he took the book sitting

September 29 [Sat], 2012, 17:05
In your opinion dispensers and man will not eventually be part company each going his own way ,so you should set up a board of directors ,but also to develop the store rules ,so ensuring dispensers and man always walk together is this ? Director Zhou asked Zhuang Jihua to think this is not misunderstand the meaning of their own, they nodded do you think they disband what is the reason ? Zhuang Jihua silence will say: their business ideas .
but now, although some differences ,their purpose is the same . yes, but they are not the same as taking means director Zhou thinking will say: but we think ,man can and dispensers together to shop operator ,treasurer of the body while some faults ,but also can cure Zhuang Jihua think said: I once had a friend ,once he was ill ,I will send him to the hospital ,but he refused ,he said that he was not ill, but he is really ill ,I adhere to send him to the hospital ,so finally we argue ,he punched me left ,thereafter until I left ,he didn come to see me director Zhou silently thinking for a while and said: your friend may be somewhat confused ,I was sober ,he also thinks that he is ill, so he need to gang of timing often help him not certain illnesses incurable illness prevention , said this Zhuang Jihua was aware of the bad ,Sun Zhongshan is still not dead really ,director Zhou gazed at him ,seems to be his love you tube inwardly through do you think the dispensers may be confused ? Zhuang Jihua did not speak, he chose to remain silent director Zhou also does not talk, the room was very quiet ,the rustle of leaves a loud windy Jiang Xianyun have a look out of the window, go to the window, his melancholy ,he fully understand the two enigma ,the mood is very heavy ,very surprised ,the Cultural Revolution too bold he was Prime Minister Zhuang Jihua ,suspected heart knows two people misunderstood, but he don how to explain ,Jiang Xianyun watched the window suddenly have a brain wave pull over , I like sunny days ,especially Guangzhou weather ,the sky blue sea ,sunshine, good ;the rainy days always make me feel cold ,but no way to make the sky has been keep up the director Zhou as if thinking of sth.
,some of his see also having the next : wind and rain can wash the dust rain may cause disaster Zhuang Jihua immediately replied rainstorm can be prevented ,just can therefore repair canals, rivers some rain may come very suddenly ,is difficult to prevent .
there are signs of changes in the weather Zhuang Jihua knew the director Zhou understood his words ,Jiang Xianyun saw two people talking about changes in the weather, stare blankly out also come to understand ,and said to the : it is raining who will stop ,and the air is not fresh rain who will stop ,Zhuang Jihua was silent ,if not stop ,so they should choose ?So .
.. If the storm into a drizzle is not better, can the fresh air ,can also repair drains the river should not be afraid of the storm petrel ,should be as ready for the storm Jiang Xianyun retorted but the storm may store destroyed ,club starts to suffer more pain .
but ,the Cultural Revolution ,have you ever thought about ,in your design ,our store rule is a very important rules ,but how to ensure all people to obey the store rules ?The reality is breaking shop regulation of the behavior of many director Zhou then raises a question about the problem ,the storm ended since Xin Hai ,provisional constitution has been the government failure ,and thousands of years of Chinese political environment is always the strength to speak, rather than rely on the law ,the strength can break any laws ,far such as Li Shimin ,Zhang Zuolin ,Duan Qirui close ,so the director Zhou problem is very sharp Zhuang Jihua reflections said after a pause : should first solve the problem of the board of directors ,the board of directors of the strong ,the store rules nature can get maintenance director Zhou nodded : then the board if destroyed the store rules ? said Zhuang Jihua flatly : Inn compasses is made by the board of directors ,board of directors rely on it for store ,if he destroys the store rules ,then store the powder .
but I think he can set up a new board of directors . otherwise ,dispensers destroy the old board ,then also has other members of the board of directors of the new board of directors destroy director Zhou little said to accept the conclusion that it down ,he felt that the Zhuang Jihua on a number of issues such as Jiang Xianyun described it as the thought is profound ,in some other problem is somewhat one-sided ,and even some idealized Zhuang afterwards China then feel weak Timberland Men's Radler Trail Camp Shoes,the old man was led ,so he decided to change this situation ,but talking so long ,also failed to find out their top view director ,but there is a problem, Zhuang Jihua week director: have a look man and man friends if they believe dispensers disease can well.
of course ,the man and I are friends ,fellow friends think treasurer of the disease can be cured director Zhou quietly said I is buddy friends under the conclusion . this is their consensus director Zhou watertight ,hearts are dark dark Surprised ,how did he know the top party differences ,did Jiang Xianyun tell him, he not by one look at Jiang Xianyun ,but Jiang Xianyun also puzzled look at him but I don believe man friend ,some of their behavior is puzzling ,but they do not understand the shop ,also may not know dispensers ,but on shop operation and buddy relationship with the dispensers backseat driver ,I fear that may later because they lead to man and dispensers .
