those hiding in the tree after

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 18:28
The drug trafficker even Qin Fang where none has found ,hand had got shot ,where can also continue to calm down .{ the fastest text chapters read } first reaction is to continue the fight ,never so obedient obey Qin Fang said ,on the handle of the weapon down ,that is basically put your life over to the other side of the hand .
Such people as they are ,they are considered the head not in K ù waistband,basically go trip had been plotting against their will to die in this way .Therefore ,these people are not to own x ì nglife in mind ,that is the most normal force to resist the .
.. ... Unless it is met battalion military police ,they can only give up resistance .But if you just played simple squad Karen Millen Limited Editions UK,even each other is strong ,they will still be force to resist, never compromise ,go away !Now the Qin Fang encountered such is the case ,the other has been Qin Fang just that a few shots to the town, but let them give up resistance ,obviously is not enough .
Don to give you some color s è have a lookis not good ... ... Qin Fanglve micro waiting ,the results of this group of drug dealers had ignored his words ,but still hiding in the tree ,the gun more tightly ,even breathing hold ,apparently to help them cope with the number of Qin fang .
.. ... Although the head to the tail only Qin Fang one ,these people are not fools ,if touch, a massive police ,they can distinguish ,but Qin Fang from the sound ,shot is an individual achievement ,although Qin Fang marksmanship really far beyond their accidental ,also still can they compromise .
This time ,the Qin is really created these people is to face shameless ,he is not necessary .Poof - Qin Fang glanced out of outside ,arm with a shock ,and immediately saw a black shadow from his hands shot out ,in mid-air flight once, immediately hit a tree has issued such a slight noise .
Da da da da da ~ those hiding in the tree after the drug dealer heard this voice, almost without thinking immediately several guns were aimed at the direction of the voice heard north face outlet,the raging flames immediately broke up .
Shots can be heard without end immediately ,in such a quiet mountains is especially clear ,echo is a tremor of the whole mountain to the eardrum with tremor Sale UGG Bailey Button Fancy,buzzing very uncomfortable .
Thick smoke up ,in the green mountains ,is very clear ... Especially it is few aimed his gun at the position ,is instantly shot in ruins of .Bang ,bang ,bang ~ ~ Qin Fang was not what kind of people ,seeing his plan succeeded ,binocular rapid inspection on the spot, the drug dealers are looking very clearly ,the gun is very unkind erupted .
The traffickers use compared with strong fire bursts ,Qin Fang is the use of burst mode ,each target only shoot never waste even a bullet ... ... Ah ,ah ,ah !! Compared to dealers as the headless flies the volley Qin Fang burst effect more outstanding ,almost shot a gun ,no nothing .
And every time the target of attacks are as like as two peas .Qin Fang also seems to be fulfilled the words before ,this time is no longer the drug traffickers shot the arm but not really directly jetting head to kill .
.. ... But each one gun ,each hit fly one ear ... ... The blink of an eye is only the three person before the shot in the arm ,suffered a temporary loss of gun power, now the remaining five were all became an ear .
It is good ,a team of eight individuals were killed ,all hang colour ,the injuries were not particularly heavy ,but still looks like t ng ì Ji .Screams as one falls ,these people are not afraid of death of the nasal and person, can meet Qin Fang such master ,it is also quite helpless .
This is not a level playing here ,they add up to eight person ,even each other did not see the shadow ,all being wounded .If say before Qin Fang injuring three people arm themselves ,this is the justifiable defense ,now warning means can be very obvious .
As Qin Fang said, before one can shoot your hands ,this time at the ear ,the next is probably the last time ,to estimate the direct injection head outlet karen millen! Don !We surrendered ... ... ...
This small group although are not afraid of people, but now this situation ,there is no need to fight ,and that will only die faster than this die ,rather than surrender ,may also have a slim chance of survival .
.. At least two times without killing the Qin ,Qin was predictable on their side and not too obvious dangers ,it really has some chance .Then ,a few people you looked at me ,I looked at you ,a simple eye contact, this small group of can immediate very helpless voluntarily surrendered .
