sheez long timke no post @_@ 

November 09 [Sun], 2008, 5:01
damn i had to post again !
i'm soooo sorry for not posting so long! but for that i'll have a picca on the bottom XD
ahh nothing much happened actually..>
just that i made a few piccas and that i am dead tired because i sleep badly so i'm dead tired now ><

right now im listening to acces-doubt and trust or something ><
thanx to my friend imaddicted to that song ! >


anyway i kinda have colorfull hair now,but that all happened today maybe i'll upload some piccas here soon.


color contacts...^^' 

June 04 [Wed], 2008, 3:10
good to have a friend and a telephone who can give tips on putting those things in.

it was quite easy to my suprise XD for both i took like 10 minutes! and for a first try...i guess i can't complain

i nearly got my whole outfit together for chibicon...i'm so excited XD i even make my mom nervouse !

i hate the post office though,they always deliver mystuff at the wrong time when i'm at school >,<

now i only have to wait for my shoes and make up to arrive....

i hope it'll come the next 29 days ,if not i'll cry

my friend and i are planning on a kind of roleplay thingyat chibicon XD
i'm sure i'll screw it up,since my mom is coming along,and she mostly ruins my mood >.<

and if you want to know why she's coming...well she's the one driving me,my friend and my friends mom to chiobicon >.< that'll be fun...{げっ}

i'm sure that i'll make foto's,since i have..ehmm 3 cameras? yeah 3 XD and one broken one XD

anyway! stay tuned for the piccas to come! ^^

bye bye!


May 08 [Thu], 2008, 2:27
i can't beive that i'm already busy with putting an outfit together!!
man,the make up thing what i'm going to wear i soo complicated X__X

i wonder if i'll be abe to ever learn to do that in 59 days!...


furthemore,nothing hapened....not yet>.
i'm going to my aunt saturd till suday and then,moday ill get my new drumset !!!

OMG I LOVE IT!!{ラブラブ}

finally a drumset!.but in my summer vacation..

let's just say that i'll have to work off the money at my aunt's... >.<

omg its worth it though!


:O found my password back again..... 

April 29 [Tue], 2008, 1:07
hey people!

omg i FINALLY found the password thingy for my yaplog account...
so hey i guess i should update a bit,aye?

many things happened!
i don't even know where to start!
i went to a event together with a friend of mine,we were front row....
and it was awesome!

siriously,The Candy Spooky Theater sure know how to bring a good mood in the room^^
i met many nice people there,and my German FOR ONCE got handy at the shop was quite funny i bought so much that i didn't even have enough money for a drink,so i got 2 free drinks and well my friend also bought 2 times a cola for me !
i felt kinda bad,but hey who cares! i buy her many stuff too! ^^

it was quite scary to go back home though since it was snowing like cr*polski!

when i went home,i found out about TCST having an other event thingy in germany! only one hour away from my home....and my mom didn't allow me to go...and my friend wasn't allowed to go we were.... pissed,sad and unhappy!

but i know for sure that they will come back to europe again! till then my friend and i will have to watch clips on youtube...

then for a long time i had to go to school wasn't nice at all,and you can see that at my grades ...but i'll try my best..^^

anyways after a while i went to england!

it was soo nice i made so many friends in only 10 days!
too bad that most of the spanish people couldn't speak english,and that i couldn't babble spanish XD

the bulgarian people were nice,i most of the time walked with either them or the english people,and at the end the bulgarians wanted to kidnapp( or ehmm girlnap?) me to bulgaria...mann i had to cry so much when i left england!

but i still have contact with them soo it's kinda nice!

anyway here is a pica of my new uhh style? i dunno XD

everytime i see my face i laugh...
i hope i'll update everyday now^^

bye bye!

XD finaly! 

March 22 [Sat], 2008, 4:57
im finaly updating on yaplog again
my friend asked me to,and is kindna talking me into it right now

much hapened the last 3 weeks...
i went to köln, place in germany(i live n germany),together with a friend of mine.

it rocked.i of course made a few pictures together with one of my favorite bands:Itchy poopzkid

they rock my socks !

the group foto was funny,but i'm only half on it!

me and sibbi...XD
i'm soo red xD
but hey!
i walked more han 17 km that day and then 6 hours of rocking without a break >.<

after the concert i stayed nearly one whole day in the hotel i stayed XD

my friend was bored so she found it funny to make random piccas of me and other stuff...

furthermore....monday i'll go to an event thingy with my best friend ...

i'm very excited

anyway ...

ja ne!


March 03 [Mon], 2008, 2:37
wel i got the camera of my aunt yesterday XD
it was a bit late soo i didn't make any piccas soo instead i made some today

my poor dogs and cat had to suffer since they were my models for the moment thehe you can see how happy they were XD

my dog donna:

my cat:

really their pictures were better than mine XD
guess i'll wait for my friend to come

thehee i'm a hopeless case with camera

anyway gotta go!
ja ne!

^^ yay~!^^ 

March 01 [Sat], 2008, 20:02
i'm happy since i'm FINALLY getting the digital camera from my aunt^^
which mans i'll be able to make piccas soon^^

and not only that!
my granny came back from spain!

this year is going to be FUN!
i'll soon be going to a concert too,ith of course my german friend
...7 bands are going to play..
i hope i'll be to rock the whole night!
ahh well!
and this year ill also go to england! WHOOHOO!

that's all for now

ja ne!!

^^ yay~! 

February 26 [Tue], 2008, 4:25
soo together with a friend of mine ( i was able to make an account on yaplog XD
omg my japanese is soo bad she had to translate it alll the time^^
ohh well

hmm i don't really understand those kanji signs at all >.<

but i guess that after a while i'll get used to them..^i jus need to go online here

i just found out about these nice looking smileys^^

i'll make some new pic of me soon,so stay tuned XD

i'm waiting for my new haircut^^ thehee
OH!and feel free to comment,i won't eat you!

bye bye!!!!

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