will collect the bones in the family

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 16:09

> Hong souls of three faces of the two dead bodies look like, it is clear, that is, Phoenix: paste repair ten soul. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm soul were torn out of three of soul's face. Are showing the the slightest terror of look. Watching Indra desperately for mercy. A fear of endless, you know, in the repair Once upon a time. Not for the soul of the spell. But quite rare, and repair Once upon Article unwritten rule in the fighting. If any damage, the other the soul can not be deceitful charged, at least give the opportunity to the other reborn. This is in heaven and earth alive. In general, the Cultivation who are not in violation of the this Chan giant. After all, who do not know, others died in their own hands, will not tomorrow,Michael Kors Hamilton Sale, also died in the hands of others, without this rule. After death, I'm afraid that they themselves would completely destroy. Even the soul does not leave. It forever not real exaltation. Moreover, even if the soul of people start to have that kind of ability to the job. In front of the monster can actually easily their soul from the body photo, visible, definitely a unique ability for the soul aspect. I ask how they can not panic. A horror of worship is seeking, hoping to spare them. violet in the projection out instantly into numerous filaments, tightly wrapped three soul. Quickly pulled over to the king pattern in. Let the three shrill screams of the soul, his face no trace moved. Abruptly intake of Wang Wen, thrown into that purple pool into the pool, naturally a purple mysterious force quickly to the erosion in their bodies inside. where a. Devil phages. The soul, the body, the same are not miss this scene, is simply matchless fierce demon. Which is that silk clothing youth's eyes drip does not drain the fall. In the eyes of the young man. Inevitably emerge out of deep fear, look at splitting the liver and gallbladder, heart afraid should jump out from the throat eyes to. Demon. Absolute demon, as long as there is only rage and ferocity. The Jinyi Youth howling in mind. Look in the eyes of the Indra, awe in with fear. Awe. Because of the strength of his strong husband As for the fear. That this poor child is just that the scene of the Devil phages scared. Fishing!! rushed out a few steps forward, came Indra front, knees a bent, accept me as a disciple, I will carefully serve you. Yes, you even want to worship a Yaozu as Master. Do not you think the shortage ball. several monks call the front of this man, said the prince, apparently, the identity of this person in the secular, absolutely not ordinary, Ordinary people, as long as it does not mess with me, kill nor much benefit. Instead, if the Yu-Jane said something true, and that, perhaps. Those ordinary people in the secular, but also has a huge role. Or should I proceed from the front of this man to go into the mundane. Predecessors, although it is a demon can PROMISE views. Noble than many people want to come to a throne, my brother, you can worship to kill my brother, why I can not worship the demon as a teacher. can go in front of the powerful Yaozu not compete with each other, the more you can reverse the situation. maybe, but also get a powerful force. Indra hear young people talking about he is really a prince The eyes light become increasingly deep, deep gaze, said: You are a man, I am a demon, I could not have received a difficult but you have to pay the price I want. days to write him. With a trace of a strange look,UGG Fluff Flip Flop. Moment, silk clothing and youth finally a bite, heavy nodded and said: Brother uncomfortable to go on. Tiger before watching the Spirit Tiger was miserable appearance, diffuse out of a deep sense of resentment it look in the eyes radiate unwilling. looked at these in mind is not the intention to kill by the emergence of a surge of cold. , I can understand your resentment of the monks, and rest assured, this king kill monks, you will be that of a belt,UGG Kensington. Perhaps, we can fight side by side the casualties of the tiger family. Give Indra a strong feeling of empathy. Ling Tiger looked at before, and no trace of expression, he told forehead flashing purple king pattern. Fired round after round of violet, falls Ling tiger body. Involved in violet. I saw a spirit tiger soul impressively pulled out. Become soul spirit tiger came out, uttered a growl, his eyes fell on Indra who expose the slightest look of awe, soul footer bow down to Road: rich to not melt the grievances. Race in the strong king, Indra much stronger than it, kind of the king of the atmosphere, the oppression that it simply can not resist. Naturally recognized as king. Ling Tiger watching to Indra eyes, with a hint of hot, almost, and he said without the slightest hesitation. ! Indra slight frown, eyes to the spiritual tiger's body, mind suddenly emerge out of an idea, came forward, his right hand on the top of its head, palm Beng claw, grabbed into its head at the same time. share demon quickly rushed into the spiritual tiger that has become cold body, and instantly wrap the loins of that spine. ! full two meters long. condensate! ! , actually, in the blink of an eye, become crystal jade. spirit tiger in the side see their own bodies, should be thus treated. eyes full of doubts, Indra did not produce the slightest resentment. spine, the most spiritual, I grown up a little bit, your soul into the bones, a temporary shelter in tiger bones, with the side of the king. Would be allowed in the future you can fight side by side with the king. During this time, I will collect the bones in the family. When, given to make known to the world of living beings, I am the tiger family, not fancy killing. Chen Sheng said Indra look to the Spirit of the Tiger's soul. ! Spirit tiger hear, eyes blazing high, without hesitation, front of Flanagan tiger bones of the hands of Indra direct a flutter, fall on the tiger bone before, into a black light into the bone. Then, Indra Zhang open storage bags, tiger bones and other residual footer in one fell swoop to receive a bag. Jinyi youth just eyeful hot next looked Indra means more feel the magic does not have much to say. done these , went to the forest outside., in that the way silk clothing and youth to talk about some things outside of the original, which called Hua Wenwu, but the two princes of the Chinese State,UGG Channing, is a the Huaguo Huang bit Shun bit heirs, no accident, the If the old emperor Jiabeng then, he is the next emperor. above him, a sister. following a brother. fact that the thing he was hunted down, the reason is very simple, completely to the supreme throne position. A Oh, I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival play heart! ~! .. <

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