quietly gave Kate Beckinsale a murderous look

October 07 [Sun], 2012, 12:28
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 477th chapter sandwiched between two women seeking monthly men PS :or ,don take the trouble ,please forgive !Chen Jinyi simple black suit ,but he is the kings suit dress as long as ,unlike a tuxedo as a tail ,but some are short, collected at the waist, and tie is very narrow .
Pants that don even the shoes is not too special ,it gives people a yuppie feeling, like the bazaar beauty editor Alisa said, Dandy was the throw a piece of cloth on the body, also the guy casts a thousand beams .
A faction of the fan ,his side wearing Mermaid Dress Kate Beckinsale is just twenty years old, Chen Jin again to moisten grew tender and beautiful, is really like a mermaid ,and Chen Jin for crooked Fan Youzhong wonderful together ,one time do not know how much the film murder .
In this circle, the more you red ,the more focus ,who are you up to nature ,nature is not the lack of the spotlight ,Chen Jinhe Kate Beckinsale has just set foot on the red carpet ,haven to go, have numerous press hard by the shutter ,ask questions ,and then the fans scream .
Chen Jin the red carpet and fans closer to habit has not changed ,however ,as he and Kate Beckinsale with a photograph it ,and lucky fans to shake hands ,the signature, behind his people follow up .
Importantly ,his eyes have been swept to the back of the two is Jennifer Aniston and Vivian ,Jennifer Aniston is because of the virtue of sweetheart in Mr. show won the best supporting actress nomination ,and Vivian ,nature is to family name .
Vivian boldly called out to him ,also drawing he made a face ,go to the meeting ,she was not able to appear on the red carpet ,obviously ,she made a wry face because dandy wait was sandwiched between two women who deceived .
Jennifer Aniston arrived in Losangeles this morning ,has been in the hotel to rest ,Chen Jinbian didn bother ,was thinking tonight he is it right? Can look for an opportunity to steal ,unexpectedly, so Qiao met .
The so-called out of sight out of mind ,Dandy lovers usually do not see ,it is their respective ,see ,even if Chen Zichen will be upset ,let alone love Kate Beckinsale ,and the equally bad Jennifer Aniston .
Entertainment also knew that the show time ,the spotlight is strong ,Jennifer Aniston is a sky blue is dress ,elegant and charming North Face Men's Denali Hoodie Sale,listen to his elder brother said she was acting time very hard ,although according to Chen ,but is very strong .
Kate Beckinsale wants to pull Chen Jin away ,Chen Jin where dare leave one ,but Jennifer Aniston apparently out of Kate Beckinsale ,took two steps up ,no taboo smiled and took his hand ,his tender, quietly gave Kate Beckinsale a murderous look, but affectionate look Chen Jin a look ,and said quietly : dear ,think of me ? No trouble, just show her charm ,this woman is the most clever ,but Kate Beckinsale is not too understands ,quietly pinched under Chen gold expressed dissatisfaction ,she thinks very subtle ,but on both sides of the limelight there are numerous ,and small details can not escape ,obviously, this is the best material for tomorrow .
Chen Jin is certainly not angry ,as had happened ,a left and right hold two beauties walked and say hello to everyone ,to interrupt when, this is the media focus area ,then the Host interview area ,at this time, Chen Jin had to stop to accept some interviews North Face Men's 3 In 1 Jackets Sale,however ,he remained in and fan interaction .
King ,you just came from Kate Beckinsale over there ? King ,white wolf game company and Nancy Corinth blame you the legend script tort ,and appeals to the court ,how do you see this matter .
King ,tonight will be your lucky night ,you are sure to get a few awards ? ... .. problems not, Chen Jinyi began to listen ,and no answer ,hand took the fans little book fast signature ,of course ,such behavior is not only beneficial to close to fans ,also have time to think about myself those who want to answer, then how to answer .
This is also some star idiomatic .Just as he was going to answer, he was an exciting female fans a tear collar ,revealing a snow white chest ,punching Chen Jin shouted : king ,can you give me a sign in here ? Female fans is quite pretty ,but she apparently large chest ,for there is very proud, fortunately ,she was not completely exposed mean ,if that North Face Women's Bionic Jackets,Chen Jinhui immediately turned to go, because it is beyond the .
