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November 17 [Sat], 2012, 18:47
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe sixth chapter heliocentric bead of course ,the end of time is a mysterious words here, time change for you and me is irrelevant .
In space, no seasons change ,no day and night, no various difficulties and hardships ,and certainly no birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance .There is only one afflicted couple in each other ,like two duckweed rely on together ,the fate of the flood drifted down feel helpless ! Can you say those words ! Wu Jinling Road ,tone is very severe .
Su Yu nodded ,and said: Okay ,listen to you, my dear baby ! Wu Jinling is enraged to not have head ,no longer look outside, plus the mind have dizzy spells ,even in the past between imperceptibly fall asleep again !Su Yu control space in a jar of juice ,gently to Wu Jinling .
The lid on the jar open automatically ,a clear sweet sap from the jar down ,slowly flowing into Wu Jinling ... ... Su Yu looked at Wu Jinling to sleep quietly ,eyes no longer amused means ,but changed the strong sadness !In this piece of nothing in the darkness ,the day knows that he and she also can not leave here !Su Yu eyes gets aggrandizement, than the most advanced telescope so do ,however, Su Yu to look around ,both upper and lower ,is a star nor UGG Bailey Triplet,greeted the is a completely dark .
When Wu Jinling wakes up again ,she seems to be aware of what ,said: we are not in the face of the earth ,to come here ? Su Yu then go after Wu Jinling m íthingstalked to her .Su Yu Tsai on said surface civilization destroyed it, and the rest of the people hiding in the underground world .
While the poor Su Yu did not catch the last escape car ,so can only hide in the ground ,until met mother ADI Anna ,Luna Adi Lina Ya and a claim to Apollo .Then how in the time tunnel ,come in here .
Of course ,Su Yu will A Deanna asked him to fit things automatically ignore the past Wu Jinling and afterwards, slightly sighed ,said: you say ,where is here ? Su Yu disappointed sigh ,said: we are the fallen in the estimation of stars heart, don to go Canada Goose Parka Cheap!What do you have now ? Su Yu asked .
Nothing, but according to what you say, I can ! Why can ?Is the end of the time ? No, not that ! Wu Jinling Road , is about there is no light matter .You know ,there are many celestial light ,one of the most common is the star .
In theory, if we are in the universe ,so ,no matter which direction to look ,should be able to see the stars .Because any one direction, should have the stars ,the only difference is the distance .
If you can stars light ,it is not because the stars do not exist ,but because of who I am in front of you ,having a dark presence ,blocked all the light of stars !Can you understand that ? Su Yu thought, replied: maybe, but it was dark what? Dark nebula ?Dark substance? Don say we are in the dark universe ,so we can .
Or is it? Su Yu said this suddenly face s èchange,stopped the export .Wu Jinling perceived his tone is different ,asked : what? Su Yu Long Tunnel: broke into it, seems to be faintly heard that he said what white Dong and heliocentric bead what, can I break is the white Dong ,then into a black dong ? Su Yu tone, there is some uncertainty : hear ,black dong ,even light cannot escape Tall Dylyn UGGs Boots,will be high in black dong center ,and then into a proton or atomic what .
We now degree so fast ,is it was flying to the black dong Center ... ? Brother ,I am now you really lack of scientific knowledge ,you should find some popular science readings to train your brain cells basically, there may not be black dong ,black dong if you can live so moist ,then the black dong is not in the universe in the mix ! Wu Jinling chuckled UGG Women's Knightsbridge.
So here ,what is where ? Su Yu asked ,tone seems very puzzled . Say not good ,interstellar space in addition to star ,and gigantic extremely rarefied gas ,,is the dark nebula .If we are in a dark nebula ,so we really don any light .
However ,I always feel this place ,does not seem to be so simple ,there are always some unusual feeling inside ! Su Yu well a sound ,not on this topic to say ,in fact ,just Wu Jinling spoke, he has been a bit Rou feel of dance ,as it seemed to fly down ,will go to a very good sales results .
