whole world only this one snake Mangshan

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 775th chapter it -- Chapter 775th serpent snake ?Mangshan Mountain is the East China Sea and South Sea city between a mountain ,this mountain is two between the city boundaries ,but also a climatic boundary .
Snake Mangshan Mountain South temperature is two or three degrees higher than the North generally ,and snake Mangshan Mountain is a important national geological park ,there exists much of the original species ,especially vegetation ,of course there is a local specialty, and only the snake Mangshan Mountain only a snake -- iron back three head snake .
Iron back three snake snakes is dissimilar ,according to Chinese information related to some records, in a few years ago still exist ,and the alligator is an era of species ,but as time goes on ,the preserved, iron back three snakes are now extinct, and the whole world only this one snake Mangshan Mountain there have been three snake back iron head .
Under the mountain residents have been convinced that the existing iron back three snakes ,and local and a snake Festival ,when a snake Festival this day, people will be home to get in good mountain worship the snake god ,seek the snake god bless ,has continued this tradition ,never broken .
When a Maocong East downtown to the snake Mangshan Mountain down just entering a village ,the village people are busy, see a Maohe Gongsun frost two strangers ,they looked up . Aunt, what are you up to? Zhang Mao looked at all busy ,some puzzling asked .
Tomorrow is a snake Festival, we will be ready for something to get the mountain worship the snake god ,seek the snake god bless we have ample food and clothing ! A woman of Zhang Mao to explain .
Snake section ! Zhang Mao mind andao ,still continue to ask , aunt, this mountain is really there the snake god ,you have ever seen ? is a look at the field to ! The old woman hands down a piece of bacon ,Zhang Mao laughed , snake in our village every resident heart believe snake Mangshan Mountain snake god exists ,and we also have seen the snake god ,really long three mighty head ! The snake god ,I see it ! Zhang Mao himself in his heart ,which he looked at several snake Mangshan eyes do have a demon race .
The monster group not only exists in the sea ,the mainland also has Yaozu ,any animals may lead the demon .From the village mouth has received many messages ,but did not allow a mortise noteworthy, and said goodbye to the villagers with Gongsun frost entered the snake Mangshan mountain .
Entering the snake Mangshan Mountain ,Zhang Mao consciousness towards surrounding dispersed, found the snake Mangshan Mountain greatly, but also have large section is connected with the East China Sea mountains ,but still the main section of the radius of about 100 years or so ,a knowledge of God ,and the hundred miles mountain covered up ,carefully exploration Timberland New Arrivals UK,found in several themselves unable to exploration ,but not unusual .
Frost ,we get to the top of the hill ! Zhang Mao holds the Gongsun frost hands towards hill up to .At this time, the snake is the mountains Michael Kors Crossbody Handbag Cheap,a vast cave lit, the decoration is actually the modern design ,with only a few local maintained the original cave style ,has made several sullen young man .
In these people, there is a man in a black cloth ,let a person see colors ,but that a pair of dark cold eyes let people dare not open . Animal husbandry ,this is the woman you like ? Black man staring at the side face some white Gongsun frost ,turned to look calm Chu herd .
Master, it is ! Chu and subtle replied , but it was a pig to spoil . Chu herd ,you are the pig ! Ding Zhiruo feet were bound up the rope ,the eye also is hidden from view ,only the mouth to speak, but he still recognized is the Chu herd voice , you dog ,when I don you ,you can use this three has means to I take over, Zhang Mao will not let you go .
Hum ! Chu Mu heard this ,face many with frost , Zhang Mao considered something ,is not a strong background ,I tell you ,is not afraid of a d not to come ,if he will let him come back to .
Good girl ! The man in black cold channel , herd ,the little girl while others to enjoy ,but the entire people give a lot of Reiki ,Reiki condensation and leave ,as are some reluctant to you .
Master worker. Chu Mu heard this jump . Rest assured ,the master just joking with you ! The man in black Yin side of laughing ,talking, eyes a Hanmang, sink a track , people of the mountain, the strength is not low .
Master, a spade ? Chu Mu braille . Is the two person Michael Kors Wallet Cheap! The man in black ears moved ,continued , a man and a woman Michael Kors Shoulder Bags,are young ,if you mouth Zhang Mao power so strong ,I am afraid it is a deadly enemy ,but is in the snake Mangshan Mountain ,as long as it is in the snake Mangshan ,master strength is the strongest .
Master, Zhang Mao ,and he does backing ,with the woman he was looking for to help ? Chu Mu next asked , need ancestor come out and help ? Rest assured ,ancestor to the key is not free .
The man in black cold channel , herd ,Chinese whole situation you must control and ,if this cannot finish the job, don I fall out does not recognize people . Don Master ,we Chu home in the secular power ,now the south a number of large enterprises have the full support of us, plus a master ,a Maohe Hu Jingguo is no rival ,rest assured ,the final will be held in our hands in the Chu family .
Well ! The man nodded , as you feel . Here ,the man in black appears to have in mind what ,asked : I give you the black magic after you have no intention to speculation? rest assured ,black magic by the first layer has been suggested ,soon to enter the second layer ! Chu Mu a black man asked their own practice ,busy with excited , master, why don you will practice exercises teach me, but give me black magic ? Black magic is magic skills ,master the monster group exercises, to you it cultivation of human ! The man in black simple explanation of the two, from his words can tell ,he .
Well ,am see ! Chu Mu nodded ,attention turned to Ding Zhiruo ,chuckled , Zhiruo ,as long as you promise to do my girlfriend ,I just put the Zhang Mao ? I just died not do you scumbag girlfriend ! Ding Zhiruo yelled , but with you a motley crew of what may be the big bad wolf ,the big bad wolf will come to save me .
,when Zhang Mao died you will be most willing to follow me ,let you hard for a while ! Chu Mu squat body ,white fingers from Ding Zhiruo on the slide, Gee ,that the master is to let you know ,me than a spade you can bring cool feeling .
you shameless whining Ding Zhiruo has just finished, the mouth will let Chu Mu use a piece of white cloth to block .A Maodai with Gongsun frost soon went up to the mountain ,at the same time exploration of several prior knowledge of God are not detectable in place ,found just a few prohibitions ,protection of several strains of more than 100 years of elixir .
Frowning ,Zhang Maohe Gongsun frost continue up the hill ,all of a sudden, Zhang Mao feeling around a charnel air michael kors handbags 2013,the air of slowly diffusing from a black smoke ,Zhang Mao busy a Ling Yuan crossing into Gongsun frost in vivo ,the black aerosol with strong poison ,Zhang Mao to the public Sun Hanshuang a spiritual element is fused in vivo that a red spirit element ,can remove poison .
The black mist from a Maohe Gongsun frost two people meters away automatically disperse ,does not pose any threat to the two person .At this time ,several hissing into a Maoer in behind ,heard a dangerous ,Zhang Mao finger slightly stirred ,the green destiny sword behind several wire toward the shoot .
A ! A paint black Viper immediately cut into several segments . The snake Mangshan Mountain was indeed are the snake ! Zhang Mao sneer, pulled the frost ,suddenly in front of take two palms ,Phoenix Dance snake will immediately in front of the space are almost broken .
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