closing abilities enchantment

November 19 [Mon], 2012, 18:26

Pu Zhengji the eyes only pink cup and a graceful Jiaoqu, climbing hands on bimodal stroked a time actually reluctant to tear off the cup. At this time, Puzheng Ji suddenly realized that behind the subtle sound of the wind coming from the heart of a cold, hastily dodged him four or five followers suddenly hit in fly out, sprayed in the air Xuewu, then fell flat on his fall, smashing to turn several machines. Linsi Yu, Yun Lei, cloud Rui suddenly appeared, Lin Siyu attack Puzheng Ji no success stroke, knife in hand, cut the tape, Jiang Xiaoyun with Xie Erna pull up from the lathe, the two women got up in the moment, cloth cutting machine sharp blade Shua bang fell down. Puzheng Ji, is standing at the switch in front, looking grim at Linsi Yu et al. Suddenly, four or five ten masked warrior appeared, surrounded by the crowd. Pu Zhengji crooked smile: know. There are four chick, Sorry, I only care about saving lives, forgot to bring something Do you want me to go back and get ah,? ​​, gave the son to take home slowly and enjoy! hey, as long as the things done, who can be a pro-China beauty Hozawa! Jiang Xiaoyun is Yunlei Tests showed he needed to see Lin Siyu is watching with concern, flew Lin Siyu arms crying: Xiaoyun well-behaved, do not cry, I'll give you vent! The glare Pu Zhengji. good,UGG Classic Tall Stripe Cheap, to stop sad, tonight, they do not have a get out of here alive,Canada Goose Camrose Parka! Puzheng Ji secretly bite, waving his hands together, and dozens of pieces the diamond dart issued Zhaoxiang Linsi Yu et al. Cloud Rui Jiao He heard: and despicable! Abilities enchantment instantly issued withstand dozens of pieces of diamond-shaped dart, and then a closing enchantment real dollars suddenly issued, the diamond-shaped dart fanzhen back. Pu Zhengji surprise, quickly grabbed the portable secretary in front of his. Those masked warrior waving a long knife, only to hear the voices of the jingle, diamond-shaped dart off the floor. Puzheng Ji closed the forehead in the secretary of the diamond-shaped dart player thrown aside staring cloud Rui: want to get involved, Lin Siyu stopped: close your eyes. and other people to attack. Yunlei alarmed release Jiang Xiaoyun, Bi Yang knife suddenly fired, golden glow from horizontal staggered offset the evil atmosphere. , Pu Zhengji face even becomes: No other hands, giggled cloud Rui Lin Siyu: my meniscus magic for a long time did not display its power, look at me! Mans to cyclotron flying, and Death Scythe such as throughput significantly. Just listen to the jingle sound mixed with the spate of screams, followed by the cutting knife residual arm off the floor. Puzheng Ji looked at more than 30 masked samurai rapid retreat, and looked at the ground and rolled over 20 people, and then take a look at the endless sneer cloud Rui, only to find that he was wrong to have some outrageous, how before this did not find that these people would be so powerful it? Some Puzheng Ji flustered, stable steady mind: It is not up to much, as long as the control of the the Linsi Yu, his Pu Zhengji it there Fanben the opportunity. brats! watching! the muscle, like the people out of the evil spirits from hell and butter, from Rakshasa sector ran out demons. Lin Siyu Lenghe soon, real dollars issued palms Looking two claws of the idea of ​​force gushing, fleeing into Pu Zhengji brain. Boom breeze everywhere, Lin Siyu stature to fly out, Pu Zhengji place not moving. Lin Siyu just one floor, only to feel sore, two real dollars actually no match for the Pu Zhengji pair of the claws! Lin Siyu wound rapidly gathering seems lax true, the body suddenly emerged in a familiar atmosphere, really start coming out, Lin Siyu not prepared, chest stuffy, almost fainted. Pu Zhengji has come Linsi Yu around, his hands once again caught out, Lin Siyu had by virtue of Teleport Dodge to Pu Zhengji behind him, took a deep breath, rapid interest rate adjustment. Systemic emerging real dollars seems to fusion and two real dollars together, as if the trickle flow through the body, Lin Siyu heart hi really can control the addition of a Hey, Pu Zhengji hell! On the moment turned in Pu Zhengji, Lin Siyu power of thought suddenly startled, the Pu Zhengji suddenly felt severe pain in the brain, and could not help but Shuangshoubaotou howling up. Lin Siyu continue to increase the power of thought, eating away the Pu Zhengji of consciousness a little