Lee check this thing just eleven recount from

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Seven hundred and sixtieth chapter to the effect of However, to hit the body of Richard, I think what hand touching snakes scorpions, lightning shrink back. But never thought Richard back to bite came so fast. Ago, that Terran predecessors, is tough to use for a few hours, only to cause the kind of irreparable fate. Richard was now Hallows, less than a minute in the end what happened? He looked to the hands of Richard Hallows, I saw in the mirror scene, a young boy is constantly darting toward the east, he's fast, and race. Stepping on the foot of a hard-edged sword, the whole person is like a scabbard sword. , the standard of the sword that had made him familiar pole, it is absolutely out of the Terran Carpenter's hand and he immediately would like to ask, is this man? however, then remember, Richard sluggish lying, how can may answer the elderly anxious as cat on hot bricks he thought Richard healing, however, the damage of such a mind, and which outsiders can help, she says. cloudy eyes, full of know what to do if the person in the family to see him like this, certainly shocked to know that the ancestors in everybody's eyes, was the almighty, ah now, he had such a gaffe. expression. said the elderly, Richard is caught in extreme danger. St. horrible sacred objects worthy of the epoch-making since there originally, he thought back to bite them and then worse, as long as their own against the point certainly nothing, after all, Lee check their own mental strength is still very confident UGG Argyle Knit Cheap, however, did not think back to bite Hallows is so fast, so rapidly oncoming This boat is like driving on the water, the original own water traveling only brook, at best, is a river, but the river suddenly changes, into the sea, or the kind of raging sea excited Ben and all of a sudden, the boat was knocked over, Lee can fall into the sea. like in pain. than that and would like to move about their own brains, but also extremely difficult head lost thinking ability, this is a terrible and extremely dangerous situation. because Richard does not have the ability to think of a way to save himself he felt himself into a group of black swirls to subsidence, this is a black whirlpool bottomless. Sure enough, the power of the holy vessels, or can not get their own careless Richard heart smile did not think o separated for so long after that he will fall into such a terrible crisis. Previously encountered this crisis, mostly Sustaining serious injuries, but this time UGG Dakota Shoes For Cheap, it is spiritual power failure to such a degree, and Manner Sambo. treasures in the human body, but the important thing is indispensable if less, the body can not be called a body. eyes began to slowly dim, Richard leather eye slowly deaf pulled down .... If you go on like this, imagine the fate of Richard see Richard look in the eyes of the dying, the elderly anxious, and there is no way., finally UGG Sheepskin Cuff For Cheap, the human family, and to hope bad can happen now he really can not wait to give yourself a slap in the face, nothing to get past Hallows out showing off why? If it were not so, things which will be the development of this field are their own harm his old man's face is full of indescribable bitter. Dianwai, as if someone rushed in to hear the movement is too much on the elders of the Terran. rushed to a face full of hanging to worry about. Heart oath see Richard like, yell at them, furious Then he glared elderly, indiscriminate white fist on the boom of the past: you fight, oath brought up the fist the terrible whistling, fists their path, void distorted However, such a powerful offensive, the elderly blocked, this would have been nothing but very Frightening, he went so far as to use a finger right on as lightly on blocking the heart oath Lord God Quanliyiji. to over there Bear Bear find the correspondence with the heart oath attacks, has come to an ultimate the point, He Jian Shi is very simple, just a straight stab However, if people know the sword will find this thorn with one thousand sorts of changes. looked at this sword, elderly eyes condensate , and then not trust big, but more stretched out a finger right on two fingers clamped to the speed of the wind and thunder Bear sword. As you go on like this, it will save him a good time to take up. mean, and quickly stopped hand. Big Bear to see the elderly, eyes filled with disbelief, but now do not want to these when he hurriedly ran to Richard. You done to him? Bertha's hand no longer reached down you move him, he is disturbed, will aggravate the injury. Also, the small guys, I think you misunderstood, I did not do. So he now he Hallows over when, and have been back to bite them. He would like to take a concept and a result, the power of the holy backfire, the spirit of a great deal of trauma, you see his eyes, already absences ... his eyes. point ...... force to support Richard. spiritual force with the power of life, two things. then, the tower spiritual how to help Richard? now, there is a pair of eyes can be the body of Richard perspective, it will be very shocked to find the crown of creation that is contingent again lightning character, there is everlasting Sword contact an vast matchless spirit force, rushed into my mind from Richard's chest. Originally Richard spiritual power, has depletion have had almost no. This is like a piece of land, loss of moisture, about to smash Then, the irrigation of fresh air into this field, immediately restored over this land. seemed to move, then the dark whirlpool also gradually disappear, thankful authentic either tower Ling, this time, he probably really want to fall into the point of utter he secretly vowed, the future can never so great care own strength, although very strong, but the mountains there, and people beyond this world there are still many are afraid to be underestimated exist - such as the heavens mood slowly calm down. saw Richard sat up, everyone know, he is now being restored, did not dare disturb him. Bertha the happy tears started to flow out of I do not know how long into the night, until it was getting dark, Richard, slowly open your eyes. Sorry to worry about me UGG Sundance II. Lee check this thing just eleven recount from. However, he automatically withheld mortal danger, because it will make Bertha worried. Finished, he look to the arms of the mirror. He intends to continue to track down their biological father's whereabouts, but the old man interrupted: Only the person in the mirror is like our family. If you have what we need help, we must strongly help. Richard hesitated how he did not think my father is a Terran seems that he really is they help little Manga So, he quickly picked up the arms of St.. Elderly see, it seems to be to stop, but Richard said, just want to mirror the people to give him a glance, this smile relieved Richard once again let the father look in the mirror showing, to the elderly. the elderly touches Meisha reaction, Bear saw was pounding like body suddenly startled him feel themselves as if seen, very familiar. PS: Richard's father, who could that be? believe that someone would have guessed. guess Award coins, answers sent the book review area, to seek Recommended votes to

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