Ye holy Tianyi come out with innocent eyes

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 15:41

> Blood God saw here immediately know in stuck. [Rui Kun. Rui Kun. Said net www hunhun ] This year, although there is no light of God and the devil as strong, but the Lord God strong here there are many, coupled with on hundreds of millions of army attack even the blood god not guarantee one hundred percent of yourself out intact. The blood god now face does not look good, he did not expect the the mythical two parties will be set up next to him again stuck, how he can accept UGG Suburb Crochet Short. Before highly time when he fooled again, his heart naturally extremely angry, wait for them to kill them. But now, or as soon as possible to escape better, who knows there is no ambush around strong, to the character of the light of God and the devil those two old guys, what things are doing. Others say his blood god cunning, Yinhen, said he Gorefiend a ratio, but their own and those two old guys, nothing. They have two legs to walk, while they are still four legs crawling. Looked at the blood of God appear mythical army, try to keep their momentum unabated, this is called the input not to be outdone, even the expense of so many troops. So that you know how I must appear here then? Protoss, but since stoop associating with Mozu, more even Mozu have no place for you, you are still with us back to the Protoss, I believe that the great light of God do not blame you. engage in an alliance can control Protoss, is simply naive than I thinks he does not think about it, his angel Protoss so suppress other Protoss, the other Protoss will hear the command to be strange. need to be here to talk to you intend to go with us? still go with the Mozu? number of sound, The whole people turned into a mass carnage, carnage went, where life was his harvest. At the same time, the sky began from the shower of blood. This is a sea of ​​blood knows no boundaries. Pouring a shower of blood fell on the mythical family who will immediately enter their body, and they instantly become ferocious, launched an attack against the surrounding similar. The magic army attack against the sky, they want to break up those blood-red cloud. Thousands of the Lord God with the shot, extraordinary blood god wearing a top main artifact may still be wounded, but still let him tear a hole escaped, 'll be back. The carefully arranged Bureau, and finally ended in failure. They also did not expect to the blood god even become so powerful, let him so simple escape out, so they very can not be reconciled. But again can not be reconciled, but also how to blood that God long ago fled the vanishing or war as a first-class things. Blood of God go a shower of blood had stopped down, just blood rain there is not a small number, these people are still there to hack into the one of us finally the strong hand of the Lord God to all of them The stun belt back. The shower of blood the effect is temporary and will not last long. Fled out of the blood of God falls away from the top of a hill just hundreds of thousands of miles of the battlefield, he landed here, it spit out a mouthful of blood. Although he has just escaped out, can still hit their attacks. Lord God of so much with the shot, he simply could not withstand the armor are broken. Most important thing is that the Lord God, and there are still a few powerful roles, plus so many armies, the blood of God and do not want to recklessly, not escape, how? Damn mythical you my wounded again, but , but it also has drawbacks, is not completely successful practice, can not be easily hands. Otherwise, move your hands again, it will damage the body once. Last to deal leaves St. days, he spent several times back to the Protoss was restored over. Within the period of the Devil, he again moved a few hands, his physical condition is not good, he was so eager to snatch the corpse battlefield. However, although the physical condition is not very good, but the space inside the ring he has collected many mythical and the bodies of the two communities, as long as they have, and then there was the time he would recover. Only wait to recover, he was looking for mythical the two communities trouble, can not kill them all, kill a few of the Lord God is not easy. After that, the blood of God here opens up a cave, then get hold of the blood pool into the blood pool, began closed-door life. After the escape of the blood of God, natural Protoss Mozu army to leave the place on the left some army clean corpse, just these carcases who are some of the valuable things in their minds suddenly give birth to their lust start Daihatsu Necrobusiness. Originally Protoss Fortunately, that thought did not play, but when you see Mozu action, mouth cursed them shamelessly, but in their minds I thought: not bring already naked is not as cheap us, we have such wealth, and so on back to the spirit world, you can change to some practice materials, so that we can improve the repair order. equal status is to improve. Status has been improved, and the future of life are happy, so they figured out the action up. Was in each hand, and out of the way, but the Protoss and Mozu the corpse mixed in with some people with the way took. Once or twice probably will not cause the other's attention, but holding times, they find it tricky, you sanctimonious hypocrites, we Mozu things handed? find who is who, each with their own skill to say you Mozu then things do, a few days would be our Protoss thoroughly defeated, sensible, then UGG Over The Knee Bailey, it will be in your hands something to us and seek refuge , we can assure you that you immortal. commanding in person, you had better look out for themselves. The Magic King Mozu powerful figures, magic and every Huang repair as are terrible, said their hands were stained with blood donation is light, and each of them have killed several uncountable Protoss. Because she wanted when the Protoss on Magic King not only need repair, also have to kill a certain number, the only way we can when. Therefore, when they hear the magic of Wong to, they are scared endless calf have started playing the drums, it seems that this magic Wong's prowess is indeed a very powerful. These Protoss hear their names are scared driven to distraction, so-called Magic King here, then they are not to be scared to death. Also back unscathed. They want this very important intelligence and report it to the generals, it is no trivial matter, related to the life and death of the Protoss. Magic King in the eyes of the Protoss is synonymous with demons, and than the devil terrorist hundredfold. ., Health, the Protoss of them Xipinenrou also dare to attack us UGG Australia Argyle Knit, really do not know the dead how to write the word. Ye holy Tianyi come out with innocent eyes looking at the hard work Mozu. Those Mozu also felt someone watching them, and immediately raised his head UGG Nightfall, when to see a human, they really relieved, but still maintained a vigilant heart, after all, a human unusual here . Their wariness indeed is still pretty high, is indeed experienced the tempering of blood and fire, life and death. But they are, after all, is a group of ordinary Mozu soldiers, not opponent Ye holy days. Course leaves holy days no shot, he there are some issues you want to ask them, problems, are a strong tone, and there is a strong momentum, pressing the inferno on the ground can not all breathe air. But the tone of his last one is very gentle, but also can not stand, have shuddered Mini UGGs.

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