the one thing I am afraid not disappear so fast .

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter eighty-fifth takes off pants to wear the pants .
.. This ... Soft and smoke suck the breath ,did not know what to do . I will trouble you ,slowly pull ,the wound is still not fully composite ,it is best to use both hands . Zhang Zimo how to let such a good chance ,busy said softly .
You ... Half a cigarette . come on, be careful poses a cold . Uh ... . soft and smoke really feel is before after the wolf tiger ,finally forced himself to go to the Zhang Zimo hospital bed .
Zhang Zimo watched the tight solid gluteus maximus ,soft and smoke brush you blush ,although she occasionally sneaking a peek at the Youth Literary action films ,but this was the first time saw the true version, not heart plop plop jumping .
Half a cigarette, you touch me here ,above a bit . Zhang Zimo saw the soft and smoke is almost closed eyes in his hips fumble ,suddenly sound reminder .Sorry sorry. Soft and smoke quickly glimpsed get nutrition ,and then immediately toward Zhang Zimo says : you yourself .
.. t do ,now I am the arm can not move ,hurry ,or I to complain to the aunt ... Besides ,you make me so miserable, this small favor you don help me ,is really chilling . Zhang Zimo said at last ,seemed to be in tears .
Tears, not sad ,but was moved by his sad . ,come, but this is the last time you ,tomorrow I will not help you get . With soft and smoke a pursed lips ,and then quickly will Zhang Zimo pants pulled up ,the technique is not too skilled, jammed .
Uh ... You will need the following up ,jammed . Zhang Zimo turned very red road . You ... Rogue . Soft and smoke was learn just nurses that action ,which know such a figure was not up, suddenly shocked .
In fact, don the soft and smoke ,is that Zhang Zimo guy is really too bad ,just be soft and smoke touch the bottom, one not careful the following Shenzhou nine to stand up ,just form a stake will waistband got stuck .
Hurry up, just like the aunt said that infection ,but is not good . Zhang Zimo said while the pursed her ass . How I met such a thing ,really ... Soft and smoke is really awkward dead ,don get it ,mother looked at it ,get it ,it would be too bashful .
Hey ,half smoke you this girl only shortcoming is too thin skinned ,okay ,okay, mom can do .Just to give you two to buy lunch . Lee looked at blush soft and smoke ,then smiled out ,just as she quickly glanced at Zhang Zimo the following shape ,thought his daughter after absolutely blissful .
To see their mother is finally out ,soft and smoke were finally relieved north face clearance sale,busy to sit beside the bed angrily : I am sorry you ,but that I do not, I haven had a boyfriend . Soft and smoke can for a long time, finally will own heart fear to speak out .
Oh ,or yellow big girl ... Zhang Zimo is in the heart of little YY a ,then your body will slowly crawling trousers to put on .Soft and smoke to see Zhang Zimo in bed that creeping look ,suddenly turned round ,but still can not get rid of Zhang Zimo impact UGG Earmuffs, because the guy mouth keep moaning .
Although by this time had escaped ,but soon soft half smoke and had let her headache ,that is Zhang Zimo eating problems . Aunt you are good ,have bought so much food ... It is estimated to have grown fat .
Zhang poses lying in bed watching her on the table with every kind of dishes, slobber it was . Hey ,boys must grow a little fat, or how to protect my family and smoke ah ,besides ,it is surrounded by a hotel is our ,so just to eat .
Lee said sat to Zhang Zimo bedside a mother . Well ... Aunt you are good to me ,so big has never been nice to me ,in your body I felt a maternity care . Zhang Zimo was not completely say lies, on their illness are forced to carry over, only once by the care ,or in a coma, unable to feel .
Oh ,the child ,your parents do for you don do this, right, give your parents a call ,anyway ,we have to give them an apology . Lee saw Zhang Zimo that a sad look at motherhood ,big hair .
,I was an orphan ,was not seen in the parents looks like, until the age of eight after the adoptive parents ,but they recently went abroad ,and now I family . Zhang Zimo thought that the headache with millet ,decided not to say it out ,or will she come to me ,but it will be the existence of hospital skywarp .
Oh ,sorry ,I do not know you, and smoke that children are not told me ,no wonder you will stay here over the summer ,is really a good boy ... Whether sick ,and aunt to our own work at home ? Lee this moment is really Zhang Zimo as his own child .
Mom ... Shut up. In fact ... Aunt your kindness I understand ,but I think on my own ability to make a world . Zhang Zimo then looked rather bleak and looked out of the window .At the moment seems to be for the occasion ,the sky suddenly a bolt from the blue ,not a long time ,just clear skies suddenly overcast, the tree was still jays and cicada also at the same time ,shut up ,looking for a place to escape the coming storm .