However ,in no way ,Su Yu is restored, he can anything .Su Yu started causally followed Wu Jinling said: the cosmos has many ? can be said to be an infinite number of . How big is the universe ? infinite .
Wu Jinling say without mincing words to answer .Su Yu lost in thought .Infinite number !Infinity. This is a very difficult category .In fact the size of the universe and never started ,are very difficult to grasp the concept of .
Originally, the big thing should also have their edges !But humans cannot see the edge of the universe .The universe does not know what time from the beginning ,also do not know when it will perish .
Human can not see this started ,or guess the ending .If the universe if it is started before the start ,then what is it? If the universe is final, so after the final result is what ?If the universe is marginal ,so outside the edge of what ?Even the grand magnificent imagination ,met this problem will still lose s è ,dwarf ! How you are now.
? Wu Jinling asked . !What about you ,had better not ? Su Yu asked . Still not move ! Wu Jinling Road ,she looked at the Su Yu the space inside the body ,suddenly asked : that a pile of rubble ,in your eyes, is a colorful mountains ? Su Yu was a shock ,unconsciously authentic : how do you know ? Su Yu was surprised ,because in the eyes of others ,under the snow piles of gravel are crushed ,but in the eyes of Su Yu is a colorful mountains .
However ,this point of Suyu not with anyone about them ,but why is there such a thing ,Su Yu heart no clue !And now ,Wu Jinling took the matter to the point ,how can let Su Yu not surprised !The reaction to Su Yu ,Wu Jinling did not answer ,but asked: the light sphere is that what he beads ? what heliocentric beads ? Su Yu suddenly asked ,surprised me again .
In the rubble, or in accordance with your eyes in this colorful mountains mixed with the size of a basketball ball point ,it is like the sun shine ,shine your body space ! really? Su Yu surprised tunnel ,immediately began to view the body space all .
Indeed, in the colorful mountains nearby, a flash flash ball ,like a small sun .Su Yu brain flashing light ,immediately thought of this is the claim to Apollo Zibao man in the hands of the photosphere ,but how will appear in their own inner space ,Su Yu but little impression of No .
More strangely, Su Yu was now in a space inside one more thing .Su Yu remembered Luna Adi Lina Ya with one hand only hold his body space to put in to save out of shu . Can at that time ,the body space are also affected by the injury ,contact with me gave birth to interrupt ? Su Yu think of here ,suddenly scared .
If the space in what was the accident ,Wu Jinling followed being implicated ,Su Yu you will regret to die .But now the space inside the body and no big problem ,just don feel a thing .
Su Yu conjecture is being the time tunnel explosion when hurt ,too heavy ,so the space inside the induction was wrong .Moreover, heliocentric beads also seems to be the time in the Su Yu the space inside the body .
Su Yu to think of it ,in his impression, there seems to be a sun hit him, and then entered his body .Su Yu did not think of ,he attacks could directly into his body in space .To that time ,Su Yu already in a faint m í state,bear heliocentric bead energy Classic Short UGGs,so the subconscious mind will heliocentric beads into the space inside the body .
Su Yu looked at the heliocentric beads ,a long time did not speak .Su Yu Suyu has a strong feeling ,although this is a heliocentric beads only the size of a basketball ,but which has energy does not seem to be in the sun .
Su Yu cannot imagine ,if the sun is compressed to the size of a basketball ,will have what kind of things !While the heliocentric beads can be a solar energy condensation to the size of a basketball ,this is what baby ?According to Adi Lina Ya and A Deanna, their hands respectively hold a geocentric beads and month heart beads ,Su Yu heart indistinct had a strange ,appears to the beads and month heart beads corresponding to an earth and one of the moon energy .
Only to that of the bead seems in implantation ,and not grown up ?The moon does not appear to have complete control over the application of month heart beads .Just do not know magic beads, exactly is how the formation of !Su Yu A Deanna once said, the pearl cultivating a long time cycle ,growth is slow ,so it has not grown .
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