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September 08 [Sat], 2012, 13:20
Abstract Chapter ninety-fourth Paca crash ?!Darby was his students broke away, Xu Qing took the distortion of the handcuffs off onto the ground from his pocket ,mobile phone called the Qin ice phone .
The side of a little Liu Jiang had terrified at this scene ,flashed with a thought ,tonight really caught a monster ?The call is connected, the Qin ice has said : can to open stator ,where are you ? Xu Qing pulled the airway : sister ,you don speak, listen to me.
the phone that a moment of silence ,Xu Qing said : I was brought to the City Public Security Bureau ,you go to find old villa six Xue ,let him look at my left his family nanny thing ,all will understand ,if tomorrow I don will trouble you to school to help me leave ,so, hang up .
Xu Qing hung up the first telephone ,also called Xue Lao ,who knows that tips have been shut down ,not only to give up, now can only put all their hope on her body .The river had to see Xu Qing off the phone ,listen, and did not involve the conversation ,also at ease many ,placed in a businesslike attitude : please hand over all belongings ,we will keep .
Xiao Liu eyes still staring at the floor of the handcuffs ,apparently not from a shock return to god .Xu Qing was a bachelor, and the Mobile Phone Wallet what all into the trial stage ,Jiang Siyu took out a large Kraft envelope ,to a packed in, when she opened the wallet check inside things ,a small red from the interlayer fell out ,cover of the attracted to her gaze .
Oh, that It not lost at home ,to give me a false certificate the charges that would be wronged Xu Qing heart secretly complain of suffering ,the red son Wang Lao was left to the universal license Sale UGG Boots,until now he doesn it .
Jiang Siyu eyes ,picked up the red son turns a page ,face suddenly seem exciting together ,turn to page second shoulder can trembling ,she was also the first to see the documents ,but with many years engaged in police experience she feels this certificate is not false .
If the documents are true, it can be really big ,ministry the following can be executed what concept ,as the police team vice captain of the she is only a family Karen Millen Strapless Dress Sale,that is to say the documents can always decide to her death ,this symbol is absolutely confidential and authority of things in a high school amateur ,this is really fantastic .
Jiang Siyu took a deep breath of cool air ,try to sound calm said: this document is who ? Xu Qing heart missed a beat ,whispered : this book is my master ,let me help him draw a salary ! Jiang Siyu shoulder and trembling ,tone has become rapid : get paid? Xu Qing also not stupid ,Congjiang Siyu attitude is not difficult to guess the document seems a bit odd, it if it is true that can Niubi big, pulled up the tiger say tonight will be able to go back .
You can ,documents in your hands ,the first page the following have a phone number you can call to ask, just say your surname Wang apprentice caught, called them to lead people ! Since Xu Qing decided to pull tiger ,is no scruples ,simply acted more like some .
Jiang Siyu again feeling that things are totally out of her power ,the subconscious will hand the desk telephone .Sting a ring between the rings isolated ,Jiang Si rain suddenly startled ,reach half of the palm stiffened in from telephone to two inches .
A look caller ID number ,Jiang Siyu picks up the phone, call is let her capture Xu Qing deputy director Shen Tao .The call of Shen Tao asked: some shortness of Xiaojiang ,Xu suspects brought in ? Jiang Siyu adapted a top thread : yes ,a preliminary trial ended, but he always refused to recognize the intentional injury, is the only legitimate defense, and she wants to report of small red this thing ,but Shen Tao sound interrupted: this case still need further investigation and evidence collection ,temporary release the suspect .
Why. Jiang Siyu face variant ,only heard heard Shen Tao serious voice : I call you to immediately release the Xiaojiang ,suspect ,for the reason you need not ask ,understand ? River ,rain turned to look at Xu Qing a look ,whispered : understand .
Just before the party has hung up the phone .She took the desk kraft paper bag the documents contained in, then turned to Xu love (4 ) green : leave a phone call you can leave . Xu Qing gawks ,took the paper bag ,directly put things inside out and installed into his pocket ,pulled out mobile phone : your telephone number? The river had reported that a mobile phone number ,Xu Qingfei quickly by several, turned to the interrogation room door .
Beep beep !Jiang Siyu out above mobile phone ,beating a message ,open look ,can not help but a slight frown frown ,above writing awesomely : I don ,but not timid ,documents to see something ,please help me Karen Millen One Shoulder Clearance,thank you .
Stay stay little Liu Moran had answered a God to come ,go to the river ,rain and whispered : river team ,so put the person ? A pair of eyes concealed askance at the mobile phone screen .
Jiang Siyu quietly folded mobile phone : Shen Bureau said Karen Millen Strapless Clearance,I just do it . With sorted table things out of the interrogation room ,just suddenly think of what took out a phone number ,mobile phone call in the past .
Xu Qinggang out of the city gate is heard behind heard a roar of the engine ,turned round eyes suddenly stalled ,a white van came hurtling towards him ,blazing headlights according to a human eyes in .
Not good !Xu Qing head buzz ran off, at the foot of a slide to the left out of the two metres ,van rubbing his shoulders of roaring, creaking !Tire friction with the ground out a scorch mark ,the front of a transfer to a floating around, Xu Qing again to dashed .
You paralysis ! Xu Qing denounced a sound ,the hands suddenly on film, two shares of Zhengyang gas broken palm out north face sale online,has a sound hit in a van on the windshield .Wham !The windshield had broken ,the driver was a jump ,the steering wheel is a fight, the whole trolley sloping hit the city outside the walls ,the front moved a large ,huge impact force to the driver the person actually past windshield void flew out ,Peng a thump on the ground ,suddenly lost perception .
Palpitations difficult even Xu Qing stood there ,looking down at the palm of the hand ,eyes a excited ,just at least every three metres ,two palms past could break the windshield ,this achievement is enough to make him inexplicable joy .
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