secretly feeling once paradise in hell

October 07 [Sun], 2012, 15:30
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe thirty-third chapter detonation bird -- Dynasty entertainment city two now have no feeling of luxury, open rest area on both sides of wall standing in two rows of lady, this time is low head hold one ,lost her enchanting radiance .
See a face desperate Li Lihao was brought to the handcuffs ,lock in the corner of a not too high heating pipe ,only your buttocks to stand by ,Chen Hongtao secretly feeling once paradise in hell !Not long ago, as the dynasty Entertainment City boss Li Lihao also successful horse ,but that this instant Kung Fu ,had been reduced to a prisoner .
Li Lihao looked up buttocks was single bend lock stance ,even where Hao Ran a few people follow some uncomfortable . ! Not to Chen Hongtao a few people speak ,a powerful figure like Li Lihao rush ,a muffled boom, Li Lihao shackled in the corner of the walls are down ,just like to be collapsed .
Ah ... ... In a lot of people still did not react when, Li Lihao followed the whine had sounded . Give me good, don will call you . Teenage girl saying unkind things sound ,let Dynasty entertainment city two of all the men of cold .
Despite the girl rushed Li Lihao action is very fast Northface Kids Northface Jackets Sale,but there are still many people see what just happened .A large foot ,or with the run-up !If the kick was kicked in the stomach than that, but when the wrong is not just flying kick on Li Lihao crotch .
Li Lihao saw a purple face down on the ground the pain cry .,Chen Hongtao knew Li Lihao hit is how heavy !Get back to where Hao Ran is more of a trembling hands toward his crotch ,under a cover is completely out of consciousness ,in your body ,stunned me heart fear !Although Chen Hongtao knew the girl was not in a good mood ,some violent temper ,but did not expect the violence to such a degree .
Li Lihao was big foot burst bird ,though not intimidate Chen Hongtao ,but he still had half a minute of silence Li Lihao .The entertainment city two people, only can withstand such a shock ,is drunk with Su Mengling .
Face red attack Su Mengling ,hold the arm of Chen Hongtao Li Lihao fell to the ground ,looking at the beautiful eyes of pain cry ,smile is full of gas ,that has a violent female party Meiru ,is a feeling of worship ,as is the mother tyrannosaur for the majority of world female compatriots a Wuqi out .
Carefree . !The kick if you fly on the wall ,I had to put a wall kick collapsed ! Return to God cloud Jianyao lowly to strike terror into the heart of several of Chen Hongtao humanism .
Is he still alive ? He Haoran could not bear to look at the sight of Li Lihao ,it is not the face of the party Meiru eyes ,fear once being stared at ,will become a female Tyrannosaurus a mutilating target .
Call me small audiences after it ! Cao bottles at the back of the entertainment city before Northface 3 In 1 Sale, also on Chen Hongtao for the female Interpol jugs title not take it seriously ,this moment ,Cao Xiaorong found Chen Hongtao on the violence of a female police describe ,it is so aptly !s cool to metamorphosis metamorphosis ,the more the more lovely ! This is the other beauty Su Mengling Ru evaluation ,the two show held in front of the chest ,eyes and flip-flop Yingying flood light ,also do not know to be drunk or worship .
Hear the whisper words four at the same time, Chen Hongtao has the slight twitch ,lips but with lower voice exclaimed : poor a man being burst bird ,the rest of health is not found ! Chen Hongtao a few people is minimal ,and Li Lihao butcher generally miserable howl ,who did not hear Chen Hongtao several people whispering .
See Chen Hongtao a few people an astonished look ,Party Meiru heart no history of a comfortable ,grabbed Li Lihao by the hair ,regardless of his life ,will face a few people at Chen Hongtao : know some of them ? When Li Lihao skeleton has been see Khan Michael Kors Jet Set Outlet Sale,apparently suffered the pain unbearable ,if possible ,he hope to fainting ,at least in the mad woman hands less destruction .
Li Lihao never thought ,he leaned on the working woman started, however to finally folded in a woman . I am asking you recognize them? Fang Meiru show he ,like Li Lihao can her a satisfactory answer ,she did not care to hand this animals lesson .
Know North Face Gore Tex Sale,they were here before and had a drink ,that ... ... Li Lihao breathing hard, tough opening a channel . Brother ,will shape !Confidence in rebuilding it, your woman will be taken care of .