bit, gradually, Pu Zhengji high uplift muscle atrophy, three or four seconds later, Pu Zhengji restore the original look, still his head Ganhao. Lin Siyu suddenly a received power of thought, while Pu Zhengji yet to recover, he went to Pu Zhengji front of real dollars throughout his fists, in Pu Zhengji abdomen severely hit twice, really fleeing Puzheng Ji lower abdomen, Zhensan Park real dollars Zhengji. Puzheng Ji emitting a blood roll in pain on the ground, his face has no human form: shaped inverted flight away suddenly stuck behind a long knife stabbed hit a masked warrior's arms, the right hand forefinger grip long knife, left elbow suddenly retreat, hit a broken a masked warrior's ribs. The masked warrior Daozhuang to go out, the long knives fall into Lin Siyu the hands. Lin Siyu hands hold a knife, and a touch of mournful smile hanging in the mouth: surface samurai, Lin Siyu move, stature, such as ghosts erratic, arbitrary wielding long knives, to the metamorphosis numerous knife shadow, sharp knife cut the skin suddenly sound harsh, it makes throbbing. China literary attainments Xie Erna, at this time, could not help but think of this story Paodingjieniu, Linsi Yu's every move is not that beautiful dance? The only difference is that Lin Siyu face is not a cow, but only 30 wolves. Xie Erna at this time there is no fear, only hatred, the Xie Erna recovered without ceasing shivering, If Linsi Yu trio arrived in time, what will be the fate of themselves and Jiang Xiaoyun? Lin! Kill them! With the Xie Erna's barking, a series howling constantly ringing, Lin Siyu sword standing and slowly turned around. On the ground, one with no hands and feet of the body, the live Canhao tumbling body, even more frightening is that these body, broken wrist, broken foot, who are all into a coke, in addition to the hands and feet cut off instant welled bloody no blood flow. Lin Siyu, in the hands and feet cut off masked warrior moment, the fire of the differences can subsequently be issued only help these masked warriors blood. Lin Siyu seemed like the feeling of a long knife across **, looked at the hands of the long knives, waving two looked Puzheng Ji went. Pu Zhengji stop the screams, but the general weakness, and the masked warrior looked at the ground, looked at Lin Siyu, do not understand Lin Siyu is how do but very clear Pu Zhengji, their fate will never be better than his men ! Mercy! Let me I will make every effort to return to you! Lin Siyu very sunny smile: you ...... . Puzheng Ji, Do forget in exchange for me, I beg you, let me ... Lin Siyu, raising his hand again and again to point out, I really yuan point along the the Pu Zhengji waist and thigh near acupuncture points, hey sneered, long knife strokes, cut the the Pu Zhengji cut off non-root mountain of minced meat. Pu Zhengji just felt lower body a cooler, and suddenly fear to the extreme, almost fainting may feel little pain, a little to relax a bit, looked down, only to find that the lower body, together with a crotch gone, suddenly the whole ignorant quite a while uttered a howl, and his hands do not live in the lower body fumble, but in addition to a gory, what also can not touch. Woman, after all,Jimmy Choo Starlit, a good heart, see Puzheng Ji residual phase, Jiang Xiaoyun, Xie Erna looked away and some can not bear. Yunlei pat Jiang Xiaoyun said: This is the best way. , a lot of people feel the outside, so closing abilities enchantment. Qin tsunami negotiate and police arrangements to Qin Haitao, arrived at the shop with their own Dong Chunsheng, Chen Ming Road. Looked Qin tsunami Lin Siyu said: sea ​​breeze the corpse. et al. Looked Jiang Xiaoyun Rochelle Naan good thing, Qin tsunami wiped the perspiration of the forehead: End of thing, I am not going to ask these two days you to Haitao told me to go to Korea trip Chunsheng, Ming, and you follow the go. a phone call,UGG Cayha, Puzheng Ji stopped still fumble the hand, pale: secret Linsi Yu would not know it! Lin Siyu chuckled: one died in front of your eyes, until the dead as a doornail; As for the woman, I will put them and you are sent to Thailand, you are not very color it? you do Shemale, dead eunuch! ha ha ha ha ...... He did not know whether provoke a kind of person, but he definitely can imagine what happened afterwards, their own family, the new generation of power of the holy family in Nanyang, has been just this China man given in the death list ... ... 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