which spread out you nor your business hit

September 25 [Tue], 2012, 18:24
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultHowever ,he also wants to see and vivi ,he beckoned Arthur to come ,whispered in his ear with a few words ,Arthur hurried to nod ,take down .
Leaf Weizheng want to play poker ,Arthur took a bunch of people down ,devils to stop in front of them, ye Wei look at ink slotted eye ,interest was gone , this is his casino ?What a pity !Arthur eyes fell upon Ye Wei ,he just heard leaves three little and Jason The North Face Gloves,almost guessed her identity ,did not think of really is so amazing ,no wonder the ink with a man she is slotted to enter the lair .
Ink slotted eyes sunk , what to do ? two down son play ,Hello ,like drinking a cup of coffee? Arthur turned his hand ring ,not like the earlier two dynasty ,many somewhat afraid .
Even if he was behind Jason the big daddy . Money don go ? Ye Wei smiled and said, big Arthur, which spread out you nor your business hit ? How will not let go ?I just want to ask you to drink a cup of coffee ,look, I more generous, more sincere .
We Arthur booth .The periphery of the dispersal of the crowd ,ink slotted glanced around ,Ye Wei go ,Arthur smiled grimly ,just leave the hall ,corner, a man suddenly appeared ,a punch to ink a slotted ,another one from the next attack ,forcing him to let go ye Wei hand .
This is Jason ,skill is agile ,attack strength is very fierce ,fast North Face Down Sale Kids,but not ink slotted opponent ,a few action then being slotted respective ink played two fist .Ye Wei stood still ,do not intend to chimed in, the two men fight well ,but compared to the ink slotted ,far worse .
Arthur suddenly with a wave of his hand, his numerous underlings who jump on the bandwagon ,random attacks ink slotted ,leaf Wei brow twist .Rely on !Many people bully people less ah ?Ink 3 strong ,she admitted ,but again how strong ,and this batch of no skill only brute force people to consume a lot of energy, her heart is that students don anger ,Arthur this means .
Arthur ,you too can not afford to lose . Ye Wei grin .Know her identity ,Arthur is a bit of fear ,dare and her head Karen Millen Lace Dresses Clearance, afraid of her sudden rise in revolt, he grabbed a few brothers block in front of him ,leaves Wei coldly laughs, kill him? The period of three days not to kill him ,but bad ink slotted .
She thought her heart balance is inclined ,if not after the robbery ,that she is not tube graphite slotted ,unless he was beaten to death could not move .Otherwise she will only have a look from the ink from shore to shore ,slotted beauty skill after all strong to what extent .
But now ,she can ,so many of the poor people in general to make over the slotted ,their identification level of the people ,if you don fight ,she is not your hands and ,lest disgrace .
The scene was a mess ,no one is fire ,cuff and kick ,in the twinkling of an eye ,there are several stout man was ink slotted played against the wall ,on the ground never up .Screams can be heard without end ,with one ,could be heard .
As more and more people, ink slotted siege almost invisible people Timberland Womens Roll Top Boots Cheap,ye Wei brow a pick ,so many people ,pressure is pressed dead, Arthur in the side look coldly from the sidelines at ,and the dead order ,fight .
Ye Wei cannot keep out of the affair ,the pace a channeling ,grabbed the nearest her latest men ,caught him a blow on the chest ,to trick he would get down ,see her hands ink slotted angle ,brought a smile .
Two people with very clever ,leaf Wei long time no hands Timberland Men's Classic Shoes,moving hands to call a most incisive ,those men out of luck ,hit her like cat met the tiger ,is not a grade ,was beaten very badly .
Leaf Weizheng want to take the silver needle quick arm ,suddenly was forced on her eyes ,hanging ,but saw a pair of distinguished strong hand on her own ,migraine ,printed in pupil is a delicate and your face .
Ye Sanshao is on her arm ,not practical ,calmly looked at her, and two one were not practical ,quietly confrontation ,in her eyes ,he saw a strange ,almost at the same time confirmed the Chu from et al guess ,she does not remember him .
Silence ,firmly maintained less than ten seconds ,leaf Wei blow hard at leaf three little appearance ,fast and fierce, leaves three less to avoid large palm ,wrapped her fist ,elegant chuckled , vivi, you even I can ? How about you? Ye Wei eyebrow ask ,get rid of the palm of his hand ,and punches forced him into the side walls ,leaves three less only to hide her fist ,not to fight back .
Ye Wei unhappy mind ,stopped , why not do something ? You don ? Leaf three less a rhetorical question, I do not even know ? Ye Wei frowned ,squinting , do you know me ? Vivi .
.. ... Ink 3 how can you say ,say you are orphans ,no relatives ? Ye Sanshao asked with a smile ,look spoiled ,leaf Wei heart sink , who are you? Leaf three little smiling without a word ,ye Wei to all of a sudden anger ,sneer , this won you tell me ,I am your wife ? Leaf three small simmer with laughter ,hurriedly waving , I have a wife ,but not you .
You are a good ink slotted ,actually made such a lie ,it is tough enough ... ... The shameless ,but if the exchange is he ,VIV Anya ,I he will lie, tell her directly couples ,one finished, all is finished.
That are easily ,eat tofu .... ... Who the hell are you ? Ye Wei said angrily ,raising his fist again ,eyes flashing anger ,leaves three less on her fist took her into the next room ,shut the door ,directly to Ye Weikou in the door panel, action make smooth reading ,leaf Wei had abnormal without a fight .
Perhaps because the leaves three young body ,she saw no fear ,only love and protection . You are my sister . Leaf three less and muttered , I don how ink slotted and you said ,but VIV ,the forgotten, don forget it all ,you have a lot of family ,are waiting for you to come back .
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