If I Datang march from the southern

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Partner each other and look to give a two Pan comprehensive hard color touches Li Jingbo pat me on the shoulder: "a bunch of young, afraid even sub, Does it mean that you can eat of His Majesty fails? Look your point gall also want to tell Let this generation power struggle? ha ha ha ...... "back to staff the hospital, the group of young Dandyism all Uncle Lee held loosely to the front, the Li Ji uncle and other people with those who did not go to the latrine behind cross-head Results ears, a two look strange smile, Father dumbfounding to take finger refers to me half a day, shook his head and rolling his eyes take a look at the beams go also. Uncle Lee sitting cross-legged couch, his face wearing a strange smile, stretched pointed to Suding Fang: "Su Qing, you and said, What are you doing just now?" Su Dingfang hollow laugh or two, by scratching their heads action oblique me, okay, Zange Liang live a long time, that sort of thing does not require the total can take the hint. Just within anxious to go with Chugong, went to the half way, and everyone chatted about how to clean up the Tianzhu Countries thing, everyone is also impatient, suddenly had a falling out, and then simply bet to see who the more effective way, so that halfway ...... "" is it? General Su these words did wrong? "Uncle Lee faint smile sweep our group of young Junjie a sixty-seven head under point too quickly. "Oh, it seems, still I have wronged Haier, ah, send troops via Jiannan Road west straight into Tianzhu idea, who?" Several pairs of eyes all fall on me, ***, knew the play ass lodged in the urine, directly evoke the arm let the Su Dingfang a jump to speech is more than good. "It is Wei Chen Wei Chen is squatting there paddled map, so there is such an idea Canada Goose Aosta Sale." I quickly confessed to Uncle Lee. At this time, the people handling stolen goods and was no longer Frankly, that is a fool. Uncle Lee White a pick pick brow: "Oh, fresh, and talk about how you think?" ---------------------- -------------------------- I told him again just to reason. This time. The General Zhang Liang large two doubled: "nonsense, I say fair niece, you know I do not know, the Yizhou following more than 20 states, magnification land under wet are quotidian people especially who died on the fog under the weight of poison gas steamed such a crisis, how can you stay away, said it too? want to know, when I Datang crusade against the south when I FIGHTER are the generation of veteran Chilliwack Bomber, many officers and men can . fell under the sword of the enemy is not But by quotidian harm, among the 10 dead, down five percent by its victims. "" Well. Zhang Qing said also makes sense, Xian Xu, Bing affairs of state, this is not a joke, is definitely not a joke. "Uncle Lee, a look of recognition like Li Jingbo parent was there to nod, then he is one of the Nanzheng commander. Words, behold, I give aroused temper present stood up and the body: "Your Majesty, the servant is no aimless. Wei Chen If not grasp dare say that if, say, the minister hoped-court with the officers and men of the Jiannan Road without off medium Warriors is reasonable. "Southerners used to the kind of hot and humid local climate, for the jungle, many years living in the meantime, also know how to survive in this place to reason Canada Goose Reversible, Datang ground businessmen footsteps, already under the help of the locals into the Indian trade in their footsteps, I Datang played into the homes of those fanatical patriotism intelligence officers who already footprints all over the plains of Myanmar The public river plain, and Tianzhu northeast. I of Datang Wu Ben army a more than four hundred people on a long field training which had arrived from Yongchang of the Kama strand wave, this small country in the Ganges plain, however, in this country now is just a drink gross Tears of Blood ground Barbarian tribes. I was there in the the Taotao Jedi saying, The collision Morohito increasingly moved up. "Wu ben Army on so went where you come to the old lady Chou Chou." Uncle Lee, an advance lapel stood up and went toward the sandbox area. Just sitting Morohito also stood up and wants to Chou Chou in the end I The four products magistrate said true and false. The sand table above, the command of my hands holding refers to East Point West, Then bit by bit words. "...... In addition, His Majesty Now that you have decided to advance the envoys responsibility Tianzhu Asian countries, this back, at least more than a year, and this time, just gave us more time to open up the road to Myanmar plains. I Tangjian Nan Road fifty thousand elite has long facelift is completed, originally wanted