now and later can be different

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> fifth 487th chapter Qiangnu this volume have rights in one ... ... Listen to the words of Zhang Jiamu ,Wu would like and Sun Tang looked hesitant color, only Ma ang always and rich does not cope with ,and to his qualifications ,ordinarily should be :to force ,North Face Mens Shoes,is rich in support of Zhang Jiamu took his seat ,so usually quite hostile to Zhang Jiamu ,UGG Jimmy Choo Sora Outlet,this is don listen to his words .
WWW .QUanbeN .Com then is twisted neck ,said: Sir Zhang words ,students I think otherwise . Oh ,Ma adults can teach me? On Ma ang ,Zhang Jiamu is still a respected .Experience enough, is fierce enough .
At the time of Ming Dynasty scholar than Song Ruqiang many ,can ride into battle armor is really not in a few .Wang Ji is a famous one in front of the horse ,ang is a .In fact ,the imperial country ,have some horses can cure people of governance ,mount a horse can hold the edge of armored Wenwushuangquan type super talent .
Say, the Ming Dynasty by the business Wu ,also the beginning of literati in your lot, may also with the characteristics of the times about .If the song Confucian civil service is the virtue ,that development is not the same .
since Chang x ,I still go to mobilize the army ,this is now . Ma ang although the attitude of righteousness ,but is the one for the public ,he turned round to look, said: a state of emergency ,the palace thief in addition ,delay or not .
Well ,no delay . Zhang Jiamu is also a nod ,turned to : a team of people ,put several adult nursing ,now is not explained, they wanted to come with us to kill the thief ,consult one ,not to ,then escorted back to the government ,do not let them run .
The adult Ma ang angrily , what do you mean ? t have time to explain to you . Zhang Jiamu smiled ,look was very relaxed appearance ,he said : the emperor in the big I ,which has Kung Fu and you stay the rap .
He is the first ,his horse ,should not ignore Wu Jin and Ma ang et al ,he himself went to .He ,the Jinyiwei never took his orders as a game, a team of more than 10 people ,his horse around ang et al ,the rest have leg clip horse ,only to hear a hundred cavalry hoarseness ang ,and followed Zhang Jiamu to Chang .
? Although Ma ang anger ,but know not sulk when, although the complexion and anger ,mood is calm down ,just to Wu Sun were asked: do not call dispatch army ,I also has a few servants ,the next step should be how to ? Zhang Jiamu has said that the young army to go into town ,also struck the stone ,Shi hang together wait very general, this time the war had calmed down ,now the most important is to live in settled near ,anything also does not matter .
I think so, natural heart wide, sun boring without thinking, he turned his horse to horse ,side ang said: young army were similarly employed people ,adequate subjugation ,army is unstable ,Zhang adults although specialization some ,but the truth is right .
Ma ang alone asked ,however ,is nodded ,and said: Lord Peter said, I am not the same piece of adults to sulk . So ,we also come back . Wu Hou ? Of course I also went to the ,ha ha Wu would like to only around six or seven servants ,while the Marquis, issue no one hundred also have fifty or sixty ,otherwise ,go out of town without a mate a few hunting prowess ,as a county magistrate ,how can this be ?Unlike Wu Jin, he only twenty or thirty men ,mostly for sweep the bale ,the Marquis mansion on a few Han Jian ,so far ,no wonder once emperor with Wu Jin to play in the palace built in height ,see a mansion ,flourishing ,the emperor asked : who this ? Wu Jin knew the Shi Heng mansion ,but deliberately said: even the palace ? Ask and answer ,the emperor Shi Heng ,with Shi Heng and Wu Jin ,are vividly visible .
Such an end to the Marquis, usually never say hyperactivity ,today is a rare laugh ,or in the palace was burned when the children ,that was all ,not be struck dumb ,sleep abnormalities .
strange , Wu would side with all turned to Zhang Jiamu ,and left in place after ,laughing, said: think Cao Jixiang and Shi Heng will be in today .Happy joy ,meaning ,it is to cover also can .
As for your father distress ,natural to hurry to ,just to the troop movements ,so run ,now that a man had an overall arrangement ,then ,we prancing to fight it .Is killed, is also worth ,husband ,never die in bed .
His words although calm contented ,but is also wearing a refused .But at the moment no one will persuade Wu Jin, because everyone is the general idea ,your father is difficult, is his shame at this time if there is a funk meaning, in this life you down now everyone is laughing ,together toward to catch will go back .
