Excuse you this is an excuse

September 25 [Tue], 2012, 12:46
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChu Yunfei Oh ,a sound ,a nod of the head ,did not speak .
Excuse you this is an excuse , Wang Shengyi be indignant of yell ,don ,she is loved and to the paper . Since that is the case ,then you can teach them skills ah ,I didn hold you to King St.
according to one eye ,eyes are full of drama in the smile . Well, the Wang Shengyi one time words ,wants to say his words too ,because she Shi Bo but mine ,case within martial arts are not allowed unless it is later descendants North Face Womens Apex Bionic Outlet,his apprentice .
In addition ,judge others by oneself .She thought to the article may also have such difficulty . You bully ! Finally, Wang Shengyi spits out a sentence . Oh to Wen smiled , you don bully me ,I glad .
Yu Menyi is another solution to lose to Wen ,Wang Shengyi very depressed .See Wang Shengyi way of eating ,like the meal to the same, Chuwinfiebyawmon M Wu Wang Shengyi although often love make little temper ,but she has an advantage ,it is her temper come quickly, go quickly also ,this not, just after a meal ,she and Chu Yunfei ,laughing and talking to the paper .
The three chatted more than 10 minutes Li Dongming and Grace exerciser afterwards, Wang Shengyi went to take a shower ,while Wang Shengyi goes to take a shower of opportunity ,to seize all the sudden Chu clouds and waist .
The cheek : wife .But you two nights without sleep tonight and others ,can . - - although it was old concubine ,,but to the action or to allow Chu Yunjian Jiao face slightly red ,chuckled : husband .
Really wronged you, however ,may be you wronged Duowuliu day you have five or six days ?This is not your relatives , again ?.To the depressed asked . My husband is clever .Chu Yunfei even proud of pinching the nose to .
Smart? I I a little confused .To paper or appear a bit depressed .- - coffee .Chu Yunfei smile put small mouth to the ear .One finger in the direction of the bathroom .Gently : husband ,it another ?You got the girl ,not won suffocate the ?Lo Ka the little witch ?No, I don trouble .
Xiang Wenxian is surprised ,then head shaking like a rattle . coffee Chu clouds and laughs forwarding back, finally ,she stopped ,said: husband ,if you give her to surrender ,I promise ,she is also a kitten .
I don so that try to paper still shakes his head .Although Wang Shengyi devil figure and the face of an angel own heartbeat ,can be thought of her little witch character .He would beg to be excused .
Dare to try . ,coward ,crooked shadow sister Ying sister they say you audacious in the extreme of the lady-killer ,I look a little like .Chu Yunjian angrily Bai Xiangwen one, but instead gives a charming and moving feeling .
Wife ,you didn ?.To reach out to touch the forehead of Chu Yunfei text . Go go go ,you will burn .Chu Yun and pat to the hand ,laugh out ., then why are you give your husband I am looking for a woman ?.
To the left ,a mr. . Peeping at Saint according to underwear .But secretly watching films, this also is not see you bored ,try to give you solve it ,besides ,I can not find the .
One is to all of us know the inside story ;two is to be her true love your face Chu Yunfei carefully explains .- - ,these two things are wrong ,you don , slow .To the smile shaking his head .
Was very moved .But he immediately react, exclaims : Fei Yun Timberland Slippers Cheap,you say we these two things should be capital there Ya sister they already know ? Yes ,I a person dare do let you flirt with hot chicks .
Chu Yunfei shrugged his shoulders ,a year of service . Gee ,you wen shook his head to smile ,my heart is make me on the spot ,but deep down more is moved ,because although miles ,but daughters still concerned about his every act and every move .
Such a good thing ,your heart is shaved .Chu Yunjian tired of Bai Xiangwen .Article by Chu Yunfei to look at .Ha-ha laughs: I thank you for your kindness ,but this matter can not be reluctant .
You don give me this thing ,I a late no woman had not , you are such a person Chu Yun and point to the nose laughed , besides ,it is not a bit reluctantly .Saint according to heart would like you, I will not believe you see Tut ,you ah ,is not blind to the heart .
At the first show ,the original love is beautiful is not necessarily a good thing .The door opened ,wearing pajamas Wang compliance inside out ,Chu Yunfei had to take the remaining words swallow back to stomach .