Soft and smoke just as Zhang Zimo and his mother ,look begins to trance ,she suddenly felt two people just like sitting, really like a pair of love in the hearts of the mother and child .
Half a cigarette ,I put the poses to you Womens The North Face Denali,take good care of him. You know, mom at noon to have a meeting ,on the first back ,what I call, poses ,you have to remember to take a good rest you know, in my heart you are my son .
Lee tapped Zhang Zimo ,then opened the door and went out . Zhang poses ,is it right? You just deliberately moved my mom ? Soft and smoke shakes his head ,with a look doubtful Zhang Zimo .
Zhang Zimo ignores flexible and smoke ,also did not say to eat ,but will head to the quilt ,continue to go to bed . You ... Talking to you . Soft and smoke to see Zhang Zimo and want to sleep ,suddenly went to the bed .
Zhang Zimo looked soft and smoke rolled her eyes ,then reached out to pull broaching machine head . ,what happened ,what do you need ? See the 215 ward which was pulled the bell ,the nurse on duty immediately trotted over, this ward but senior ward nurses ,they do have to watch ,not the least error .
Zhang poses in her quilt in a low, muffled voice ,said : I want to rest ,you will be in my room please nurse the young lady please go out ,she interrupted me off ,thank you . Zhang poses you .
.. ... Uh ... The young lady please go out please ,the patient needs a rest . The nurse looked soft and smoke ,and then said softly .Zhang Zimo. This is not I don take care of you ,but you will I cast out ,huh .
With soft and smoke stomp your feet ,shuaimen out .Out ward ,soft half flue gas was sitting in the rest area ,cursing Zhang Zimo is a narrow-minded .But when she is angry about ,recalled Zhang Zimo earlier that look ,suddenly felt something, usually make fun of Zhang Zimo and her ,but never appears so kind of scene ,she begins to wonder whether she is it right? Really wrong ,hurt their self-esteem .
Hear the soft and smoke that girl was finally out ,Zhang poses long breath and carried out ,are properly thank you in front of the nurse ,did not think of just looked at each other at a glance ,Zhang Zimo stunned .
In front of the nurse is actually his high school female classmate Li Xianghan . ,you really is Zhang Zimo ,I mean how clever name ,are called Zhang Zimo . See Zhang Zimo his cheek ,stand in bedside nurses face are filled with a smile .
Shannon Lee Han ,did not expect to meet you here ,what a coincidence ,since after graduating from high school ,I had never met you, ha ha . Zhang Zimo said he thought, how many years did not see ,,more long beautiful symbol .
You still say, when the number of the students ,is you the most mysterious ,hosted the four or five reunion every time you did not participate in ,we don know why you went to .Where ever did you get rich ah ,do not air .
Li Xianghan is holding the work clamp ,an interrogatory tone .Look at this year class beauty schools at the same time one of three campus Belle Li Xianghan ,Zhang poses do not know the exudes a kind of what kind of expression ,he did not want to participate in the annual reunion ,but he knows he is in the school is always the most unsociable one, his violence ,he was silent ,he solitary Men's North Face Down Jackets, this is the student on his evaluation ,and never contacted the school career of Zhang Zimo ,at that time did not know how to integrate into the circle ,so after graduating from high school ,the Zhang Zimo halfway around was perceived not to communicate with anyone .
Oh ,you know ,I am not good at words ,but I was halfway around ,so as not to disturb you, I will not go to the party ... Besides ,the one thing I am afraid not disappear so fast .
Zhang Zimo thought of 3 last month of an incident ,more is the heart of some pain . Hey ,in fact, so many years have passed ,I think she is not so hate you ,after all, you can do no wrong .
Remember that thing, Li Xianghan also feels headache .At that time Zhang Zimo although withdrawn but he doesn to talk in the win ,so the class to not reject him ,but in the eve of the university entrance exam in a month, Class League branch secretary suddenly said that Zhang Zimo stole his girlfriend ,but Zhang Zimo did not know why not contradict north face jacket sale,results everyone thinks that Zhang Zimo is really robbed the League branch secretary of the girlfriend ,and later the class graduation ,everyone on the blackboard portrait heart words, the girls write was on Zhang Zimo and Zhang Zimo is writing a word wasted his high school for a year and a half time .
Later that night ,the girls took a lot of close friend to ask Zhang Zimo ,Zhang Zimo as the face of so much person again not birds with each other ,direct against all the girls ,and because of a prior to dig the corner ,Zhang Zimo has been in the boys in the notorious .
Thus the Zhang Zimo transfer students is the whole class to offend the . Oh ,it is difficult to say ,but the world will continue to turn down ,because no one would rather not live without me ,on what now ,you of our school but influential man .
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