The Qin Dynasty was furrowed brow

September 24 [Mon], 2012, 15:40
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 198th chapter over my body you haven had enough ? The Qin Dynasty frowned ,could not help saying, I play with you for such a long time ,also be to give you face .
Well ,I do not have much patience . You take the police catch the bad guy as the play ? Ai Xiaoxue, observing the Qin Dynasty, the heart is suffused with rage North Face Scythe Mens Jackets,the gun pointed at the forehead steadily .
This society ,because there are too many people like you ,will become so confused ! While Ai Xiaoxue was speaking ,his eyes full of hatred ,as if to see not the Qin Dynasty ,but a putrid smell of garbage .
People like me ? The Qin Dynasty was furrowed brow , what kind of person I am ? What kind of person you are ,you know in your heart ! Ai Xiaoxue foot pointed to the corner of the Qin Dynasty ,squatting in the past .
If I don ? The Qin Dynasty laughed, looking at the woman you . Even if the lift ,I can lift you to the police . Ai Xiaoxue clenched his gun ,eyes filled with determination, not a prisoner, from my Ai Xiaoxue to escape .
Unless ,over my body . Say too bloody . The Qin Dynasty waved his hand, discarded cigarette butts, dropped out . ,no time to play with you ,good bye ! Then ,the Qin Dynasty took a step backward ,as if to leave .
I said ,not to go ! Ai Xiaoxue light ,she smiled at the leg ,and bang, pulled the trigger .A clear yellow bullets ,whistling flew out .But Ai Xiaoxue then staring eyes, because she did the Qin Dynasty leg shot ,but was hit in the air .
The body like a phantasmagoric ,legs slightly flash, it dodged the bullet .He stood there ,hanging at the mouth . Beautiful female police officer ,take what sustains your justice ? He pointed to the dark muzzle ,sneers , it is you this difference to the extreme marksmanship ? Shut up.
Ai Xiaoxue to the leg ,continuous and pulled the trigger .At the base of the time ,she was not fighting ,shooting is the first fully deserve .Ai Xiaoxue even believe that ,even if it is Liu Aiguo ,there is absolutely no way she marksmanship .
Using a type 92 pistol ,Ai Xiaoxue even confident ,shot a run across the ants .But in front of the rogue ,but beyond her cognition .He seems to know the bullet trajectory like, easily ,keep walking sideways ,it escaped their bullets .
Ai Xiaoxue muzzle carried taller more ,finally unexpectedly at the shoulder .And the opposite of man is more terrible ,knee bend ,jumped into the alley next to the wall above .This wall is all of three metres tall ah ,how he can jump so high .
But ,looked very relaxed appearance .So, this guy practiced Kung Fu ?For example ,the legendary Kung Fu ?On the base ,there are also some martial arts master .One of her most powerful one ,is claimed to be the eight step to catch cicada is a master craftsman .
Remember the old Hailiang a hand ,so a jump ,jump to the wall .When the wall two meters high, had let everybody stunned and speechless .Before this guy ,he jumped three meters ?He ,he is praying mantis be ?The following several punk also scared face impermanence color .
The old ,old ! A small hun hun blue in the face ,squatting on the ground ,close to his old side ,said , this ,this is light ! Lying down ,you ask me ,I ask who ! The mix head is now the confusion North Face Women's Gore Tex Pro,thought oneself today be down on one ah ,tight to make a little money ,make note caught does not say, also encountered a Kung Fu master .
Fuck, say ,also may be other mobs killed .Today too ashamed ,even after their own ,nor licking face up on the streets . Beautiful woman ,holding a gun fight ,too do not meet the beauty .
Qin Zhaodun at the top of the wall ,smiling into Ai Xiaoxue ,don forget to tease tract . beauty of your ancestors ! Ai Xiaoxue mouth is awesome ,the hand is also very agile .The gun only two rounds of ammunition ,she played out .
Take two ,the bullet hit the wall .While the Qin Dynasty had to dodge step aside north face store,ghostly like a shadow in the night . Was a terrible shot ,suck ah ... ... Aside from the Qin Dynasty ,not forgetting of stimulus this beautiful flower paradise .
Give me down ! Ai Xiaoxue continued to pull the trigger ,but found that the bullet had been fired .No way ,she had to thrust the gun back holsters .Originally police is not equipped with a gun ,but Ai Xiaoxue is not an ordinary police ,but from the Criminal Investigation Brigade temporarily moved people .
The 92 type ,is her own guns .However, the gun is so many bullets ,empty No . Men don ! Ai Xiaoxue rolled up their sleeves ,exposing her white wrist ,the Qin Dynasty exclaimed , bring it down and I play a game ! Girl ,you are too violent .
The station in the fence ,smiled at Ai Xiaoxue .He feels that today may be stir up a hornet ,to release such a powerful queen bee . come on. Life can have a few back stroke ! Ai Xiaoxue patted his shoulder to the Qin Dynasty ,hook and the hook , bring it down !Is it right? Afraid ah !Tell you ,mother of scissor legs ,while directly off your head ! Ai Xiaoxue fighting ability strong ,she is always proud of things .
Even if the guy practiced a little light ,she believe that with hand Kung Fu ,also can pick up him !To strike ,policewoman took his lips proud smile .But this time ,suddenly rises behind a chill .
Almost subconsciously ,Ai Xiaoxue turned a sharp whip leg .Her whip leg is worshipped her ,kicking back something ,it is cole .Especially in the critical moment, such strong out of a note ,rather fierce .
