its appearance has been twisted

October 02 [Tue], 2012, 12:48
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultFourth layer underground space is not large ,but very empty ,because in addition to several pillars ,there was nothing inside ,this let Zhao Yue have little doubt ,is that the high priest let people specially issued this layer so come the rest ?That !Zhao Yue came from local to the five layer at the entrance to look carefully for several times ,in addition to the middle ground on an unknown seven angle star ,can something else .
He to the upper Dysla they called down among them ,have a look have no one knows . Here except here painting seven star ,then there are other things ,you have a look have no one knows this thing what to do ,what to do ? Zhao Yue took Dysla away to the seven angle star above .
Dysla looked at him michael kors 2013,have great experience ,understanding of this six star which is a calling hell demon magic ,as for what is summoned demon ,only the layout of this magic people know !But this magic is the highest level of physical combination of magic ,summoning demons of hell three dogs ! Zhao Yue said : the how to summon demons of hell three dogs ? satisfies the condition ,why do you ask ,do you think he will call out ,oh ,no, we too many men have died ,don we have a go ! Dysla hurried there to stop .
Zhao Yue shook his head : where do you want to go ,I can get into a lot of trouble ,I just want to ask clear ,lest we be the devil gave out ! This is not to say ,under normal circumstances ,in the layout of the magic ,by the layout wizard offering his life force or with their own soul in exchange for calling Timberland Men's Boat Shoes Cheap, this requirement is very strict, if not a great hatred ,the wizard will not do it ,because he will summon demon came out, even though it has not been the devil eats ,himself not to live long ! Tesla explains .
Zhao Yue said: now no one to call ,that the magic has no effect !Painting doing here? This is I can ,think that the high priest is what kind of person ,how will this bad ? Des streaking .
Magician magic magic will use some good conductor is drawn into the magic ,and when drawing the injection of a small amount of magical power ,make it in magic in a particular track running ,and running to the outside of the free magic echo each other ,to attract outside free magic power ,to a certain extent so as to enhance the the magic power .
Magic is generally required and the sun and the moon and stars echoes, to achieve maximum effect ;and as far as possible with the regular pattern of close, in order to reduce the magic power in which operation of the loss ,this is the magic of the principle .
It is the type of divides a lot of kinds ,common non element and element class ,combination ,decomposition ,symbol class ,physical combination of class .Zhao Yue : we do or do not think this problem ,you let your staff to pay attention to, if it finds something wrong ,say at once ,lest we be a be taken by surprise ! Des Daokou : good ,I immediately orders down ! He then commanded the other people .
Zhao Yue and blood of the people here to search for a long time, but they found nothing ,into the next layer of the organ has been found . ,the discovery of organs ! A marquis shouted .
Dysla and Zhao Yue heard the shout hurriedly walked ,the authorities in a pillar and a high place ,it seems quite humane designer . The authorities don touch ,I see you first material will be moved down ,to prepare enough, I estimate the following should be is Attila the Hun tomb .
Zhao is said to Dysla .Dysla said : I think so Zhao Yue Dysla they go to carry supplies ,himself a lie on top of magic for a long time ,but still have gained nothing ,he did not know what the high priest !Compelled to give up .
When Tesla they will all materials to move down, time has passed for a long time .Zhao Yue standing at the entrance, Dysla nodded ,Dysla see ,immediately to the next station in organ blood shouted: open bodies ! The kinship hear shouts of Terceira ,reached out to open the entrance of the organ ,the magic corrugated disappeared ,the opposite walls with a four meters high ,three meters wide of the golden gate , KaKa opened the door .
This sudden change ,intermediate magic in the golden gate open instant shine, peripheral blood face, they did not think this critical moment problems, Terceira response quickly ,immediately shouted: soon broke into the tomb ,don ! Too late ,magic once opened ,no one can stop it summons demons of hell ,in the light of a space crack ,two claws out will crack open ,from the inside out a monster .
This monster of a sinister appearance :it has three heads ,with a serpent ,head and back hair is a snake coiled strips ,from the mouth out venom ,each head of two eyes without eyes ,like the lantern light ,this is hell three dogs ,as king of Hades .
Guard the door ,it is the demon of progenitor Typhon and snake ,with guest Dana is born, it allows every the souls of the dead to the underworld ,but don let anyone out .The hell out of three dogs will a not react of blood fell to the ground ,and it bit him in the neck timberland boots cheap,the surrounding blood upon seeing this, immediately began to attack Womens Timberland 14 Inch,but the attack fell on it seems to have no effect ,be down family struggled to kick it thoroughly .
Look what, run into ! Terceira see these kinship still attack three dog ,immediately shouted .This monster action very quickly ,and he has three heads ,cut a does not die ,after a while will respawn .
The blood clans resorted to various magic around it ,so that they can quickly broke into the tomb .Finally in the golden gate was closed ,all the surviving people rushed into the tomb ,not rush in basically also live in hell ,three dogs .
Terceira panted Timberland Men's 6 Inch Boots Cheap, backed by the door on Zhao Yue said : that is the real meaning of demons ,bloodthirsty ,cold it .It is not from hell but more horrible than hell of a world ,its appearance has been twisted ,it has no eyes ,but can clearly feel around the same ,to protect their master ,as his teeth to bite into your body ,it is not just the bottom level of biological bite, but the invasion of your spirit ,absorb your spirit and let you down .
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