dialect is induced to stone in Qiyang

November 22 [Thu], 2012, 12:49
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultNo matter what happened ,see things from the car after the exit ,make Hin LAN domain many monks assured a lot, there is another big things ,car condition is also another space ,and does not affect the Xuan LAN domain what ,anyway, car condition even if how, but also of those forces, the bulk of the door in the bag ,with many small and scattered practice has nothing to do ,no relationship between these years North Face Triclimate,the car from the realm of no small reputation ,tens of thousands of Yuan Ying to monk development among them ,killing Lord ,is one with very limited knowledge and scanty information monks also have heard these things ,this time things just to make the space more a reputation .
This is a thing clearly in these fragmented ,expect ,be alarmed not only they those in the door you elders ,several cases of the door pocket teaching ,more they didn to star Mune Oon Road ,cypress margin in Mo from the road that no strong .
Cloud war Road ,Mo from the road the two although was not long in the door ,but also have seen things ,after all star in Baiyuan case is 10 thousand generations ,may have to pay to visit each other ,many become slightly lower friars had seen two people follow the elder member of the body ,but this time the car from the realm of things even more than that ,people with little or no earthly existence also appeared .
The ancient battlefield with shortage of deeper ,Reiki will become more and more strong, Tiancai Po will become more and more high order ,just risk will grow exponentially ,just into the ancient barren battlefield ,or four and five order the territory ,is the transfer of friars ,as long as a team, also can probe a ,just these places ,want to have big harvest impossible ,deeper ,there will be six order not to distract the hauntings ,repair ,or a dialect as the baby body ,which shall not be further ,but a dialect as the strength ,reach the fall Lei Yuan is also almost limit ,want to go any further, we need to rely on luck ,and also difficult to support star burial robe is comprehensive ,not only because of the six order can be seen everywhere ,seven order even greater evil can arise from time to time .
But he is a dangerous place ,it will also have great strength ,which has many strong ,deep ,deep into the mine deeper than deep ,a lot of people in the very depths have seen a dark red mountains .
This dark red mountains Lingqi rich, products is abundant, here, is the confidence very monks also with great care ,a probe ,a little attention will fall among them .Because this is where monk masters ,here are the true masters of all kinds ,the whole mountain road to kill air arranged in a crisscross pattern ,Venus can breath often flash ,the monster only had seven order goods order ,is the higher the also appeared from time to time ,higher order objects not only monks like ,the same coveted ,to a treasure, the most direct and fierce fighting can happen whenever and wherever possible ,the whole mountain of incomplete fracture bones can be seen everywhere .
If you look carefully ,you can find the whole mountain Sora UGG,dark red ,is actually the countless blood into the original land after the show of color, so a mountain ,exactly what the beast blood can have today so the mountains will be here before monk named the black blood the mountains .
This day is the cloud began leaving star number one day later, the ancient battlefield the foot deep black blood shortage ,a few big bones UGG Women's Sparkles Tall Boots,suddenly flashed through a wave ,a covered with black figure suddenly flashed out ,behind him ,as a secret door door door slightly ripples, portal in a bone City flashed ,and not long after the portal disappears ,bone city image also disappear .
With this figure appears, the skeletons of gas flash, a coercion enveloped Quartet ,within or around million flight or fight is shaking his head over his meal ,horrified look .
The black robes are slightly up ,revealing a bony face ,without a trace of blood ,like a skeleton wearing a wrinkled skin, dry flat eyes blink ,an angry feelings instantaneous spread out ,time ,many of the original scared the immediately planted head fall at the black friars ,breath ,seems to be slightly subsided somewhat rage ,a leg ,into the void, the twinkling of an eye disappeared form ,with black friars left, around the coercion slightly reduced ,many fear the panic away immediately ,and did not contend for grab fetish .
To the black blood mountain monks do not know, in this article the Ukrainian blood mountains near, there was a monk stronghold ,but if they see the black figure and he just show out of the atmosphere ,is not particularly surprising ,in addition to a bone emperor ,and the family in the door is so .