Seems to be afraid of Qin Fang does not believe ,was also active in the hands of the gun are all active abandoned, he will also be carried on the body also threw away the pistol .Several other people were also stick closely to the pattern given ,will be on the weapons all away ,and two hands are lifted high ,put on a pair of surrender .
Now honest ? Until the finish, Qin Fang that fell from the tree ,wore a pale smile .Eight individual drug in small groups also frustrated with bowed head, no one dare contradict half a sentence ,or clutching his arm ,or clutching drop ears ,overall look is obviously depressed .
Eight person is a person up ,this is they so long since the first such disgrace ... If they pass ,in this line is not necessary to go on . The boss, Lou goods here, you want it all away , the boss but is still a little bit of ocular s è,see Qin Fang to only one person ,and not wearing safety long or dragon country ,and are intercepted them ,immediately as their peers the .
As they do this, it is really quite bitter .Not only keep the head not in K ù belt,momentarily possibly killed simply ,but also from time to time be disk recording ,cut off ,a careless it may lose everything .
Do not say first way ,because they are the small group there is a native of Alan, can make them relatively safe ,convenient some .But when they received the goods began to return it, it really is, is full of dangerous .
Alan was not a peaceful place, place and poor in a complete mess ,military police is greedy badly ,these people there are caught ,it is my good together ,was once the police hit ,it is first necessary to blow a skin having managed to survive the military the a close ,they entered the area of mountain forest, in addition to beware of mountains in the insect beast ,but beware of traps ,more be on guard against those who be extremely cruel and merciless counterparts .
.. ... When police is also the disk recording ,divided into the military ,or how to behave UGG Adirondack II Sale,know not extremely ,so the maximum pumping three into .But the peer is not the same ,the goodness of a point that is robbed goods ,as far as possible not to kill, but the more ruthless ,that is robbed goods also incidentally to kill them all.
Now Qin Fang in their eyes ,it is the good of a subclass !m not interested in your goods !I just want to ... ... Qin Fang his mouth twitched ,and he is not a drug dealer ,more than Kimi Ko ,he is of no use to these drugs ,natural is a contemptuous disregard ,immediately waved and said .
It is to be asked if he wanted to know the things, suddenly feel behind a warning sign came, Qin Fang face no answer ,guns immediately to somewhere behind the trigger !Bang to the gun !A child immediately plopped down has not been able to get up to .
In his brow is a circular hole ,directly between the eyebrows of gun ,die an untimely on the moment ... ... ... ... ... , ... ... Qin Fang reaction is too fast, too fast for the drug traffickers have imagined .
The boss has attracted the attention of Qin Fang ,beside him is a boy in the Qin Fang spoke, immediately from the body m ō outa spare pistol ,are about to attack killed when Qin Fang Qin Fang ,he quickly shot .
Seems to Qin Fang had expected that he will shoot like, already there waiting for ,he has just moved ,he was immediately shot and killed Qin fang . It seems that you didn see the coffin don in front of me ,I said ,don play any tricks ,otherwise .
.. ... This is your fate ! This also can not blame Qin FOTILE be extremely cruel and merciless ,it is these drug dealers are not good ,don care about their x ì ng life,even up to this time had also wanted to struggle ,so Qin Fang are unnecessary .
And really let Qin Fang is determined to kill the child ,not the boy playing small means ,is this kid is actually an Lang .Outsider ,he will be different !Qin Fang at this time will not be too concerned about the .
But died of a drug safety long person ,Qin Fang this came not to hand the bloody ,the child can only say bad luck ,active hit Qin Fang loophole ,where can also give him the courtesy ? Don .
.. ... Don ! The boss is s èpaleface ,although this is not their premeditated ,but when he saw his brother killed to attack Qin party, he is also active with .But did not expect so soon failed ,their fate has become difficult to master even Qin Fang before really not going to kill them, it is very difficult to say !!.
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