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Handsome looks, Han pure recommended body, the congregation a Sichuan dish days to get along with the girl, how can one not If Xiaoman? how to face the future will be the continuation of life, and life all around themselves? his feet ping stopped sensibly emergency brake Xiaoman the clothes are beautiful, but the the material generally small place to the people who live total is more frugal Fang Yong think, and own small local to metropolitan dream, kind, hard-working, intelligent, lively, sensitive, studious, ego and low self-esteem, self-confidence and low self-esteem rolled into one he looked around the room, readily took the Xiaoman pushed next to a thin blanket, gently cover in the cover of the Xiaoman the body, cheap north face jackets, serene earth very close, his peeping the Xiaoman sleep Timmia: eyes slightly closed lips from time to time, spat on, even breathing occasionally out of activities, such as the early spring night cricket; blankets volts, bamboo shoots like a machine taking advantage of spring just around the corner we want to break the soil. Yong slightly smiled his own covered with the alcohol smell slightly shook his head and he forced himself to the bathroom bath bath when he was a minor actions he was afraid awakened Xiaoman Xiaoman is a good girl, while not pretty, but it looks delicate, color is another good temper, meticulous, and will hurt people, of course, a little naughty every, she helped Fang Yong laundry, scruples colleagues joke , he took his own clothes, but also to bring the two boys clothes room to Fang Yong, lied to their room washing machine is not fully automatic, bad wash, good quality master room washing machine, clothes washed clean small this to deceive the public in the marketing department Xiaoman and chief clerks and customer service duties Therefore, Fang Yong, office or housing or, there is a set of spare keys under her the Xiaoman ready to enter his room, of course, which illustrate, Fang Yong sincerely not anti-people, people trust last night, he was drunk, spit one place Xiaoman was concerned about him, he had poured tea vaguely remember as early as in box rooms, Sun East drove them live in an apartment floor a few sent back, he might be able to think of the Sun East of Xiaoman three of them confessed: Take care of your boss but the other two boys also like Fang Yong drink almost natural burden will take care of the master fell on the Xiaoman body corporate marketers face called Master Fang Yong on this one, therefore, duty-bound Xiaoman fact, this according to Gu Xiaoman spontaneous or willing if not happy, it is difficult to imagine that a young girl would comfortably sleep in a single room of the man she was a good girl! sometimes drank two bottles of beer, to the work speak freely create atmosphere today, Fang Yong to, but Chen Xi Road, also no shadow Fang Yonggang just a telephone call to Chen Xi Road, he said he was still on the road, driving on the road at noon bit crowded, half a little etc. Chen Xi Road, Fang Yong called bottles of beer, hot weather, will not eat, light drinking cool beer product beer, he does not idle start the grassroots man the workplace successfully learn Cheng Yaojin chapter content Karen Millen January 2012 Clearance, find stories, reviews, a bit mean, they bought it and I've just watched a chapter, to Chen Xi Road cheerfully come in from the outside, a seated, Chen Xi Road, asked: ten Fang Yong some excitement, said: , said: Another place that we celebrate, take a drink! No hurry on your pocket, Here, I'll tell you an important thing, Chen Xi Road, very modestly good to hear from him about the gesture Chen Xi Road, Fang Yong, to say the least, single Kong Juzhang castle he is to play in the second half of last year during the Spring Festival this year, has been trying to break down the object now increasingly admire can be far addition to met once Kongju Zhang's face, something else did not groan since the Media City project, started when he was ready to establish relations and Kongju Chang plans, because he understood the previous two years the Huiquan Book Bureau Construction Bureau office building, we can see the the the competent infrastructure Dongju Zhang has Tianhang crocodile Pui address generally sturdy relationship, this order since the only city in the media, the process of material like monkeys gains, it must Bypass made Kong Juzhang trust can behold Kongju Zhang is also a tortoiseshell generally hard, but right now, Fang Yong went a few times, put his more than six months does not solve the problem solved this is really sleeping from a dream wake up laughing Fang Yong said bluntly: listened to the road, a bit emotionally, could not conceal my delight, rubbing his hands forced, then asked: Fang Yong, this time there is no direct answer to his own views, but from another aspect: we occupied this time, some of the people we invited inhumane, which is an obstacle, however, Professor Wu alternative, he believes when the grave He also believed that if a person during the life of the dead person, After sweeping sweep does not it does not matter can be problem the Kongju Zhang and Chen Director is not particularly great importance to the grave, which is still unknown in that they originally planned three days of vacation arrangements also unknown; another is your heart now might think: we can move the day you, why must the Ching Ming Festival that the past few days is, Why is this? The problem is very simple, because from all, Dongju Zhang accepted our invitation is unlikely, the uncertainty about the results of this single case, I consider not occupied this time during the working day, Kongju Zhang and Chen Commissioner of the time lest Dongju Zhang together with Tianhang to hit back, to Kong Juchang making trouble, was not happy holidays for an invitation on behalf of my classmate small bridge last traumatic Kong Juchang holiday to go the way visits more significant mountain dew even when Dongju Zhang know, you do not know, not so easy to grasp the Kong Juzhang handle Zhen