Because the apartment to paper ,Wang Shengyi devoted to learn skill near bought several sets of ordinary pattern of pajamas ,he brought from home pajamas and none could come in handy, but even so ,shower after she gives the feeling of eyes bright ,wet Changshun straight hanging over the chest ,white ruddy face give people a fresh feeling ,with a cartoon logo pajamas and can not conceal her proud ,after bath fragrance fresh and charming .
Also because of just and Chu Yunfei topic is centered around Wang Shengyi North Face Scythe Jackets Outlet,to the article on the Wang Shengyi became concerned ,Wang Shengyi pajamas like she is not the first time see tonight ,but he was the first truly concerned ,this attention ,he can now wear pajamas ,Wang Shengyi is also very good, especially for wiping head she also rare released a tender mature style ,the heart not by ask one: the little witch ,although not good temper ,but the body face but top .
What are you looking at ,letter not letter I scratch your eyes out ? Wang Shengyi black , Mukai Fuchi eye ,woman ,to focus their eyes are very sensitive to the eyes North Face Greenland Womens,and not be able to escape the eyes of Wang Shengyi ,so ,she would certainly not have good face to the see Mens North Face 3 in 1 Jacket,though ,her heart is so few silk sweet .
It seems ,tigers occasionally eat vegetables when you do ,don to change it vegetarian to the depressed touching his nose ,open the heart whispered . Miss Wang ,don .My eyes has other uses to the exaggerated movements of Wu his eyes road .
Cluck ... The exaggerated body movements to make two beauty mask mouth to smile, the apartment was intermittent clear smile sound . Ding Dong at this moment ,the apartment the doorbell rang ,see two beautiful eyes at the same time, on their own, to Wen is certainly eye-catching ran to open the door .
To the open the door to look ,the person is Grace and Li Dongming ,two of them are approximately good ,eat take a shower after they came to the play here .- - on Grace and Li Dongming to 3 person is certainly welcome ,five people laughing and talking ,Grace also incidentally learning Chinese language ,so the time passed very quickly ,not for a while .
An hour . Light chat is also very boring ,so we play a little game .Suddenly Wang Shengyi proposed ,but her proposal have been all the echo . Play what ?We have five people .Four person game very much ,but the game of five individuals is not much ,Li Dongming has had a slight headache in road .
As we play with pulling machine ,the loser must be clip ear .Wang Shengyi eyes out with a crooked smile ,it seems she was premeditated .Drag ball what is this game ?This is not a tractor .
Grace puzzled ,but she did not even hear heard of a game called tractor .The tears smile . Grace, I said the tractor ,is a poker game ,does not really hold pulling machine ,playing this game needs four people ,divided into two parties, may be two out of cards ,.
That sounds interesting ,I finished it, the four of you to play, I was next to first learn to Grace laughs ,she knew that he had made a joke . Okay, but I haven played hold in the arms pull machine ,the .
Li Dongming nodded .See Grace and Li Dongming all agreed to this ,and Chu Yunjian certainly no opinion . I went into the room with poker .See everyone agreed ,Wang Shengyi immediately went back to the room with the poker ,which she bought in the capital ,ready to play on the plane ,the plane did not play ,has been retained to the present .
After a while ,Wang Shengyi took out the four poker and a lot of the clip ,the packaging removed, she said : I and cloud and a group of two boys ,you are group . No problem, Li Dongming smiled ,a chair ,sit to the opposite .
- - ,tractor ,actuate, first disc ,Wang Shengyi and Chu Yunfei got lucky village .Their brand is also good ,in two of them with the tacit understanding of .To paper and Li Dongming only picked up one hundred points .
Not on the village ,the results of their two ears of nature is much of a clip ,Wang Shengyi is very proud of .Grace sat at the back, to the side of the cards, as he explained, not even by the Chinese language to say simple terms ,like the Lord ,vice licensing ,Grace is also a smart man ,after the three plate ,she is fully aware of the tractor rules and gameplay, poor combat .
In the first five sets ,to Wen and Li Dongming won only one set ,they looked at the two men clip ,Wang Shengyi very happy ,she want to is this .To the text to point out the means ,can think about is ,because it is rare to see the little witch look happy .
Grace ,this disc you to try it to the Grace an itch for a try look ,put hand to Grace .Grace is ready to take to the card ,but Wang Shengyi saying no to let her hand was pulled back, the face also somewhat awkward color, back hand does not know where .
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