See them so ,Cavaliers in reddish yellow nature is to lay down their hearts, led the squad officer was a try 100 Xiaowei ,in at present immediately laughed: and these characters together with his brothers ,forward ,not to lose the Cavaliers in reddish yellow .
is more than 10 Cavaliers in reddish yellow together will hand weapons with one stroke, chorus of promise .Although only a dozen rides ,but shout up on them ,was not in a powerful army Goodfellas boring of the general, is a product of power to military exploits ,and then seizes the door after the count, in the level of the general captaincy in his age ,though, just to middle age ,but the actual combat experience is not a bit weaker than those in the veteran .
This time will go by ,he was commander ,is the trust his ability .But he is, is head bout sees Cavaliers in reddish yellow so fiercely tough cavalry .On the essence of God ,equestrian ,on command ,have been in Xuanhua Datong Yan Sui side army cavalry elite ,on most armour and weapon ,the dorsal body equipment ,is far more than ordinary frontier force .
Other do not say ,the body of the double deck ,common side army 100 officer is not necessarily wear on heart surprised Zhang Jiamu has secretly to create such a powerful cavalry ,but lies in Beijing, if not so afraid of a trouble ,is also not many people know .
The Cavaliers in reddish yellow even out ,is the largest fish embroidered clothes spring knife ,has never been so heavily armed appeared, results ,so a ,is armed to the teeth ,is a difficult to envisage an ugly face such a cavalry ,even at the peak of the King Ming Division also not much ,as Xu Da Chang Yuchun his ability to have such a warrior of the division ,only the Ming Emperor Taizong ,is so dangerous people .
After several decades, but also in the sight of the emergence of such a force ,it is called ,surprising, and thought of a thing .When the sun no time on boring ,surrounded by a white, but his heart is in a fiery .
Distance is not far to Chang ,not long after we caught up with Zhang Jiamu legs ,again joined together, it is each other laugh ,that thing ,like the breeze blowing, without mustard with .
In Chang ,can look to see where is rampant as officer knight .They and the Cavaliers in reddish yellow ,is mostly with a double ,and ten have ten carrying a bow and a short bow two bow ,weapons ,UGG Fluff Flip Flop Sale,lance and lance horse is not much, mostly with iron spear ,namely Su Lu ingot ,axe and a mace is useful ,it and the horse are lance pike Cavaliers in reddish yellow is different .
The dog ,Han dog is here because Chang Shangguan officials hide ,no more people come here ,now and later can be different ,the people are not go this way .As for the officials ,of course is all gone ,was ordered to garrison the Yamen officials and soldiers ,is the natural hall large volume ,basically run out .
See the Cavaliers in reddish yellow ,just give these boring drive of the tartar ,refreshing ,a time people have cried ,first a few rides ,and then ride dozens ,hundreds of riding ,like the avalanche ,the direction toward the Cavaliers in reddish yellow bawl .
Wait a minute ,finishing formation Bo Yan look sharp ,his white team is his acquaintance ,is a reluctant to listen to him ,the remaining several hundred team early chaos is not good, Cao her home and alert ,Karen Millen Coats Clearance,Cao Qin prepares to slightly rest ,and application of poly they come ,say that under the a step to .
Otherwise ,he intended to guard the get-away, Cao Qin is confident ,to his hundreds of tartar ,strength ,everything is not a problem .Of course ,he is also not known ,the young army already in town ,to guard the direction over time, Shi poly et al have been scattered Cavaliers in reddish yellow ,scattered ,Shi poly et al has been captured ,had been remanded into custody heard off north ,enter, two Earl bales with dumplings like ,Dong Xing cry tears like ,of course ,this is something, at that time know few .
As the hurricane and one officer ,Cavaliers in reddish yellow and Zhang Jiamu side who are residual straight spirits ,Cao wing shouted ,North Face Kid's Down,shouted : straight guard ,with me Cavaliers in reddish yellow ,with strong crossbow in straight forward who a moment ,Zhou Yi is also the windup of ordered .
Police man was trying to build a powerful, convenient charging ,and can immediately use small ware .But with today ,is only a fantasy .A bow ,less powerful ,able to immediately with the Han Chinese generals are super expert ,the generals .
Yue seems to be a little bear ,the famous Liaodong big mouth that can immediately left or right opening ... ... But the General Han didn do this ,immediately remote weapons is a big problem .
The Mongolians, their short bows can be in close proximity to nausea ,the Mongolia cavalry attack the very West million in place, with heavy cavalry stormed array ,light cavalry copy flanks ,and riding a non-stop killer Europe dull heavy cavalry and heavy infantry ,or even toxic smoke are normal biochemical weapons Croton ,is standing common ,flexible ,advanced weapons ,was the most invincible tank-like cavalry group ,it is matchless .
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