the thinking of reporting to him about

October 10 [Wed], 2012, 17:19
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultZhu Yiming is going to drive ,who knows Zhu Wenfeng has not far from security Beck, he immediately put the car keys handed in .
Three people shoulder to shoulder together ,into Zhu Wenfeng office to go .Zheng Luyao news department was facing the door ,going to the ten, she stood from time to time to stand at the window and looked ,saw her husband and a young man from the car down, he saw Zhu Wenfeng the to .
Zheng Luyao is a little know how the matter ,but her husband by the young man is not guess ,because she had never before seen beam Haokang ,so naturally do not know each other .Ding Lin Zheng Luyao always stood at the window looking down on himself ,in connection to each other before said ,today her husband will come, then crept up behind her ,also look down to .
Seeing Zhu Yiming ,Ding Lin immediately said : ah ,Yao UGG Classic Short Sparkles Sale,your husband really come ? Zheng Luyao didn ,I also saw a shadow flash, Xu Dan from out of nowhere ,but also from another window looked down .
When I saw Zhu Wenfeng and two young people laughing and talking to television inside walk ,her face white ,eyes wandering ,a pair of have a guilty conscience .Xu Dan these little action falls in Zheng Luyao ,she suddenly have a brain wave ,loudly said to Ding Lin : he told me last night said to come visit Chu director ,I still think she make fun of ,but today has come true, also don is it right? ! Ding Lin listened to this, naturally understand each other, said with a smile : Yao is it right? You call your husband ,let him for me ,and he said that two days ,so that all the people love chewing idle ,tongue root .
Xu Dan heard this ,his face white, she had thought that Zheng Luyao did not know that she is in the behind ghost ,now it seems they have all know .Now she really felt a bit afraid ,that although she was indicated ,but they did not directly make her so to do ,so really want anything happens ,that can be pushed neatly ,and it is her .
Xu Dan now is really hate yourself ,it was not a dime and her relationship ,she was involved in ,is purely fed propped .Now ,not only isn any good ,and very likely to give myself to fall into the trap, is really the loss outweighs the gain.
!Zheng Luyao heard Ding Lin words, pretend hesitantly, then said : forget it, he came over to really, I will not give her any trouble . Xu Dan listened to this, breathed a sigh of relief .
Zheng Luyao sees that ,thought ,let you happy days ,if it does not make you long memory, I do not surname zheng .Zhu Wenfeng Liang Haokang and Zhu Yiming come in the office, immediately let the secret to the two tea ,he hastened to cigarette ignition .
Zhu Yiming would not come for... ,but through each other, he can see, this is apparently Zhu Wenfeng did not sell, otherwise ,not to the point ,so he felt no need too to the other face .
People in the strong time must be strong ,so that they dare not you have underestimated the heart .This, Zhu Yiming has in mind .Settled, Liang Haokang smiled and said to Zhu Wenfeng : Chu director must have heard of ,a director some time ago in the school study ,now this period or training class was over, Lu minister proposed ,so that he became the three director of the Department of .
Later ,we together will have more opportunities ,so her side if there is anything, please care more about Chu station . Liang Haokang did not know Zhu Yiming what the hell is going on ,thought it was more trouble ,troublesome that ,so Lu Kui are carried out .
He spoke for another purpose ,just want to tempt Zhu Yiming and Lu Kui what is the relationship between .Zhu Wenfeng heard this, his back broke out in a cold sweat ,each word has a very heavy ,he can hear them .
He managed to build Lu Kui this line thereon ,if broken ,it is no more tears to cry .Liang Haokang voice just fell ,Zhu Wenfeng cried out : please rest assured that the beam director and director of Chu ,Chu has done before, if not available air max store, please you bear ,I must give you a satisfactory explanation .
Liang Haokang heard this, said with a smile : Chu station ,that is too strong ,the minister but more than once said ,Chu station working ability is very strong ,especially for the overall situation hold is a .
Thank secretary ,thank you for the beam director . Said Zhu Wenfeng quickly .Listen to the words of Liang Haokang ,Zhu Wenfeng to calm down ,now the situation is as long as he remedies timely word ,should be no big problem .
Zhu Yiming took the two dialogue heard in the ear ,the heart of a carefully planned ,whether a little leak bottom out ,so after wife in this shit again .Think of this, he smiled, and then be poker-faced said: the day we went to visit uncle Lu couples ,he also mentioned it as a platform ,long ah ,please take care of later ,hehe ! Listen to the words of Zhu Yiming ,Liang Haokang and Zhu Wenfeng looked at each other at a glance ,eyes just one touch ,and then with the even moved away .
The other seemingly who say a sentence, actually has the profound meaning, two people do not think it is Zhu Yiming slip of the tongue ,especially the beam Haokang ,he and Zhu Yiming also had several contacts ,how didn see him out today ,apparently they said is wrong .
Liang Haokang is Lu Kui side ,I heard the news, not too shocking Nike Air Max 87,but Zhu Wenfeng is not .Before this ,he already knew Zheng Luyao couples and Lu Kui are related ,but let him beat all the relations between the two sides was so close .
As a result ,he cares what tattle and prate Womens Timberland Boots Sale,say this is family husband active door to ask ,he must sell them, also be right and proper ,make trouble under a certain pretext ,the key is to borrow set and Lu Kui the relationship between reality .
Before he and Zheng Luyao is just said ,let its help in front of Lu Kui greets UGG Bailey Bow, now he is even a little regret before it ,I know it more bluntly .Zhu Wenfeng had made up his mind later ,smiled and said thank the beam director and director Zhu concern ,in other words ,I will not say more ,all in action ,ha ha ! Chu director too strong ,I represent my head to thank you ! Zhu Yiming stood up ,stretched his hand punching Zhu Wenfeng .
Zhu Wenfeng ass like a spring in general ,the body immediately bounced up ,holding Zhu Yiming ,he said: Zhu is polite, you say, let me too much to handle !Please ! Zhu Wenfeng said, and gave Zhu Yiming a sit down gesture .
Zhu Yiming is not at all, on the sofa to sit down ,he suddenly remembered something like ,said to Zhu Wenfeng : Chu ,is it right? You see we are going to visit Xue station ? Zhu Wenfeng listened to this, face a red ,but originally based black enough ,so look is not so obvious .
He said he only handles ,so they put forward now to see boss requirements ,but also not too far .He thought for a while and said: Zhu ,I don need this ,Xue stage body is not too good ,basic has not come this week in class .
This is my one can not make timely response causes the day before yesterday ,the thinking of reporting to him about, contact, that is to go to the hospital ,so I did not have a lot of what to say .
Zhu Yiming heard this, he said : at hand ,you just said it, a thing of the past ,we can not talk about, all looking forward .I mean this is not easy to beam director invited ,I must ask him to take I know a step down in leadership ! Wenfeng director ,don want more, a director who is not so square accounts in every detail ,we believe that the future will be happy to cooperate .
Liang Haokang then Zhu Yiming said . Well ,well ,this I seek but fail to get the . Zhu Wenfeng said, and stood up to two people ,the inside of the cup of water .The actions are very slow ,look very carefully .
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