind, Liu Minghai eyes become some cold ,cold: boy ,you remember said today . that to waste so much you kneel kneeling ,or not ?Directly to the word Chen Fan said coldly .
,you have a couple I today is planted in your hands Liu Minghai spit road gnash the teeth in anger .s good Chen fan to Liu Minghai this, reach out and took the side of the chair ,direct sat down ,pointing to Liu Minghai loudly exclaimed : son ,come and give grandpa a ring head .
said Chen Fan didn mic ,but Chen Fan was intentionally transported onwards in vivo raw angry shouting out, let whole conference hall of the people is heard be crystal clear .When Liu Minghai saw Chen Fan in this position, the entire face would turn green ,eyes with an evil eye ,staring at chen fan ,acted as if it is going to Chen Fan to live to eat raw spit .
Chen Fan has made up his mind ,even if it is the whole of Liu of offend he never let go of Liu Minghai ,so he was never going to put Liu Minghai off . Funny, I look as good as well .
Qian Zhongxiang is also a bit guilty ,after all, both he and Liu Minghai met for so many years ,now want to look a fool of him was still a bit guilty . Not even if they have not Liu asked me ,I would not let him off Chen Fan cold when it comes to a sound ,then at once by Liu Minghai shouted : son ,give grandpa a ring head .
Chen Fan the shout ,let off stage all ten complex mood is at chen fan ,now Chen Fan can say mad ,the Liu Minghai not to not forgive completely is to be on the offending through liu North Face Denali Hoodie.
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