he openly to Chen Xiao issued

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 166th chapter temporary boyfriend Yang Fei was Yanjing little ,if not met Chen Xiao, Yang Fei would like to idle away in seeking pleasure suggestive of little general ,scourge ,world !Four years ago, Chen Xiao was abolished after the four years ,Yang Fei ,are hiding in the house !In Yang Fei heart ,on Chen Xiao cover everything .
Submitted by users of finally the opportunity to come back ,Chen xiao .A cutter failure was not able to stop Yang Fei revenge on Chen Xiao, when for a personal hatred over all the time ,any failure to stop his determination to avenge !Yang came, he openly to Chen Xiao issued a challenge, for the past four years between suffering and issued a challenge .
The Hu ā circle,was just the start .Yang said he came !Chen Xiao saw the Hu ā lap,already know the result .He will face the threat from Yang Fei ,Chen Xiao come home ,he had expected to have such things happen ,this is an inevitable result .
Chen Xiao dropped his mobile phone ,waved his hand , this Hu ā ringI cannot close ,get the Hu ā ringaway ! He turned around ,to the elevator .Xie Shiwen was startled ,who meet such things are not too happy ,thank Shiwen can understand the Chen Xiao mood at the moment .
Chen Xiao returned to his office ,Xie Shiwen followed came in, Gu Xiao-Man originally wanted to say something ,but see Chen Xiao now looks ,her words that came to her lips and received back ,sitting in his seat without moving !Xie Shiwen keeps his office door shut , you don michael kors store,I think there are always some people very boring ! The enemy ,my enemy ! Chen Xiaozhan in the huge front ,back to thank Shiwen , I know it to send Hu āring,he is my enemy ,I and he grudges between ,not one or two words can say clearly ! Between the rich and is always difficult to say clearly ,thank Shiwen already identified the giants enmities , what can I do for you ? to go bowling ! Chen Xiao turned around ,looked relaxed smile , wife ,if you will accompany me to play bowling words ,that you will help me ! You don thing ? Xie Shiwen looked at Chen Xiao ,and asked .
Of course not ! Chen Xiao L ù out with asmile , wife ,go ,play together to ! Xie Shiwen hesitated slightly ,and nodded his head .. the sea breeze blowing ,will Yang Fei hair blowing Lu à n,where he is a seaside villa .
He is last night to Ben Thanh ,a knife without success he already knows !Waste material. He knew that a knife after failure ,just curse !He has decided to Ben Thanh ,revenge is his destiny ,he lost early in the day ,had been in his mind the deep imprint ,he can not do it ,nor so Miss Chen xiao .
All this is Chen Xiao Chen Xiaorang is caused ,he became so ,in Yang Fei heart ,Chen Xiao is his greatest enemy ,is his enemy, he will make sure Chen Xiao gets punished !A hundred times ,thousands of times he suffered all this back to Chen xiao .
On the phone ,Yang Feiyi put the right cup sweep off the table . Chen Xiao, I swear ,I will kill you ! Yang Feichong sea shouted .A sound of footsteps came from behind him ,Yang Fei did not turn around ,you already know who it is .
Sir ,you want to see has come on you ,waiting in the living room ! Yuan Zhong sounded behind Yang Fei ,Yuan Zhong He didn name yuan ,but even he used this name lives on ,as when a person is always playing others angle s èwhen,he forget what might have been !Yuan Zhong is the type of person ,when he had been accustomed to this name ,he already forget their original life ,however ,this is not important ,important is his heart to Yang Feizhong !The rich ,but Chen Xiao feel helpless ,Yang Fei from the waste that day, he will understand ,not that he can handle all the rich ,there are always some people who they feel helpless is Yang ,Chen Xiao is one of them .
Even Chen Xiao spent Yang Fei ,the Chen Xiaoye but is driven out of the Chen family only, one is damaged ,a be out of the house ,which is more important ,people see !Yang Feiyan not to swallow it ,that was not the only too dark .
He needs to find some keep faithful and true man ,these people can help him !A knife is such a person ,the only pity is that ,by Chen Xiao to kill .Yuan Zhong is also the kind of person, at least in the eyes of Yang Fei ,Yuan Zhong to he is loyal !Yang Fei nodded , let him come, I will see him here ! The good son ! Yuan Zhong promised .
Time is not a man ,Ma Tianwen appeared in Yang Fei body back ,Yang Fei was sitting on the beach, looking out to sea ,with Ma Tianwen ,Yang Fei has no reaction ! Yang master ! Ma Tianwen went to Yang Fei body back ,with great care and called on a Yang Fei Yang master .
Yang Fei did not look back, just pointed side seat ,sit . ! Ma Tianwen with great care to sit the side of Yang Fei ,yang side face , do you know who I am ? Know ! Ma Tianwen said with great care .
Know better ,I simply ,I want a person to death ,if you can help me with this ,I could be your mentor, we have enough forces and Yang you won legal sanctions ! The astronomical pursed her lips ch ú n,Yang Fei words to Ma Tianwen was tempted, yes ,if he can find Yang this patron ,he is more capital .
