men quietly hold, cold moonlight spilled

September 25 [Tue], 2012, 16:44
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The sound of a broken heart, ask Cheng Anya.She clung to Ye Chen's head, arms, appeared only in this way, with despair leaves Chen, comfort him tormented soul, all languages have become pale redundant.
What should I do?What should they do?Cheng Anya first thought, my heart can also be a way of pain, pain in bone marrow......She wanted to cry, laugh, want to cry, but tears, laughter can't make a sound.
.....All stuck in the throat, a stabbing pain.She thought, she is a happy, but that is only an illusion.Happiness, so far!Two men quietly hold, cold moonlight spilled all over the ground, blocking a dreary silhouette.
Really!God, you want to play is not the play?Cousins, cousin......She is in front of a black, have a dizzy illusion, temporarily stimulated too heavy, hasn't recovered, she felt, she and leaf Chen, is God playing a.
From the beginning all the way to meet, drama, one-night stands, giving birth to a child, into his company, had, for the children live together, love, and now out their cousins the news.It is simply a upgraded version of the sentimental soap operas.
"Ye Chen, you want to give up?"Cheng Anya whispered, she did not know they should decide on what path to follow, a lost heart, never thought about this problem, so a burst, be taken by surprise.Who are not prepared, just be hit Mens North Face Gore Tex Jacket, collapse of the moment!Long, long time, no response, Cheng Anya's heart is cool, she thought that leaves three less acquiesced to her words, vertical pupil North Face Bionic, he fell asleep!Cheng Anya stroked his face, icy tears, she be torn with grief!Fall leaves three less, between the eyebrows is deep twist, Cheng Anya lovingly stroked his glabella wrinkles, like want to heal his worries.
.....The life of a person, always meet a person, his the passions, you want to share, with no regret, be most willing to.He was her be most willing to."Ye Chen, I love you!"A tear from the eyes of Cheng Anya falls, dropping leaves Chen head, "deep love!"Never say love, escape one's lips, sad and sorrow.
Cheng Anya's face, flowing with sorrow.If the life of a person falling in love is doomed to have covered all over with cuts and bruises, despair, so she is willing to love in the sour, sweet, bitter UGG Seline Boots, hot in the ups and downs, regardless of resurrection, just hold her man leaves me.
Her persistent North Face Targhee Triclimate Womens!"You are a liar, he leaves, you is really an impostor, really hate her, why my heart?Now, who can answer for it?If I was not met you, that this good, Cheng Anya or Cheng Anya north face down kids, heartless Cheng Anya, what can not hurt, live to chic.
""Can you take my ruin!""But I don't regret ah, I prefer to wreck a life of ten years for us when we meet, for better, for our love, you never know, how much I appreciate!""How to do?I am really afraid, we will wake up tomorrow, day is changed, what do we do?I do not want to separate.
.....I don't want to separate, perhaps, we are not what the damn cousins......""Speak up......We just as beautiful, as evil, so proud......Maybe you have what Buqingbubai consanguinity......"Cheng Anya
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