behind the blur out of a giant bat

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The father, now how are you feeling about? "In a cave in the month Keiji worry about watching his father, eyes red. Pan against the wall the Www, quanBEn, cOM months on the pale, suffered multiple bleeding, he is now able to do, just looked up and speak it. [Last updated search all in "temporary ...... not die, I did not expect or return to the starting point for containment in this cave, just cave and escaped to export." Pan dry cough a few months, looking to become paler, his previous two elders desperate resistance, barely escape the room, but is also affected by the injury. Want to the fighting largely impossible, he originally Injured, plus this damage is heavier and want to continue fighting, just court death nothing. Cave atmosphere is tense, and anger, and sadness. Able to escape to hope this very slim, but the mountain is hard enough, this is small enough to export, they would attack came in the. In the hole outside the two elders "clung to their cultivation, the other half past one would be difficult scored only wheel war consumed. But now this hole is too small and can only accommodate one person wide discrepancy wheel battle to have to continue for a long time. If it is a simple homicide, dark spiritual family has long been directly H this hole, they buried inside. Just months spirits heart inside, so they can only attack force inside. "Just ... harm that Wuxiao You did not expect him to the volume came in ... month Iwaki exposed bitter expression, previously also told Wu Xuan care of her daughter, who knows her daughter take care of, but it is his own ordered to ride inside. The month the Keiji Zhaoyan, clenched teeth said: "baby Xuan brother will revenge!" Her voice firm and effective, but now crises begin to talk about revenge? January the Iwaki see 向那 hole, sighed: "We now hope, only, etc. that go out to the elders come back otherwise, to this point our strength,Kobe Dream Season IV, it is difficult to close ** environment, and now family has been that month Chin to the occupation, and you want to recover, no booster is impossible. "the mutiny the month Eldar people only a few, but the face of the whole Dark Eldar, this is real tricky. Dark Eldar sudden counterattack, completely did not expect them to, so many years of peace, who can not expect such a sudden attack it? January wind elders, and now to the point, it is better to surrender classified my Dark Eldar, the status is certainly not low! "Middle-aged man standing outside the hole eyes flashing, his being a the Dark Eldar Presbyterian dark days, trying to capitulate hang on monthly wind elders in the hole. January wind elders angrily: "rolling! Fight quickly, play, or else quickly so that month imperial roll to give the old lady! Old man like me want to kill him! '" January Chin? "Dark days it no attention Road:" imagine he? can, as long as you surrender, surrender the heart of that month Ling, I promise to let you see him! course, if you have been hiding in a cave when the faint-hearted, we are does not matter. "the monthly wind old head up in the red in the eyes of anger have become the fire, and he wanted out of the fight to kill something, but he clearly is attempting to rally, as long as not fool clear that this is blindingly obvious. As long as the hole in the surrounding dark Eldar will siege up, he simply lost to. After all, in addition to the front of the dark days, there are two other elders out like a tiger, with the Spirit of the Void period for the repair, he rushed out simply court death. His amendment was also no recovery, if not to Wu Xuan immortality, he can not wake up. In this narrow cave, can not expand their skills. To their repair, blew open this hole is entirely possible, but this is not an ordinary stone, but quite hard Xuan Longyan! Spirit of the Void the period desperately H, that is, collapsing a little. So will a stalemate here, if H rotten if the mountain was afraid early gone. This is the month Eldar last line of defense! "But you shrink in the inside will not be long, big elders prepared to rush over to when you wanted to hide did not have to hide!" Dark days of the cold smile. January wind elders waited in the hole face Dayton becomes dark days would say the elders, nature is the Dark Eldar elders of the realm of a half-step the King Wuling period of cultivation has reached that time is not now deadlocked so simple, easily enough to seconds to kill them! To month Eldar heritage, the King Wuling period of strong, but now are not in the side, said nothing! Cave people face a little pale, I feel this is destined to be caught here, no exports, even if to go out, will quickly be surrounded by a kind of feeling of grasping the turtle's urn. "I was that old saying, either so large Presbyterian personally catch you either own surrender out, surrender January princess ... Who!" Suddenly more than a dozen road roots sticking out from behind him, the strong sense of crisis so that they rapid escape, escape the roots of attack! Hiding inside the forest, nature is Wu Xuan. Him all the way from the outside forests kill in. Fortunately, these Dark Eldar are more dispersed, not too dense to be together, let him get rid of a lot of dark spiritual tribe gangbusters like. Be purely by his own strength, get rid of barely twelve, and now rely HL, kill a full dozen dark Eldar have to say this is a great record! Just a dozen dark Eldar, after all, accounts for only a small part, up to hundreds throughout the surrounding Dark Eldar, he tied one is also much more difficult, after all previously again succeeded pick dispersed. Plus dark days, and if it continues to waste time so a strong to enough to spike them all. To this end, he only shot, and the goal is to focus on the three strong! Unfortunately, the person is worthy of virtual strong spiritual period immediately sensed this perfect attack, but also the perfect escape! "Killed!" No matter Who comes, the Spirit of the Void period strong attack quickly up and fired a fierce attack, and quickly lock Wu Xuan live in hiding in the dark! "HL, rely on you!" HL seemed to feel Wu Hin anxious mood, quickly open rhizome, propped up on his outside dense roots, he wrapped in the inside looks like a ball ! Boom! In the forest, the sound of a violent explosion spread to places of Wu Xuan previously be already bombers down of trees. Wu Xuan in this the red lotus tough rhizomes under the protection of, and ran to go out into the hole to go over there. Just this with his speed, how can we escape the eyes of the Spirit of the Void period strong! Bailing! ", Under layers guarded, but there are still outsiders slipped, how can not let him feel angry! Suddenly, dark days behind the blur out of a giant bat, his wings flick, speed to enhance ten times! Wu Xuan's side came in the blink of an eye, Hui Zhang shot past terror beat up like Armageddon looming black light as if to erosion of heaven and earth. Fundamental do not Wu Xuan say that The red lotus seems to have felt this sense of crisis around the cry of of Wu Xuan around the roots 'Bear' terror flame leapt up, hot flame instantly make a temperature rise of around . The dark days of terror beat shot, 'H' is heard, Wu Xuan H flew straight to severely hit the hillside. Around the side of Wu Xuan roots, then turned empty a big hole, seems to have been eroded,Cheap Oakley Fuel Cell. Wu Xuan also having a hard time, did not hit his body, but fired out of the air waves he gave concussion of, simply spread to let him by no small injury,(Men's)Air Max Tn, pale, blood in the body tumbling more than you want erupted from the mouth. Guren also Weidun, to truncate that roots quickly, that could not withstand corrosive of terror, only disconnect that roots, can they make it to the surface of the red light to dim a lot. Protect the disappearance of the rhizome, Wu Xuan living exposed to many enemies! <
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