no longer dare to launch small-scale war is enough

November 16 [Fri], 2012, 10:29

The chapter an error? Click here to Report! Masamichi side does not move, there is a natural reason. They can not be determined easily peak by the extent to which the injuries they going, and their side Gladius young monks short time is certainly not on the battlefield fighting, how heavy the case easy peak has not been crack down on the battlefield, the right way, but also that no one can match. Is the Magic side, in fact, there is no easy peak wonder how the people know, even the Korean tobacco children easy peak also know not many easy peaks for fear she worried, said to be recuperating for some time, from this , then it is difficult to determine what useful news. For easy peak longer Magic Army, naturally became a the Magic Eastern Army top secret. The Magic own people do not know the right way even if the hand-eye sky just continue to wait and see it. This way, Magic Eastern Front again flat silence down, but it is only because easy peak. Did not take long for the Magic side thoroughly understand the right way army why do not stop before they also assured down. Smart palace Xueqi also sent four declared, Yi Feng Rong Wu star sidelined, or how long it will fight back the right way. This news really received a certain effect, no longer dare to launch small-scale war is enough to see even from the right path, they should believe this rumor. After all, to the right path before Yi Feng too shocking Gladius young disciples is the first appearance in the comprehension of his strength to believe, but do not think he has the strength to easily peak and seriously wounded, Magic easier said the peak soon be able to recover, should not come from nowhere. Most critical Crack dome before hit was heavy, but has recovered a little, he is also a small-scale positive magic war played deterrence but also to some extent the right way army. So under the tension of the Magic side was able to ease, more and more Magic monks have joined. Is in the north, Mozun took the nine robbery master of several Magic with Xiongmo fighting, almost a hundred thousand of his own security guard while it was tightly Yaozu army repression in the town magic galaxies outside not progress. Hearts of Mozun adults, however, clear that this situation certainly can not last long, because the nearly the Xiongmo batches is really too strong, even by Mozun PARTNER struggling to support it, sooner or later, to be unstoppable . However, Mozun not so selfless, he and the others Magic the nine robberies master, but certainly long with a positive Xiongmo through Modao Star UGG Hat Scarf Set Cheap, the moment comes to Magic Eastern Star domains, however, need time incomparable. The right way, Magic, Yaozu tripartite made in the comprehension of earth-shattering, but it is also inextricably anyone can not obtain victory in the battle in a short period of time, and only such a stalemate down. Of course, this bitter Magic. Magic both the quality and quantity of the master, and the right way, Yaozu gap far to resist the offensive of the two sides at the same time, its consumption is too great. Just so time effort, Magic has already lost nearly a third of the master, the campaign no longer sustain so for decades, even if only skirmishes, the master of the Magic will be wiped out. This idea Yaozu and seemingly is playing the right way, they army does not move, just tentative attack. Easy to peak at this time, but it has been nameless planet unknown island retreat for a whole year. The new arm is long indeed out, but unfortunately can not afford to be too strong energy impact, for monks terms, with no difference crippled. Easy, however, the peak can be grown with drinks sooner or later be able to recover. All bodily injury and sword infants immortality stable, just easy to peak skill is directly from the fit of the later fall to fit early this need him to stop a moment to absorb the spiritual power to do so in a very long time Lingshi. Key is now his sword infants and frustrated just stable, can not go to a lot of transforming spiritual power of real element, vertical easy peak with numerous Lingshi, want a short period of time is also not realistic recovery skill. Easy peak with that Gladius monks of the First World War, is not defeated by the skill on nor defeat in power of Jianjue, more not defeat at the quality and speed of flesh, but defeated by that sword in the field. If the young the Gladius monks not the sword in the field, even if he has the Mahayana period for the repair, even if he has a top grade Sword, the same will be easy peaks easily spike. Therefore, easy to peak finally understand and repair for a super sword UGG Women's Adirondack Tall Boots, the sword in the field is the most critical where. With the sword in the field, have enough capital aspect comprehension for industry, to be able to cross the master of many levels of challenges. Young Gladius monk, I am afraid only a sword in the field will be able to exterminate seven robberies master, with his Sword and Ling Xu jianjue with eight or nine robbery master a war, and victory. The easy peak sword infants are five real element with Kenshin UGG Sparkles Tall, the power of the stars, the life essence, the fusion of the power of the soul, there can not be completely effective, easy peak even some exercise jianjue, sword Italy, Kim only. Island Yi Feng Rong Wu Star. Followed, so the right way army of the terrible things that happened, and the easy peak actually appears again on the battlefield. Although not launched powerful jianjue, but Yi Feng the Skyfire Yu Jingping, Soul Eater Wand Xueling mirror UGG Women's Bailey Mini, the same can easily to exterminate seven robberies master series several times, the right way the army completely misfiring, holed up no longer mobilized. More confident, easy peak last World War I did not hurt too deep, overwhelmed already healed out. The Gladius young monks only way to explain the situation UGG Women's Dakota, but it is a retreat to go. He needs a stable Yuan Ying, also grown up on some of the breakdown of the top grade Sword, this is not a short period of time can be completed. Moreover, he is crossing the robbery of monks, soon will have to face the test of Tian Jie, also does not allow him to unexpected stay hidden. Yi Feng deterred lap in front, they returned to the Rong Wu star was feeling waves of fatigue. Explain the situation and the palace Xueqi, easy peak with Han smoke children leave the Rong Wu Star As for the gone, but no one can make it clear, because this is confidential. Yi Feng did not go elsewhere, but after several twists and turns, and came to value for Star. The Fengyun gave its easy to peak palpitations after the great benefit of the planet, the sky appears to be very calm, satellite, unmanned, Yi Feng is very easy to fall down with the Han smoke children. Right now the self-cultivation sector tripartite war everywhere nervous, also dangerous Heng-Star safer. Yi Feng, is senior Wicked hunting demon baby to senior Wicked fast recovery, while continuing to collect herbs, refining two drinks to restore the quality of their own record arm. Reason for children with Han smoke, Yi Feng, not Korea smoke among children in the Magic own handle grip in the hands of others, the two want a lot of spiritual development, and common progress with, honest and well-behaved Korea smoke children this naturally will not raise objections. ------------------ This chapter, but before and after the transitional chapter two volumes, slightly bored back there will be exciting to continue. Ready to rest? The Ninth Heaven Sword respect bookshelves or three hundred and ninety seventh chapter to return value for Star bookmarked convenient next time you continue reading Aventure the Ninth Heaven Sword respect rogue Hutchison Onio the gold medal Chongfei of killer Hina raising beast into Princess my wife warlords daughter laugh Do not base move of genius summon division Chu Princess husband

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