let the thorns do not break it pierced the skin

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 15:14

> 1000 Cave Cliff, his range is only two caves, we are not action? count them out here, the speaker is bent For the Xiao months to thrust backwards Xinshoucun kill God. Www, quanBEn, cOM has been busy doing gang task concern Xiao months, but did not give up. , quickly ran forward, each to a fork in people divided into two teams, with overlay searches. The feeling, the first time,Air Max Classic BW Shoes, two people almost at the same time, the message is passed to Xiao month. Distance of the arrival of a large force, will not be too far away. July, my old friend, while No matter what happens, remember not shot to protect yourself. Icy Moons boss. Too terrific, you kill so I'm watching I can quit, right, up is hanging once. In to Pathfinder. Estimated that large forces quickly in relation to this is that these people are the domain of the gods,Northface Boots, and evidently, the gods domain and romantic also did not join forces, and his resources nor shared. Xiao months guess right. He found that ten minutes after the assassin,Nike Air Max TN Outlet, they received information abjection killer, dozens of people entered the cave, but also the majority of archers and mages absolutely came for him. Siyu, the assassin resolved to my father. Xiao month and Siyu metamorphosis killing the assassin. Noted Xiao months has entered within the scope of his attacker, who feel pain. Scared when the world has become gray, already prepared to return to the city breaks even did not have time, hanging in the hands of Siyu ground. Baby, pretty dry, we go over there. polite, so directly Siyu he hung back a few minutes later, a team of dozens of people to enter the cave, staffing is still mostly archers and mages side kill warthog Xiao month-edge thinking to deal with the law After much deliberation, the only way is to stop the replacement of the delivery point, Xiao months no longer stay in an area,Northface 3 In 1 Jackets Sale, but to kill to go all the way to the cave depths. After transfer, Xiao months back previous to the cave, looked around the still empty this matter, large forces can not get here, and his only worry is that the the other Pathfinder assassin, just ambush here . leopard, black as ink dyed Panthers Brisk jumped, jumped into the cave and then no sound abjection killer leopard body, even feel a hint of murderous, this is his magic soldiers who did not feel. on the warthog barrier, moving slow crowd to see the handsome Black Panther, people felt surprised, this thing is not 000 Cave Bluff to product, that is something of Demon, a path through the middle so hurried , intend to put the Panthers through, but they are wrong, the Panthers did not like the other magic soldiers walk past them as the invisible man, but at the same time toward the two thieves, sharp claws directly into three souls and seven thieves soul grasping the body, two people lying on the ground, a bloody chest. Screams did not scare the Panthers, but aroused the fierce resistance of the Panthers like, two Panthers head did not turn toward an assassin and an archer attack just too sudden, people are too late to rescue this time if caught again the death of one, and that they are not equipped to stay here, foolproof solution Xiao months to kill God sent two teams are the class of the elite teams of the strength of the gods domain . I heard jumped backwards the four glowing with black eyes every fall on a person who falls distance the Knight 3 feet away places, could feel the chill. Their team total of 40 people, 8 Knight, 10 Mage, 10 archers, two thieves, two assassins, four priests and four soldiers, the confrontation with the Panthers, only four knights others are eliminated warthog. led by even a female mage - the tears of the meteor, solve all around warthog, they began to turn around to pack two Panthers. Lightning surgery! Fortunately MISS emergence of Knight can withstand the Panthers attack that scored two Panthers just a matter of time. thorn out, Panthers does not seem to see guns in general, let the thorns do not break it pierced the skin of guns across the body, went to the Knights in front, black claws turned into a Zhao Ying headed toward the knight chest, two over 500 Damage Done by knights float, the four pastors Heal simultaneously fall, the Knights loss of life instant supplement. Note Panthers of the the attack wrong child out of the Panthers this equal to die, the more advanced blame the higher the IQ, the Panthers will not be foolish enough to the extent they are intended to do so there must be, and that is the opportunity to cross the line of defense, attack the person behind. their raids, the horse is a shift, they hit back. Total Annihilation! Four spear pierced the sky, hit intends to air jumps over the Panthers, the Panthers once again raid is broken, dropped to the ground, and did not stop one second, Panthers quickly rushed forward , to the first team knight in front of stature suddenly one left shift the right, ran by the first team knight around came to Knight in front of the second team defense in the blink of an eye, rifles Jici Panthers body could not help backwards a few steps, the first team took the opportunity to sweep away the Knight rifles Panthers Youxiang stepped back, standing knight two steps. wrinkled up, staring at the three distance they are getting closer Black Knight, the heart suddenly become heavy. Seeking recommendations tickets! ! ~! . . <

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