Vaillant ,and just show the black friars is a tremble with fear on hearing of bone emperor, the portal shows bone City ,also is the base that city of the bone .The secret was ,nobody saw edge base bone city was the ancient battlefield depths barren ,but base bone city is different from the other friars of the city, is a magic weapon for as long as the bone bone emperor ,emperor would seem to appear in ,could be anywhere .
Rumors, in addition to a skeleton of gas charge is finished ,the emperor rarely leaves the base bone bone in the city ,but now see bone emperor away here ,clearly has the extremely important happens ,Lenovo car environment in mulberry things ,can be known, bone emperor also to the car exit things and leave their base bone city .
Xuan LAN domain of the fluctuations in the context ,the car is mostly monk is not known, but recently, everyone can feel the car throughout the atmosphere is even more intense ,is not only a few large door strength bound to their followers ,many a small door ,even casual repair Union also began to release command ,remind door disciple recently do not further the car throughout the deeper ,want to kill the devil ,also preferably in now occupy the area looking for monks .
Dialect and love still stay at the gold line pulse of hope ,and a few days ,originally intended to leave the spiritual pulse to kill Lord two also received a similar command ,following a previously received a Qiyang priest came into the azure ocean prohibition order ,this is the second a similar message ,compared to a prohibition to the azure ocean ,this time a smaller more .
Because of love by friar identity ,their two people other than the reason ,know more things ,that in the car the perspetive of fall many monks after distraction ,whether dialect or love showed a surprised look .
The fall of distracting monks is nothing, but the fall of the so not clear ,even as Qiyang Taoist master, also do not know the specific reasons ,in addition to say they fall in the ocean and blue sky is no more information UGG Sundance II Cheap,but love the reason ,dialect ,called distracted ,actually means than not true distracted quality ,hear such things be not surprised .
Let the dialect some surprise, those demons method has fluctuation ,other place Zhenfa dialect not seen, do not know which one it is ,but killing the peak the handsome stone river under the mazoku method, dialect have personally visited the long ,did not find any signs of course ,now there is a movement ,even want to go back again exploration dialect as a .
This several days ,daily and Lingshi harvest ,but compared to the initial time has sent many ,originally love is not greedy people want to go back ,hear dialect crevice ideas ,not hesitate to promise to come down ,the crevice location also ,within the scope of control ,not against several master the the friars to control within killing Lord ,is love know dialect is on ,now tens of thousands of monks in this area and searching exploration ,there is some devil can certainly far out ,want to kill their contribution value ,certainly not previously so convenient ,might as well do it later action .
A clean ,love and dialect two people escape out the spiritual pulse space ,separated by half a month after another came to the ground ,to the direction towards the stone ,immediately fly away and go, no four exploration of Lord trail ,two people escape speed to to allow fast many ,but three days time ,once again came to the rock where the low ridge .
Just stop body ,two people will see two star Mune Yuan monk in the ridge sides of the respective arranged a method, it seems that monitoring the crevice .Love two people not convergent news dialect ,was soon following transfer of monk found love ,his breath slightly exposed, immediately issued a knowledge of God ,just from the array of a few Yuan Ying friars and their return to the array, has been promoted by culture ,as the inner door disciple big sister the love ,want to do, is not the reason to get monk .
Well, we in dialect . To send following transfer of friars ,Xi Yan said in dialect .The dialect is not to say that the body ,directly will fly away at the stone over the past ,just to the crevice ,dialect is induced to stone in Qiyang road layout of formation ,also want to rush this dialect exploration of this method, but love is pulled into one : case of Basic Law ,where you need to break .
Laugh at a sound ,with love seven Po eight dialects around ,and soon through this method, see the stones under the river, and the river under the calm ,yet in the fluctuations of the mazoku method .
Knowledge of God is still difficult to probe into them ,that broken phantom eye dialect or staring at the river ,the mazoku method were calm not move when ,unable to see what this dialect ,a dialect fluctuations ,though found something ,I do not know how long after ,a dialect expression ,shout loudly: love generation, this method seems to be the black demon legend in turn the magic matrix ,must quickly notified the Qiyang seniors ,sword star elder people UGG Slippers On Sale.
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