Ah ! A punk arm was kicked in ,crisp fracture sound up .The height of one meter seven man, suddenly go flying .Slapped ,hit the wall next to athymia ,coma . Be careful ,this chick edgy ! Bully boss feels the cold sweat of one .
Several people from the body took out his dagger ,the AI her around the central . police ! Ai Xiaoxue looked at in front of several punk ,couldn cold sing . The police? Bully boss Yin Xiao , but you don know me ,not run away .
Today I face throw big, the back can not be !Well, I played so many women ,but never played policewoman .Chick ,will let you take is ! How dare you !Ai Xiaoxue could not believe ,there is such a group of gangsters .
you ! The bully boss waved ,suddenly a hand from behind Ai Xiaoxue rush .At the same time ,his dagger ,violently stabbing her back .People are not to ,Ai Xiaoxue has felt the cold wind .
She didn ,just a scorpion before the end ,put the fighter sweep out .Then threw several punk ,all life ,all his dagger stabbed Ai Xiaoxue to harm .These bullies are mixed society ,it is very cruel .
Even if I am hurt the policewoman ,they are not afraid .Big deal closed in a few days ,usually to the top of your money ,then a few days will put them out .Is just a female traffic police stopped, not anything .
But Ai Xiaoxue not there .She constantly thrown whip leg ,like a beautiful scorpion constantly wagging ,touch people were playing of bone fracture, lay aside .But when she kicked over third persons, hun hun leader holds a pick up sticks ,toward the back of her head shot .
Although Ai Xiaoxue good, but too little experience .This is it put her in the grass ,exercise causes her to .The wooden stick hard and fast ,soon to be shot in the back of her head .
Even if practiced hard Qigong ,the back of the head in this position ,also without a fight .Ai Xiaoxue felt the cold wind ,but it was too late .At this time, a shadow suddenly jumped out ,fly one foot, playing in the club .
Bang ! There is no suspense ,stick folded into two sections .A bully is the leader in his hand ,and the other part ,was kicked out ,like a meteor ,and lost in the sky .The gangster boss was frightened jump ,turned to look .
Only just molested her rogue ,he was wearing the black trench coat ,single foot standing there .The other foot ,also slightly raised ,seem to bully boss ,just kick off a stick ,is yourself .
The beauty under such a firm hand ,there seems to be little love . The Qin Dynasty slowly put down his feet ,fingers on the swing ,he said .Have a death wish. A man ran up, his dagger to the lower abdomen .
So sharp things ,not just out to play . The Qin Dynasty is suddenly reached out ,using only two fingers ,he grabbed the dagger .Punk was stupefied, only to feel his dagger seems to be generally pliers .
Whether he is stabbed ,or pull ,do not move the dagger .He can have hot under the collar mouth shouting ,tiger .Finally the Qin Dynasty can not last ,move up . Go and have a rest .
Then, the Qin Dynasty pulled the dagger ,blackened body immediately forward ,forward pulled ran two paces .And the Qin Dynasty with his hand out, grabbed his neck ,then such a walk ,the body weight less than one hundred and thirty kg man ,living up ,throw aside .
! He crashed into a wall ,taking a stone wall crashed into the students .Stone chips flying ,the bully figure buried under . How ... ... It can be !Bully boss look foolish eye ,swallowed slobber .
He is so powerful ... ... Ai Xiaoxue could not help start .Look ,this man is .But to make what ,he fights a haphazard basis .I want to move a hand to come, she is confident ,no ten strokes ,take this man ! I ,I surrender .
.. ... Men are knocked out ,bully boss away half sticks ,at the two individuals, slowly fell down on his knees .Reply to Xian Road Dust words readers ,because I work recently very busy ,during the recording of the show ,no time in mobile phone and you reply ,is here to answer your question .
One ,you say my first three chapters written by garbage .Ask me in a restaurant ,saw police gun pointing at others .Please follow me ,you also read the old reader ,how will ask such silly questions ?Then I asked you one, you monk in the roof and sides ?Two ,why do you say the policewoman wrote that violence ,suspected that she was menstruating .
Well ,the problem is worthy to be known, did I write an ordinary police woman readers like ?The Qin Dynasty to say hello ,please get off ,please show me a driver then put the ticket and leave .
Who says women police not violence ?I want to create, is to make people remember a woman ,not a passer-by .Three ,you say that I wrote to Liu Aiguo, is in the sun ,let you down .Please, this is my promise before writing the first book ,the requirements of readers .
My first book although the popularity is not much, but the reader has been with me for a year ,they like Liu Aiguo ,why can write about ?This just wrote more ,you doubt me in propaganda .
Then I behind the scenes do? I don ?You are the reader ,they are not my readers ?The final answer two mass problem .The female host is actually not a few people ,we may feel that I in front of Suu Kyi the ink less .
Mainly I technique is not mature enough ,to leave South of Jiangsu city went to Dongchuan city to mature ,will start to write an opera .So ,readers may see some confusion .The real women ,only three people .
The other ,is all .However, because I am writing problems ,make people confused .Then ,the update problem .I ,goes to work every day .Gets up at 6 ,don eat codeword until eight thirty ,get three chapters ,more two save ,and then go to work ,come home very late at night .
Sometimes tired ,or busy, can be lost only latch release for everyone to see .For example, in the past few days, recording of the show really tired ,swollen feet stand .The station requested ,and recording program, are not allowed to sit .
There is ,I think ,in a free book ,I update is good .Isn ?Well, you with too much, continue to code to .Today is Sunday ,I want to have a rest ,I am tired North Face Women's Soft Shell Sale,thank you to support me Cheap Karen Millen Multi Coloured Dresses, thank you for the support Sally road .
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