the strong man to help him village

September 14 [Fri], 2012, 11:51
Come to an agreementto buy the things > cropland ,Zhang Jiamu rubbing abdomen called rice ,is a declared: ,Hanjia poor homes ,not punish any delicious food ,technology is not .WwW ,QUaNBEN ,cOm today things should be good ,smells very fragrant .
Zhang Jiamu to Xu smile: mother ,you can eat here ,it will be home ,too late . Tsui was serious in origin, it would hold little daughter ,looking at the scenery to withdraw ,it is happy happy time ,she didn go out ,listen ,immediately said: let ,I also lazy .
And he commanded the set meal .The room small swing ,but the yard is spacious, although winter ,but the sun is good, four four square yard is warm ,a piece of table ,even with guest host ,a total of six piece set .
Peasant family ,no good ,but Zhang Jiamu himself called rabbit meat and pheasant ,has four dishes ,the sacrificial mutton ,spicy cabbage ,pickles ,and a new essential fish .Long time after time uneasiness ,only said: LORD came suddenly ,not ready, it is the very poor .
Zhang Jiamu smiles as chopsticks ,Puma Grit Cat III Shoes,said: so good, eat ! Pheasant and rabbit meat really burning is not bad ,hollowware out, the meat is red and bright,The North Face Women's Denali Fleece, pulpy Ruwei ,although garnish is also the north winter the most common Chinese cabbage, is still fragrant ,is inviting .
Drink ,drink wine ? Side of the table ,Sakae Oroku saw the table without wine, don .Long was upset ,said: there is no good wine village ,only their own brew potato burning ! The P6 : what he burned up again .
While any resentment episode : to drink ?To fill your belly horse urine ?You are a good Zhuang P6, also hold lost enough? He is a genuine when the tubular boss ,a Paixuan ,get Zhuang Xiaoliu face red and white ,very embarrassed .
Zhang Jiamu eats a dish ,visual any resentment, slightly shook his head .Term of office to complain that he meant ,not in front of these country people get these henchmen hand too embarrassed, now hate hate a hum ,said: eat your dinner ! Several people hearing these words if amnesty ,had to bow to eat quickly ,also dare not long-winded .
Zhang Jiamu is also very feel headache ,these rogue ,blood gas many brave ,with more body ,with art department .So far ,Sale Karen Millen Dress 2011,there are still many habitual place .To them some small problems ,but Zhang Jiamu is indifferent, but these guys are oppressed goodness when brute courage ,to common people dare to shout and wrangle ,meet a real man ,immediately chicken .
If it did not change ,he is really going to consider ,is it right? Have this group of people !However, rogue also has a good side ,today in the army made him lose one ,Sakae Oroku are all quite sleep face, feeling lost their capital in his face ,put to good use ,does not call them the chance to improve .
But now this is not a pressing matter of the moment ,a title planing a steamed yellow old rice ,think really hard ,but still feasting ,oneself eat ,also let grow old together ,Zhuang ,again with the meat to the sister, the wind puffs the clouds away.
Like to eat down ,big winter to eat a sweat ,of course ,so eat makes make guests feel at home ,in the village ,are extremely happy .After dinner the wiping mouth ,time ,might as well sit down and chat .
Xu Shian know son have things to talk about ,so with the sleepy little girl looking for a place to rest .Sleep, they bumped the morning ,lunch is also very tired .Ask some field harvest it, asked Zhang Jiamu : I want to ask ,why Sakae Kami used the cottage ?I see ,it was not to ten miles, they use the brick tile roof .
About fifty miles ,has white hair and beard ,wrinkles deep as oxen ploughed in general .Listen, Zhang Jiamu asked ,he said : back to the master words ,by capital near, clay tile artisans .
Here, from the official responsibilities ,burned for difficult ,more difficult to transport .One hundred bricks to two silver capital and wages ,tile more expensive, how fired up ! In fact, at the time of the Ming Dynasty rural ,one hundred ninety-nine are thatched house .
Is the use of grass and mud mixture and built a house ,the top is also the straw into the roof ,side walls of most base point of fired brick .This is a real cheap cost ,a year of renovations several times, the change of the new grass can continue to live .
Of course ,well out of the question, not against strong winds ,less rain ,fear most is the heavy snow ,the cottage is likely to be snow pressure cross .The rich, of course good brick repair ,brick from the angle to the top ,but when the world when, can buy up houses is still a few .
All on me . Zhang Jia-Mu expressionless ,tone is certainly very ,he said : since it is my tenants ,it is too much . He said : to grow clay tile artisans you to look for ,Dakota UGG Slippers,look for some ,the village has many people ,need the number tile ,you calculate the number of hands ,please ,burn many days ,the money is good ,then to my house from silver .
This language, in the presence of the Zhuang people are rejoicing, and joy, but also a sense of disbelief .Even the Zhang Jiamu kind ,is also a well-intentioned too few .The Chuang-tzu fifty or sixty households ,each wages are not less than twenty-two silver ,such a calculation ,it is Qianduoliang silver price .
Buy this Chuang-tzu ,but only Liangqianyuliang ,now out of so much money to do this good, why come ?Zhang Jiamu also knows that the demon smiled so abnormal ,explained: nor is all for you .
He said : I intend to build a factory ,making something artifacts ,promised ,test firing time also stopped by to give you fired brick ,the strong man to help him village .When you burned brick ,will say wages .
I see. The presence of the Zhuang people carers are exposed my expression ,or long questioning: don what to build kilns ?Firing porcelain ?Glass ?Tile ? When you plant is technology of living ,work ,also can earn a lot .
To cost ,in front of the adults although young ,watch is a very smart man ,but I don ,he would be in the village in ,what is the business . This ,and you leave . Zhang Jiamu smiled and said : in short ,the address select .
Slope facing the sun is best, then sent a lot of chop some wood chopping block ,reserve ,after a while I take people over time, the factory to build . The village people of course is also an excellent news ,their farming busy farm work ,leisure is also idle tears ,here from the Beijing farther, go to town for a short is not affordable, so although is also said to be in emperor feet ,life has been very hard .
If the directions of city farming ,farming season ,at leisure to do the kiln workers ,income nature also may be a little help .The presence of people ,all feeling ushered in a day of great wealth ,Kid's North Face Clearance,everyone is up to high ,is a composite sound agreed .
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