Ma Tianwen always thought his plans to be the pink of perfection ,can let oneself when green help help ,but did not think of is ,put Yao Wei at the moment of death, and did not help him ,but he gave the tigers ,the most important is ,the Tigers had listened to him ,but now I don why ,on his words are suspected up !Ma Tianwen didn the present this kind of situation ,it is not what he needs !Now he needs someone to help him ,but the man finally showed up ! Who do you want to die? Ma Tianwen asked .
Chen xiao ! Yang Feisi made no secret of his Chen Xiao guts attitude ,his tough tone is that Chen Xiaohe he had murdered his father ,wins the wife of hate .When Ma Tianwen heard of the name Chen Xiao ,he unconsciously a gasp .
The name Chen Xiao was like a nightmare ,along with Chen Xiao name appeared ,is a series of nightmare .Ma Tianwen remember the name of Chen Xiao first appeared as black tiger was repealed !Since then ,Chen Xiao this name became the society each appearance ,will bring bad luck to the green gang !Now ,he heard the name of Chen Xiao ,and some people still have to kill Chen xiao .
Yang Fei saw Ma Tianwen asked: ?Is there any other problems ? Ma Tianwen slightly paused, although he does not want to admit ,but undeniable is ,Chen Xiao is a nightmare ! Don necessarily want him dead ? Ma Tianwen asked .
Is ! Yang Fei nodded , if you can let Chen Xiao die ,I can help you become ! I can do it Northface Men's Windstopper! Ma Tianwen was biting the mouthpiece ch ú n,compared with y ò Uhuòtomaster ,the other can be not to care about .
Are you sure you can do it ? Yang Fei asked .Ma Tianwen bit mouthpiece ch ú n, I can think of a good idea ,but ,I need someone to help me ! How can I help? Yang Fei asked . I need bombs and guns ! Yang Fei said .
Guns and bombs ? Yang Fei Ma Tianwen heard this word, his eyes with a smile, seemed to hear interesting things in general , can I get guns ,bombs ,I can get ,but the key problem is how you let me believe that you can get rid of Chen Xiao ? Can I send a gun to kill Chen xiao ! It was so simple ? Yang Fei Ma Tianwen heard these words ,he laughed , easy, I will personally come ! The young master to do ? Ma Tianwen asked .
This is going to ask you ! Yang Fei laughed , you will have no other better way? I don let Chen Xiaosi too painful ,if a gun to kill Chen Xiao words ,it is not so easy ! Ma Tianwen slightly paused, then said: I have a good idea ! Let hear it .
Ma Tianwen smiled Michael Kors Tote Sale, Dai Yao Wei seven immediately ,initially put Yao Wei died ,Dai Yaowei once alone and Chen Xiao said ,according to my guess ,what not to wear Yao Wei concern entrusts Chen xiao ! Yang Fei waved his hand , I don ! Young master ,I want to say is ,put Yao Wei has a daughter ,this is a secret ,if the daughter call back again ,Chen Xiao will to live ,then ,we can let him feel the fear of death ! I like the idea ! Yang Fei Ma Tianwen is heard these words ,his face finally L ù a satisfiedsmile .
I need high intensity bomb ! No problem ! Yang Fei nodded ,and said . Look ,I not very good at bowling ! Chen Xiao holding a bottle of mineral water ,sitting in a chair North Face Women's Boots Sale,see just to hit a ball back to thank Shiwen ,Chen Xiao was reluctant to say .
Good to know ! Xie Shiwen face a small triumph ,she was wearing a white s è sweatshirt,a beautiful face now become more of its brightness dazzles the eyes !Chen Xiao had a drink of water ,the mineral water bottle cap ,at the moment, his mobile phone rang ,thanks to the mobile phone Shiwen eyes ,his mouth and then said: who ? At the moment Xie Shiwen speaking appearance exactly like a very nervous girl to her boyfriend ,her boyfriend was very nervous .
I don know. Chen Xiaona over mobile phone ,eyes ,mouth laughs: a policeman friend ! Police friend ? Xie Shiwen glanced Chen xiao .Chen Xiao smiled ,when in the presence of Xie Shiwen on the phone ,the phone there came the voice of Sun Yao : Chen Xiao, the last time you to check the man wired cable ? Yes ,what ? The man was arrested for suspected of murder ,later identified the mentally ill and was sent to a mental hospital ! Sun Yao said , then what he said is not clear ,he was put out ! Who it was ? Chen Xiao asked .
It is not very clear, is to pursue the hospital for the insane but ,you heard of a man named Yang Fei ? Sun Yao asked . Yang Fei ? When Chen Xiao heard of this name ,his brow furrowed at once , you what does he do? So, you just know this man ,so, that is to say, Yang possible and this call a knife man some relations ,but is not particularly clear ,my colleagues are investigating ,once has any new information you, I will inform you ! Chen Xiao dropped his mobile phone ,thank Shiwen look out Chen Xiao face s è dontoo good, she figured and this phone has a relationship , how ? Wife ,no matter ! Chen Xiao smiled ,and Xie Shiwen said these things too much ,and Xie Shiwen said ,thank Shiwen that is less clear ,it is better not to say good .
so happens ? All of a sudden ,Xie Shiwen out this word ,this one said ,sent Chen Xiao to jump Northface Denali Jackets Sale,his eyes looked at the direction of Xie Shiwen ,only to see it at the door, wearing a sports shirt Mu Shuyuan come in .