to preparedness Tubo, but now, Tubo has been civil strife, fifty thousand troops, in addition to the preparedness and patrol side, and no other task, the other point, if not with Tubo war, I Datang do not need so much Jiannan Road, officers and men, in addition to them than Northern soldiers can adapt to the climate of the South to send troops to combat them directly, First, the difficulty of a charging far than the other two much smaller Furthermore march attack Tianzhu I Datang cite but a few birds with one stone. "" If he can thus enter, I Datang not only be able to cut off the contact of these the southern barbarians with Tubo More importantly, the state of affairs of the encirclement of the Tubo was "edge of performance Uncle eyes lit up. However, Cheng Shushu very rogue at me and smiled: "small epigenetic Xian Xu, an old man take a look at how only beheld two birds, talk about, there are a few birds where?" Cheng Shushu words suddenly so many people cough endless, Uncle Lee Xiao Ma said: "Your old ordinary man, you are so questioning it?" "Hey, the old way I have always been if crude can be grounds not rough, ah, just this kid said a Li Ji said a ...... "Cheng Shushu Xipixiaolian authentic, I stared bitterly at this old rogue said dryly:" If I Datang march from the southern, not just these two advantages, there are more ...... example here, from Yongchang eastbound, is Myanmar plains, and if the south and down the is public river plain, west is the Ganges plain three plains, the smallest one, Myanmar plains I Don a considerable three plains are three quarters of rice producing areas in the Mekong plains of the southern end, even a year farming seasons. "said deadpan. Well, I like to see a group of old rogue dumbfounded expression, very cute surprised expression Cheng Shushu most characteristic two eyebrows with caterpillars like a towering a towering, while Uncle Lee, just good to hook hair maintain an orchid fingers gesture stopped at the head edge. ------------------------------------------------ "Four Seasons ? Are they here regardless of seasons? "Su Dingfang The famous brother grabbed me, two bright burning man. I nodded: "Yes, they where only a climate, it is summer. Whether it is the most northern of the Ganges plain, or the most southern of the Mekong plains, never under snow, winter everything will not the scene are dry, but also not going to wear warm clothing. "" possible? "the General Zhang Liang large kept good Kouzhao forehead, on the edge of high Shilian high boss the people squinting said a fair remark: The old lady had spent some time in the south, the climate of the place said, indeed, as the small rooms adults throughout the year is not clear, the cold of winter and no vigorous touches heat much longer, some people can not stand. "" all year round can output, season three stone, the worst of paddy fields have to output a stone and a half seasons ...... "Ma Zhou Ma adults more than taking shiver:" Ten Stone, the output of an acre of land in the year, we can against the lower Hayata nearly ten acres of the output. "even if these sites were the main, have I Datang! Cheng Shushu teeth patting sandbox border look of outrage color, acts as if it was his family's money to grab the go to the general. Tang imperial clan champion Li Daozong squint evil light overflowing: "Well, these are uncivilized barbarians, I Datang is a world of sovereign, just to educate the generation of these slash-and-burn ..." Uncle Lee soon Bianzhao , orchid fingers the become 剑指 hard poke in the sand table, raised his eyes fiercely sweep you Datang minister workers an edge, and finally fell on my face. "There are even sub-guessing, do not give the old lady." Uncle Lee's really smart, ah, in that case, we do not Cangzhuo a. "This is the northern end of the Gangetic plains, is who dares trespassing kill the I Datang the envoys's Tianzhu states around Datang I played into the hospital received intelligence that I Datang received the Uzi steel, are resulting outflow, the steel casting weapons, presumably you also know that its sharp, most important, the iron content of iron ore up to Liu Qicheng. "......" dozen Black Eyed benevolence slightly bright. "Here on the plains of Myanmar, where the growth of the construction of ocean-going giant ship most in need of wood, a wood 10 years the number of the water does not sink, not sea worms and seawater corrosion has countless jade emerald spies to report daily privately smuggling jade mine, at least I Datang gem 70% of the transactions here I Datang regarded as emerald jade the most precious is here, but too numerous. "......" dozen black eye Ren began to fill with. The swallowing sound endless stream ......
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