Hu Qing smiled ,to the front to collect

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 634th chapter of Rhodes love of history let me a guitar ! Nine days carrying his sword ,limped back , so ,I can get his strength clearance sale north face! You have a way of breaking his defense ? Hu Qingdao did not oppose ,but look at coming nine days , Oh by the way ,even my of Jin powder ,his mortal ,still exists .
This ... ... Nine days hesitated ,he used his sword, on the body .Hear the sound ,which she eventually decisive abandon . It was here I come . Hu Qing smiled ,to the front to collect .
She suddenly took off his mask ,revealing a beautiful suffocating face to .Even if the body not to listen to direct ,but its still moving careful thinking .Is worthy of being the queen ,the long indeed is a fatal temptation .
In the Qin Dynasty when make blind and disorderly conjectures ,Hu Qingna with fragrant lips ,gently towards the mouth to go on .An icy kiss .The Qin Dynasty are pro Leng, himself ,was ,in Hu Lili ,she is her mother to kiss ?Moreover, it is not the end ,but the French kiss ,me .
.. ... I wipe ... ... The tongue is very sweet ... ... Hu Qing seems to be kissing ,she unhurried ,mobilize the mood .Only let the mood ,she can use the soul to suction ,Qin Yuan Ying joint devil Dan ,together to suck out .
And now ,she wants to do ,is to put one investment, makes Qin Zhaowen to be entranced .Hu Lili knelt beside ,looked at his mother ,and his sweetheart a kiss ,the whole people some slack .
She certainly knows ,the mother in the play the soul sucks ,but it made her sad .If ... ... The Qin Dynasty died .She still survive ,in the face ... ... While the Qin Dynasty ,unsuspectingly ,do not know it .
Is that Rhodes ,in his ears cries constantly .Boy ,wake up !In this one !But the only feel that they are giddy ,do not know what is the feeling of drug use ,but now ,I will happy than drugs .
.. ... Ah ,the sky ,seems to have who calls himself .Who is it ,is it a beautiful fairy ... ... If so ,then he went off to play .In the confusion between the Qin Dynasty ,only feeling of lightness, a little fly on the sky .
Rhodes uttered a loud roar ,but he couldn see .Hu Qing lip ,also a little away from the Qin Dynasty .At the same time ,from the mouth ,a black light group ,wrapped in thick gold ,came out .
Gather next to the nine day ,Jing Ru and black lines are excited, because they know ,this is nothing ,it is the devil Dan and reason !But before Hu Qing the devil Dan and transfer of inhalation ,beside her Hu Lili moved suddenly ,a mouth ,immediately put black light regiment into his mouth .
Hu Qing was surprised ,she turned to me ,some puzzled to see his daughter .The devil Dan ,either for himself or his daughter ,are possible .After all his flesh and blood ,originally Hu Qing also hoped that Hu Lili would do UGG Finnegan,but she has been reluctant to do what the Qin dynasty .
The situation that the dark lines come unexpectedly ,they also have some unexpected .But Hu Qing ,soon calm down .She smiled to her daughter . Lily ,with this magic Dan and reason ,your practice will make a spurt of progress .
I think ,not ten years ,you will be the strongest fox demon clan .By that time ,you will lead the evil alliance ,those so-called famous family honest what, hit the head broken and bleeding ! Hu Lili said nothing Cheap Karen Millen Solid,only to watch their mother .
Some of her grief The North Face 3 in 1,clutching his chest ,seems to feel ,your body the Qin Dynasty Yuan Ying . Well, this person was not used ,kill . No reason to support ,the mortal ,also greatly weakened a lot .
Nine days licked his lips against the Qin Dynasty ,the body is lifted his sword . Who dares to touch him ! On the nine day prepare yourself at the moment, the sky suddenly down a woman to .
The woman with the Phoenix mask ,stature than Hu Qing and enchanting .She was clutching a spell ,instantly attached to nine days for large sword . Lei fu ! Couture la ! Electrooptical rugose ,Razer .
Feeling hands tingling ,nine days almost sword lost out .It is like a small hen ,tightly in the rough side ,staring at the front these evil alliance . Corpse girl . Jing Ru imperial extremely magic power with the exploration ability, saw chic original mask , his prowess at corpse girl .
Busy-body ,together to kill . Hu Qingbai waving , quick fix her ,then we are ready to receive the seal . Die ! Her voice fell, the black lines on the lift with two sledgehammer ,threw to chic .
Divine troops descending from heaven. Hee from arms suddenly took out a bean ,lost in the sand .The bean was on the gold ,the blink of an eye ,one by one into two meters high gold armor war ,hands carrying side draw halberd ,welcome to the black lines sledge hammer .