Mu Shuyuan crisp Xi ō nghigh T ng ì Ji ,the short sport coat Xi ō ngexport high up .The lower part of the body is a white s è skirt,her busty f é it ún wrapped ina skirt ,t ú nhigh lung ,two white Tu ì Jifrom the skirt below the outstretched !Mu Shuyuan came in, attracted many men eyes ,those men look hot cast in Mu Shuyuan like Mu Shuyuan how beautiful y à nf ùis to know how toattract a man ,her manner ,are emitted on the man ò Uhuòforce.
In particular she walk light twisted f é itú n,is the man to kill for .Chen Xiaoye couldn much like eyes ,this is the first time to see Mu Shuyuan wearing a sports shirt !Xie Shiwen saw Chen Xiao watching admire lady ,she held out her hand ,before Chen Xiao shake two shake, his mouth and then said : what do you see ? No ,I did not see ,I think ,wife you is the most beautiful woman ! Chen Xiao reaction more quickly, saw Xie Shiwen handle in front of him shaking ,the heart already know Xie Shiwen is jealous of the state, this time again to provoke Xie Shiwen ,that is obviously very irrational behavior !Xie Shiwen Chen Xiao heard these words, pursing her y à NY ùdropsmall mouth ,the mouth of cold sing: mind ,you said to bowling ,which will not be known that a woman will fight ! When Xie Shiwen says this word ,the lip w ě nmarked with a jealous mean ,Chen Xiao heard the words of Xie Shiwen ,he said : his wife ,you misunderstood, I really do not know ah ! ,I do not believe it, the world, how can there be such a coincidence ! The cold Xie Shiwen grunted .
In fact ,this is really a chance encounter ,Chen Xiao before did not know that Mu Shuyuan will come here to play bowling ,he is actually very avoid letting Mu Shuyuan and Xie Shiwen met ,since the last participated in a charity auction, Chen Xiao had felt for Xie Shiwen Mu Shuyuan the kind of vigilance !Mu Shuyuan apparently did not expect here met Chen Xiaohe Xie Shiwen ,however ,when Mu Shuyuan saw Xie Shiwen look to her eyes ,Mu Shuyuan heart had already had the number, she smiled ,went straight to Chen Xiaohe Xie Shiwen walked .
Really, what to come ! Xie Shiwen used the low cannot again low voice murmured . Wife ,what do you say ? Chen Xiao asked . I didn ! Xie Shiwen immediately denied . What a coincidence ,did not expect to see you here in the group two ! Mu Shuyuan came ,and asked .
Yes, I am. Chen Xiaogang want to speak ,see Xie Shiwen glanced at him ,Chen Xiao spit ,put behind the words away .Xie Shiwen picked up the mineral water, took a long drink mineral water ,put down, we just want to relax ,not think of meeting here for the boss ,what a coincidence ! Mu Shuyuan sat beside the rest chair ,she put the right Tu ì Jistacked up ,the white Tu ì Jiis in front of Chen Xiao shook ,Chen Xiao direct gaze fell on Mu Shuyuan two Tu ì Jibetween sites ,the White was a large special attention ,Chen Xiao not so much looked !Xie Shiwen looked down at Chen Xiao ,deliberately coughed ,her right hand from the table below to extend the past ,pinched Chen Xiaoda Tu ì Ji,a force, Chen Xiao forehead is wrinkled up ,his eyes watching Xie Shiwen ,one face grievance .
Mu Shuyuan has to look out for Xie Shiwen and Chen Xiao between small action ,she deliberately laughed : thanks to vice president ,did not think of you and the manager or couple ! And he who is lover ? Xie Shiwen subconsciously cold sing .
Not lovers ? Mu Shuyuan pretended to be surprised and said , I have always thought you are lovers ,last in the charity auction will encounter you, I will when you are lovers ,originally, I also want to ask the manager .
But ,now I no concern in this regard ,since you are not a couple old manager ,you have ! He no time ! Xie Shiwen heard Mu Shuyuan say so, subconsciously said at once .Mu Shuyuan looked at the Xie Shiwen ,mouth and asked: thanks to vice president ,do you have anything tonight ? We have to work overtime tonight ! Mu Shuyuan said .
Oh ,that it doesn ,I can wait ,I can ,tomorrow night can also be ! Mu Shuyuan to Chen Xiao is trying to make an eye s è.Xie Shiwen clutching Chen Xiaoda Tu ì Jimore firm, her mouth
ch ú n tightcurls ,Mu Shuyuan heard these words ,Xie Shiwen suddenly said: I would like to remind you ,he is my boyfriend ,temporary boyfriend ! Then Xie Shiwen ,added : in short
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