said, Dongju Zhang provincial officials for his backing and a role and Kongju Zhang incited the contrary, act cautious fear most people say his insistence justice, corruption superficial sit for a while, the two men have not la carte, So I called the waiter not see the menu breath point three one thousand fried bean sprouts Timberland Boat, braised steak, cumin beef dishes and two bottles of beer over, then said: certainly hope that investigated the sooner the better, Tomb Sweeping Day, in fact, already more than a the company invited Tianhang tourist Date, however, this day gross Ching Ming grave too important, Professor Wu alternative ideas, not necessarily Kongju Zhang and Chen Commissioner of them at least the day I'm going to sweep the back during the Spring Festival, my old man gave us brothers layout task Ching Ming grave must return home you? ? Fang Yong said: said: by challenges like suddenly got angry and said: People can forget our roots, but not forgotten ancestors! Our family has always attached great importance to this engineering smallpox material use submissions previously done so much engineering has always been a model for a product brochures, business card, and then big deal to build a model room, the other not no ... , exuberant smile and said: bother to do the program, but know that this time can not escape to win this project, you must have a formal program to the other innovative calcium silicate board fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound insulation only popular, anything to discuss, factory technicians, in fact, each sheet manufacturers its moisture-proof ideal, you see us flying, Media City is stacked books place, the books are most afraid of moisture and the burning calcium silicate board fire safety features, it is no problem, but moisture-proof? Therefore I find some information, like breathing prominent moistureproof sheet provided to Media City function which is a new term, a new concept to distinguish between so-called breathing it and other brands of sheet, is the when room humidity increases, smallpox calcium silicate board to the water molecules in the air absorb you know, we moist southern air humidity, such projects need not only the Media City this technological innovation is the residence of the ordinary people, if the ceiling respiratory function is also salutary influence of an exaggeration to say, a Ge era of technological innovation! After pines Chui shoot, bamboo forest Yiyi, during the day, sparrows, starlings twitter night there owl giggle Diming; in front of a stream brook many years currents have kept the child often from the creek Zhuolai mud pulling and carp sometimes turtle, loach and carp are less turtle as whale hard to find its traces creek water may also wish often cattle, horses wrecked in general, far before then clear a small Creek beside past is much less, really passing from the side, not the sound of the motorcycle Kaka is the car skirr this mountain village has changed a lot but the only constant is the Village the feelings Huang Han Zhu can into calculations the first day of a lock-money Fangfei saved, and finally there was no delay she let him go home , in the detention center of the shed or spent a full twenty hours out from detention, Huang Han took Hung sail on a moonless night, sneaking back to the home in the countryside accordance with the the money Fangfei bidding, they This wait for notification HY Wong from college tone Re-graduate music professionals looking for work hard to learn the music, unless there is a special skill, you can run wherever he goes, you can become a Huang Han can run wherever he goes, whether from personal image and sound are good that this also ran wherever he goes, just graduated, may be hard, but also earn some money, Huang Han-night by several gay guy entanglement nausea, and finally can not stand that entertainment had to leave the dangerous place to leave the stage, not a Huang Han initially fellow Lin Mei beautiful company to run the business, understanding wife now is that time, but three years ago, Lin Mei to engage reform, quitting all male salesman, organized a new marketing team beauty team HY Wong unemployed, two different concepts easy that time defected the day Air Tianhang, he from marketers dry to the marketing director, and then to the manager, to the marketing manager, marketing manager and marketing manager is just a marketing manager rank, not managers, marketing manager Huang Han is now the company's vice president of marketing Tianhang Wuhan, young managers Tianhang his manager positions before a sub-word, but that was last year, his single lost to the Dinc punish his wife is not expelled, but, however, the marketing department does not have a positive manager, the person in charge is that he Huang Han since by the Dinc The secret delegate to Zhengxintai company to attack the after money Fangfei Off external no longer the Tianhang company marketing manager, but a Tianhang expelled from the bad guys today, the villain back home, waiting for money Fangfei secret inside information, HONG Fan supervision level, ready to go XIAO Wen sword home, ready to go, under the final determination if only Qian Fang and sleep, it is necessary to pay this price, it is too drastic Mens The North Face Denali, and he is too stupid he is not the idiot had to think about this question kidnapping it? He even kidnapped the purpose of anything is not clear so confused, how like I Huang Han it? own undercover Zhengxin the real purpose of the company is close to the money Fangfei, then by money Fangfei get through the Director Chen joint It seems that things are not moving in a good direction of their own design development, both fell into the Taohua Jie, they broke into the Bermuda However, he will have to come up with a solution, or let the money Fangfei given a full reason but the current situation, money Fangfei given reason seems unlikely, then, the Dinc do? Dinc know this thing? Huang Han still ill at ease with his heart continues to be fierce contradiction!

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