Zhuang Jihua suddenly throws the problem ,let the director Zhou and Jiang Xianyun have some confused but man and I think friend is credible ,and the current and dispensers understanding of different director Zhou severely when it comes to Zhuang Jihua almost made the director Zhou immediately Zhuang Jihua row to the right side ,and is compared with the risk of the class is now, but I say is the future, is after the rain I mean man should get the idea after all this is of the store ,the friend also has shops ,his store to manage, can not be completely for buddy store and damage his store ,even to his shop ,and loss Harm the interests of man.
Zhuang Jihua didn at the director Zhou is now roughly know top party understanding ,despite some disappointment ,he decided to remind them ,then end this conversation. we don dispensers and buddy agreed that a friend is honest .
then this June North happened what ,even if the man think is normal ,so I think that normal ?After the northwest ,northeast if something ,man. How should from place ,I will how
to determine the director Zhou and Jiang Xianyun also remain silent in June 24 Mongolia declared independence ,the Soviet Union sent troops into Mongolia ,to protect the independence of Mongolia
,on the other hand, with the Beijing government signed a Sino-Russian framework agreement to resolve outstanding issues ,the treaty Sun Zhongshan and the strong opposition to sign, therefore
,Sun Zhongshan and Borodin in a heated argument ,almost ruined the combining with Russia but the attitude is to support the sign the treaty ,no doubt ,this is the Communist International
for his decision dispensers have a knife ,so man hand should at least get a it will stick from his right back to school left to Zhuang Jihua and after Jiang Xianyun left ,the director
Zhou feel or act bashful permit Zhuang Jihua ,the conversation with Zhuang Jihua only at the last moment exposed edge Men's Timberland Slippers Sale,other times are patiently explained his idea ,should saying is very
complex ,also once the director Zhou that has mastered his political attitude ,but he for the Soviet attitude ,and suggestions of their master Wu Installed power let but confusing
,the former is the absolute right of speech, the latter is the extreme leftist ,Nationalist Party won a clear to the army ,even Liao Zhongkai such famous left the army to its workers
,pickets and accu numbers are clearly defined ,a previously established trade unionists army and army while in Binh Dinh agricultural business delegation made work ,but after all also
disbanded Zhuang Jihua actually offered to their mastery of the army after dinner, not only Zhuang Jihua did not speak interest ,Jiang Xianyun is not interested in ,after this kind of conversation
,who do not want to say anything michael kors cheap handbags,he took the book sitting on table ,I see no ,Zhuang Jihua is lying in bed toss about recall and director Zhou conversation dormitory is quiet a lot
than usual Zhuang Jihua trying to remember history ,first week is also in Guangzhou ,also in Whampoa  ,but the Zhongshan warship incident still happens ,think of these, Zhuang Jihua was again
disturbed ,he is not that he hopes too high ,even if can draw him ,he can decide the top party decisions ?To know that Jiang Jieshi is now a red generals ,at least in Soviet advisers
believe that, if not the status change is impossible to avoid Zhuang Jihua again brooding can rely on scheduling and power ,he found he had nothing, classmates ?He Zhonghan Kuomintang
supporters ,Jiang Jieshi ;Jiang Xianyun ,the Communist Party, inner-party cooperation supporters ;let them support themselves, there is no Jiang Xianyun ,he Zhonghan there seems not to
or past ,don play politics in the heart ,Zhuang Jihua sighed, bubble ,bubble mm ,internet life more comfortable ,and now think of the Internet than is heaven ,he can not think of themselves
on the Internet initiated the topic dress much temptation timberland mens boots cheap,also do not know how many bricks and flowers to think of this ,he suddenly thought of an idea ,I also floor ah, how many
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