The pectoralis major and nothing, Chen Jinzhen is billows does not ,smiled and patted her on the cheek , dear ,next can not be ,otherwise I will not give you the signature ,but also very unhappy .
Rapid with a black pen on top of sign ,and not by the rolling hills of the influence ,in the female fans excited screams Nike Air Max 2011 Outlet,walked around the media focus area ,shrugged , whether you believe it or not ,I answered only once , miss Kate Beckinsale about things ,yes ,I just really is from her over there ,I deliver her dress in the past, you know ,this one dress ,basically or kings in sponsorship .
.. ... . In front of them is crap ,the back is true ,the kings store now from New York to Miami ,Boston ,and Losangeles, the United States eight big city ,this session of Oscar ,in addition to a clothing brand sponsorship star ,other people clothing ,are sponsored by kings ,of course ,also have exception ,for example ,the famous Tom Hanks is dressed in the clothing kings ,he was not without clothing brand sponsorship ,but he is a very gentle person ,active on the kings ,of course ,it is also absolutely and he just and Jin Chendian shadow signed a air one movie about nothing .
Unequal asked other people and questioned ,he just continued, as for the win, I hope such as just the said ,tonight is my lucky night ,however ,it also seems not god . Very frivolous to a sentence ,shrugged ,some serious , and said the infringement ,I think we have to see my side of the deal ,I know that some people would like to use my fame to send a little money ,but such a shameless to stain the reputation of the others so cold , voice have a cold kill , I let these people pay for that, I think ,federal law should be enough to get them to have the most unfair punishment .
Tort things had from a month ago ,when the legend although specific problem is stalling ,but the publicity has started early .But this time ,the writer Nancy Corinth suddenly charged film piracy ,said the film was derived from Collins in October last year published short story theloveofmonsters .
Chen Jin is also remembered for another time it happened ,even what the White Wolf game company said the film has 70 scenes and game as ,was finally settled out of court ,this one is completely different ,and this is because of the problem of time ,and, this is no longer the relationship get the money, but his relationship to Chen Jin problem .
His book was then handed over to the company in August formed together in September in preparation ,the official start ,and Nancy Corinth published in October ,this point ,global and included staff are very understanding Northface Windstopper, although Nancy Corinth lawyer has repeatedly claimed that Chen Jinhe global lie, however ,must be given justice court award .
As for white wolf game company ,this time they will not make trouble ,they that game to 2000 can be developed .Chen Jinyi began to do not care too much ,however ,Jason Yang very clear tells him, the guy like this ,must take his whole miserable, monkey show ,let the whole world know ,but looks gentle Denis ,apparently agreed ,the so-called have been no shots ,when no blood ,to the contrary, they bullied others feel ,something fine and you play this ,you are tired of .
Chen Jin cunning, to pick up some does not ache not itching answer ,at such a good chance -- the people ,how you would let go of it ,having a first began to test the waters, king ,you give Miss Jennifer tonight will get the best supporting actress award ,if the winning word ,you will she do .
This question is very good ,even stimulate beside Kate Beckinsale meaning ,Chen Jinming significantly feel her hand tight ,but Jennifer Aniston is laughing more charming . Well, if you ask me this question ,private words, I would vote for Jennifer , when you surprise he began to tell the truth ,he changed the subject, you know ,my sweetheart but Mr.
producer ,director ,screenwriter and actor ,I hope this department in the film more people take the prize ,it is not my glory ? He has been closely ,we have seen ,however ,had nothing to do with him, the two women may not ,therefore ,a lot of guys out ,stand up and rushed two woman cried : miss Jennifer ,Miss Kate ,you see each other when jealous ?Perhaps say ,what do you think of your present relationship ? If not enough ,added a fire , say king just to miss Kate took over, instead of miss Jennifer ,miss Jennifer ,how do you think? It leaves are dark music ,a licentious directly to laugh ,Jennifer Aniston and Kate Beckinsale would be as not heard, it is a defiant problem ,had asked the very rude .
Chen Jin pick ,was trying to help, but Jennifer Aniston was holding his hand arm slightly pull out ,then give him the intersection of a glance ,his charming smile ,said : I really want to say this is a boring issue , shrugged , of course ,it is itself .
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