Cast beans on grounds which are transformed by magic into soldiers. Next to Hu Qing could not help laughing , a club road corpse girl ,very interesting ,very interesting .But these fake soldiers throughout the day ,black lines can not make .
It confirms her words like, the black lines in the hands of the octagonal hammer would sweep sweep ,flew two or three golden spear .While the golden Lance side will cut in his body, the calluses of him, causing harm is very small .
It also did not want to use only these golden war ,the enemy back .She is taking advantage of this time, took out a writing brush ,dipped in cinnabar ,be in the earth to draw what .But this time ,behind her ,a strong hand ,put on her shoulder .
On some surprise ,turned around ,looked at the man sitting behind .She was just about to say something ,but the other one word ,but let her joy abruptly swallow ,become bitter . Baby ,you stay here North Face Shirts Outlet, here referred to this seat .
Then ,he slowly stand up ,let the outside those evil UNITA people ,also some terrified .Its reason ,not be Hu Lili inhaled .What, is he still alive ?This chic to know ,the person who stands up ,not the Qin Dynasty ,but Rhodes .
Hey hey hey ... ... Rhodes hands negative behind him, looked at in front of these people , your great courage ,dare to disturb this seat !The seat was a person ,you miss ! Rhodes stood there, who have plenty of fight in sb .
He must hurry back to the Qin Dynasty reason ,otherwise ,lost the Qin Dynasty Yuan Ying to go ,his own soul ,relying on accumulation of psychic powers ,and can too long .His reason ,early in Qin Dynasty as touch Suu Kyi beads that moment ,were scattered .
Now ,want to occupy the body ,have nothing . Qin ,you ! Jing Ru gnash the teeth in anger ,looked at the man in front . Baby ,you have a death wish ! Rhodes shouted angrily ,back out of countless black smoke ,into the skull ,ceaseless concussion to her body .
The blink of an eye ,the emperor pole gate master ,to hit the bloodshed ,lying on the ground . To the seat !The town named Rhodes !Not what the Qin dynasty ! What ,what ... ..
. Hu Qing couldn back two steps .The name of Rhodes ,sector ,who do not know ,who know !No wonder the practice progress so quickly ,it seems not just because of a magic Dan relationship ,but also because the old demon possessed in his body !It seems hard ,ah .
.. ... Oh, jolly point ,obediently surrender the Qin Dynasty doll little reason and the us !Otherwise ,the seat to let you not survive ,qiusibuneng ! The Black Skull ,spin up, quickly put several evil UNITA people surrounded, so they can leave here .
Oh ,Rhodes ,you and I was the first lord of heaven and earth . Hu Qing turn ,said suddenly .Oh. Rhodes brows furrowed ,looking at the glamorous woman eye , the little fox ,you have to use your good-for-nothing Mei Gong temptation this seat .
When your nine day fox tail Hu Yuhe ,he tries to seduce the seat ,the seat back is not the same as being a prototype ! I ,my mother ... ... Hu Qing body tremble .She knew it, because Hu Yuhe is her mother .
Her mother in five hundred years time ,gave birth to her .At that time ,the mother has a very weak . But the base still admire Hu Yuhe ,was the seat of the nine dark magic defeated demon Dan ,can still adhere to live another five hundred years .
The perseverance ,the seat of the tight admire that ! You ,you ... ... Hu Qing eyes some redness ,but soon ,she became calm again ,to give a pleasant smile of a woman ,Rhodes said .
Alas ,this also can not blame ,reality .In those days ,that is my mother .Just don know ,my mother ,always love you ,I miss you .She died ,her mouth ,still shouting ,is your name .
Talk rubbish. Rhodes seemed trembling slightly ,but soon ,and calm down ,sneers , Hu Yuhe as the seat of the dummy ,but fell in love with an ordinary people !The seat to the ordinary people killed ,ready to pinch burst his soul .
Unexpectedly, Hu Yuhe Pinzhe demon Dan were broken ,and strive to the ordinary people into the reincarnation !After five hundred years, also be humanoid ,and the man married ,gave birth to you this small monster !Hum !Baby ,you the seat do not know ! Now that you know everything ,so why do you not then ruined them ? Hu Qing is a bitter smile, if you really want to kill him ,why to let him and my mother ?You practice at nine and door ,as long as laid out, can manage to put the soul out of the loop pulled ,into the endless nine dark hell .
But ,you didn ,just broke my mother demon Dan ,let her go . Hum !The seat that is too lazy to move ! Rhodes simply said . No, you are the love of my mother . Hu Qing pierce
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