He Haoran gave Li Lihao a sigh look, but the hearts filthy thoughts ,but did not show the slightest . is a drink that simple ? Fang Meiru grabbed Li Lihao hair show hand increased strength ,seems to want Li Lihao to lift .
is drinking wine ,no other . Li Lihao firm enough ,all the things back in his body .Not to be Fang Meiru Li Lihao over ,Chen Hongtao is an innocent smile : just had a drink ,don play so big !You this is pulled ,it is burst bird ,had to confess to false charges under torture as well? If things going up ,I hard like now so down !Although just a suggestion ,but I think you still sent him to the hospital is comparatively good ! For Li Lihao to take everything on Chen Hongtao down ,several people without any care ,don say a few people nothing substantive handle in the hands of Li Lihao, even though he bites ,also can only die faster .
Believe it. Li Lihao himself is very clear ,so all things carried down ,so to say no and so little chance to make the dead come back to life .Hold oneself guests early ,then have let police installed a liberation ,can stay in this entertainment city two layer ,are closed to put people ,not say that standing against the wall two rows of beauty ,is alone was pulled up at night .
When so many people face mocked by Chen Hongtao ,the violent female cop ,has pale bluish ,if Li Lihao is not a dead past appearance, not say will be her two blow out . Captain .
.. ... With Chen Hongtao a few people upstairs ,age older high cops ,watching Li Lihao pain distorted face with a purple eggplant like, not by some worry to girls remind out loud ,for fear of the event .
Don let us go ,I call, then let you get more than one bargained for . He Haoran ceased to feel alarmed wretched face ,face a lot of solemn solemn .Prior to that ,in the presence of all who did not think what Hao Ran the obscene goods, was able to bring so much pressure .
No one here to arrest ?And do not say to your guns abuse ,violence and law enforcement is wounded suspect in this article ,is enough to put your dress stripped ,and can not leave easy trouble, do not want to become prisoners of the words ,you are sane some well .
Chen Hongtao smiled and looked at Fang Meiru as in kinky means her clothes off light figure .Feel the threat from Chen Hongtao et al ,pressure ,Fang Meiru not be feeling ,if you can, she even hates not to shoot BAM Chen Hongtao fellows .
When the domestic judicial system is not very sound ,national nor the advanced consciousness ,dare to use the law to safeguard their rights and interests .At this time, the public security department received complaints ,is almost equal to zero ,but there was no network news speculation ,nothing can take out take articles .
If this time into the station can also be seen , frank ,resist strict eight characters .In the law enforcement environment, how to behave in a vicious and unrestrained way criminals ,eventually had to bow to plead guilty ,even if is a dragon in the Public Security Bureau ,it from the layer of skin !See Li Lihao before dig a buttocks ,extremely uncomfortable being handcuffed in the low heating pipe ,can see clue .
Don he sufferred big foot burst bird ,is locked to squat ,allow to sit up ,that night ,also enough lets Li Lihao legs tremble ,and prostration .Now Chen Hongtao and others have seen, but one of the phenomenon of law enforcement .
Fang Meiru entered the police detachment of four years ,from a small criminal investigation team ,until captain Interpol the vice-office level cadre position, although there are a part of the family background ,but daring Ganpin ,who despised life style ,she was a meritorious promotion to road fast key .
The police detachment experienced all kinds of criminal cases she ,major cases has broken several pieces ,the judiciary is also gave some name ,got superior leadership affirmed .Despite feeling to Chen Hongtao a few people not little interest ,say definitely are not simple threat ,but the presence of so many people in the circumstances ,Party Meiru their pride ,but does not allow her to Chen Hongtao a few rich men bow .
On the party Meiru collection-eye beauty through aggressive Hanmang, stare at Chen Hongtao for a few occasion ,Chen Hongtao also carefully looked at the jugs general female police .
In 83 style olive green uniforms .Meiru ,dacron fabric jacket for small lapel ,single breasted ,followed by 72 type uniforms red collar ,front part two dark pockets ,cuffs are sewed with two yellow shoulder sleeve line ,with Yellow Trim shoulder pads .
Unlike most policewoman ,Fang Meiru did not wear skirts ,trousers legs are sewn on the red line ,wearing this uniform girl ,far look is a soldier ,a closer look is police ,plus the waist of the armed band ,not a 54-type pistol ,but let her have a valiant and heroic in bearing beauty .
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