According to HeXiaoXia analysis

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 10:09
So we can write such a letter, in fact we also is to put yourself in the position of the general public, we think this problem is very cheap adidas adizero ghost serious, in the hope that the

enterprise can give a reasonable explanation of the public."

HeXiaoXia told reporters, from local villagers and transport waste residue with vehicles there that the slag dump is datang power generation company. "I asked the

transportation, every one of them is sure to say these things is datang power generation."

According to HeXiaoXia analysis, the open pile up "about fangyuan one kilometer size" slag pile of possible environmental problems focus on three. First of all, traffic

pollution situation, "because many are liquid, the vehicles there come and go many times,

In the road spilled all the way of pollutant, waste. Secondly, slag heap in a far away from the county town open valley, "is actually on the local groundwater and

grassland ecological a influence, we didn't see him do isolation or protective measures. He is completely open

, no closed, is on the side of the pasture, it is possible to their flocks, and their herds will go into the waste heap. "

"There is a very significant problem is that the locals may not know here is some of what thing, they will see all sorts of color (waste), there is solid and liquid,

but the slag pile side and not a cheap adidas pro model zero clear notice."

Datang power generation 19 had preliminary reply

October 30,, HeXiaoXia formal to dall asked natural knowledge club name written datang power generation, hope to get effective reply and processing, in confirm receipt

fax, each other simple reply, will investigate processing.

But in the past two weeks, datang power generation without any feedback. On November 14,, the five folk environmental protection organization to datang power generation

send letter, hope he found about datang power generation subordinate subsidiary environment questions get answers to questions.

On November 19 in the afternoon, HeXiaoXia received datang power generation back to reply, mention datang power generation upper attaches great importance to this

matter, and require the subordinate datang can be changed with the company for communication and explanation. In the email, the reporter saw the datang power generation

with the reply of the official seal.

"This reply to our letter is the preliminary reply, datang energy chemical industry limited liability company will be in the next few days give us a formal reply to the

public, or they need to this event to adidas pilrahna 3.0 do an explanation." HeXiaoXia told reporters, environmental protection

Seeks to focus on "he present situation to a statement and explanation, and he wants to open the eia report".
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