everyone in the manor of daily or uphill hunting

October 21 [Sun], 2012, 13:08
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultXu Li and Fan Yuhua confessed to his Li Bin Hui bin company large holdings of shares ,the annual dividend is enough for two people to enjoy the good life .
Fan Yuhua this is no fear, just like Xu Li is one of the two people now ,the salary every month is three thousand yuan ,although fall short, but still can live a good life of well-off .
Of course, the money would be better ,at least I can not busy every day to eat three meals a day chores ,life also can promote a class .The very next day ,Fan Yuhua was free ,and the ugly daughter-in-law also sooner or later to see her, he can not hide forever ,as well as openly come out .
So Fan Yuhua and Xu Li morning downstairs ,came to the restaurant ,a meal .After a while ,Li Bin and Wang Huiye holding hands together from down stairs .See Xu Lihe Fan Yuhua two first novel, then Li Bin laughed : chestnut ,you can finally go downstairs to see guest ! Roll !You didn to see guest ! Xu Lixiao .
That is how the new person ,had experienced just married the stage ,later had children, for those who just got married comrades have no less fun UGG Kids Roxy Short Boots Sale.So many legislation that countered : man ,you will find a project team ,the castle good trimming ,I feel a little dangerous ! Eh? Really? You are there is the problem ? This is the life event, Li Binke dare not containing between ,even Wang Huihe Fan Yuhua also turned his head ,looked at Xu li .
They all know Xu Li ability, thought that Xu Lizhen is what problem . Last night I in two buildings when sleeping, felt the floor some sloshing ,fat .If you don fix the castle ,sooner or later you caved in ! Xu Li stood up and went to the table to sit down ,preparing meals .
Li Bin was half did not want to understand .Still the mutter ,Wang Hui came in Li Bin whispered the sentence, Li Bincai Huang ran the ,big channel: chestnut ,are you saying I and Xiaohui ,ah .
.. ... The original is Xiaohui severely kicked Li Bin ,pain UGG Over Knee Twisted Cable, Li Bin and screams . Why did you kick me ! Wang Hui felt Li Bin was defeated ,but had some speechless .The said: all right feeble .
Let ! Li Bin listens to eat, can not attend to investigate why Wang Hui playing himself ,trotting ,to the table, sat down ,facing the servants : fast food Michael Kors Kingsbury Tote,we are starving ! Soon a sumptuous dinner on the table ,let Xu Lihe Fan Yuhua did not think of is ,the meal was a Chinese dinner .
The fat man, you find in it the cook ?How to produce such a wonderful lunch ? That you do not know of it, in the city there is a Chinese restaurant .I sent for a cook . Then the servant brought me a bowl of soup .
Fat man said : this is chicken soup .I have asked them to do ,her drink ,it is complementary ! Fan Yuhua is suddenly got a big red face ,just bow well twice, didn dare to look at you .
A few days later, everyone in the manor of daily or uphill hunting, or water to catch fish ,or horse travel, it is play ran .At the manor played a week later, Wang Hui proposed that we managed to come to europe .
The United States ,Germany ,France ,Britain and so on these famous tourist sites in the country or is a shopping paradise. If do not go ,do not regret for a lifetime ?This proposal was immediately agreed ,but Fan Yuhua is hesitant ,whispered Xu Li : GE was mayor said that although all expenses can be reimbursed ,the travel expenses they can give reimbursement ? Many a laugh: they claim ,we keep the billionaire is useful to them called the poor ?Fatso ,you say we accompany you to travel .
If you fancy something sister-in-law .What do you do? Tell me about it ?Of course I give it to her brother ,just as for her gift ! Fat and forthright : the end of the year from his year-end bonuses in the buckle was ! But fatso knowing .
But this is deceiving Fan Yuhua bale ,the road spending though comes from his hand ,but still a legislative bill, who made him the most money !Four after the agreement ,immediately embarked on a tour of europe .
Unfortunately, only seven countries ,Songjiang representative Li Bin negotiating team and was beneficial and call, saying is the project to negotiate work has been basically completed ,only waiting for the boss to sign Li Bin .
Everyone that pack ,to return to Songjiang .In Europe ,Li Bin and Xu Libian in the hotel received Songjiang transmits a facsimile of the contract ,the contract is very clear .Xu Li holding contracts ,even make fun of the way: fat man UGG Accessories,this time you can be white picked up several million Air Max 95 Shoes,the manor is it right? How much you can give me some money ? Li Bin certainly will Xu Li the rich impertinence in asking ,now serious tunnel: I want money ?This is not possible !Besides the project save billions ,finally cheap is not you !Dare you tube I want money ?But you should give me some money ! Originally this signing the contract clearly written ,as long as the Hui bin company paid one billion yuan ,can get it conleys Songjiang branch company in Songjiang owned by all, also includes the conleys Songjiang branch after the bankruptcy of this period of time ,appear personally by the government loan two hundred million the construction of these projects .
You know these works from the land now totals have spent one billion four hundred million ,be Zongbin only need to pay one billion can take over everything ,of course is made .While in Songjiang the government is holding the conleys company something for a favor, all projects in construction loans to now a total of nine billion ,while the government is not funded .
The removal of this period of time need to pay the bank loan interest ,the government can also get tens of millions of funds ,can be said to be to the satisfaction of all ,only only lose bankrupt Conners company ,their interests would not have to care about people .
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